Practical And Decorative: Add A Dressing Table To Your Home

The personal arrangement before leaving home is a common task and having all the necessary items at hand to carry out this routine can reduce the time we spend on this. Also, if you place them beautifully in an appropriate place, you can even have a decorative and practical space.


Having a cozy and functional home does not have to cost you too much money. Only a few practical ideas are enough and you get a few furniture, so that a small unused space becomes a place where you can carry out some daily tasks comfortably. We refer in particular to the moment you dedicate to be ready to leave the house and if you are a woman, this surely implies applying a bit of makeup on strategic areas of your face to accentuate your best features.

Let’s start by recognizing that, although the sink is a very common place where we carry out our personal arrangement, it is not the most comfortable place. Sometimes the space is insufficient, the cosmetics end up getting wet and the task of removing and re-storing the implements properly takes more time than you would have liked.


Choosing the right furniture

Although, you can go for a dresser to a furniture store and request it this way, the truth is that it is enough for the furniture to adapt to what you are looking for, so that it meets your expectations. Before acquiring such furniture, it would be worthwhile to ask yourself the following questions:



  • What items do I need daily for my personal arrangement?


At this point, it is necessary to check if it is the iron, the dryer, the cosmetics, special brushes, perfume, etc. Try to get an idea of the size of the drawer where you can store all this, in order to find a piece of furniture that offers you the possibility of storing everything in an organized way. In addition, it is necessary to consider that generally, a dressing table needs a surface wide enough to place on it everything necessary during personal arrangement, such as creams, lipsticks, brushes and others.





  • Which mirror is the most useful?


To be aware of the result of each of the steps that make up our daily routine of personal arrangement is essential to have a mirror. Its dimensions will be those that you consider to be the ones indicated. There are people who would have enough to observe their face, although a peripheral vision would not be bad. In this sense there are no specific rules to follow to choose it. The important thing is that you have enough comfort to perceive in the reflection what you want to see.

Perhaps the easiest way to decide what type of mirror you need is based on the level of detail in your arrangement. Women generally need some kind of augmentation, which helps them to apply more accurately the makeup on the eyes, cover imperfections and delineate without errors. In these cases, you could look for one that is double, with a section without increase and that on its back side adds a reflection with increase.

On the other hand, lighting is important. If you have a natural light source in the space that you have for the dressing table, it will not be essential, but if your personal arrangement is carried out at a very early hour in the morning, then it is necessary that you prevent yourself with a artificial lighting source, to avoid shadows during the application of makeup. In this sense, there are also mirrors with integrated lighting or you can get a beautiful lamp.



  • What will the stool or toilet seat look like?


You may finish getting ready in just a couple of minutes, but if you want to add more comfort, and even the possibility of using the dressing table for other activities such as comfortably writing a note, or, so that you sit down to plan and organize your day, it is best to include a seat in the dresser. This can be from a simple chair, a comfortable stool or even an elegant sofa for one person.

It is a fact that at least these three main elements of the dressing table must harmoniously combine with each other. Ideally, you plan the way the three will look together, if you have to acquire them separately. Mainly analyze the dimensions, since it will not help you to acquire a stool that is too high, that does not allow you to be comfortable in front of the mirror.




Organize your objects

Once you have the base of your dressing table, that is to say the mirror, stool and main furniture, now it is appropriate to organize the objects. Although the surface of the dresser can be wide, it is not appropriate to leave everything to the visa. This is, mainly because in addition to that it would look messy, some products you want to keep them away from light, so that they do not deteriorate, as with perfumes. Also, some appliances such as straightening irons or electric brushes are better away from dust, as it could be introduced into their mechanisms causing them to fail over time.

In this step, it may be helpful to have some organizers for cosmetics. If your dresser incorporates a drawer in its design, you can distribute it by sections with separations. The idea is that when you open it, you know exactly what to take and where to put it back at the end.

On the dresser, leave only that which meets the following characteristics: That it is essential to have it in sight and that it is decorative. Remember that being the surface of the dressing table, it will be inevitable to have to wipe to clean and you will not want to have to move too many objects.



Something that can be of great importance to complement the best dressing table ( In this link you will find several products to analyze ) is a plug. In the event that you do not have this, in the place where you want to place the furniture, it would be worth considering the possibility of mounting it. It will avoid discomfort, such as having to go for an extender every time you need to connect the straightening iron or the electric brush.


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