Meet Ashes To Life: Ash Soap

Every year millions of hectares of forests suffer forest fires, some due to natural causes, others from the hand of man within illegal activities. However, the Ashes to Life initiative proposes the reuse of ashes from these forests, mainly trees, for the production of an ecological soap. 


Today the main forests of the world are being threatened by the large number of forest fires that reduce many trees to ashes on the entire planet every day. Faced with this sad reality, a project has been created to give a second life to the many forests that have been damaged by these fires.

After a long time of research, documentation and study where a diverse group of professionals, including engineers, foresters, biologists, researchers, among others; He concluded that solutions can be provided by transforming the ashes of these forests into organic products, which would help to forge economic activities to restore the affected areas. 


Sensitivity and reuse

In this sense, an ecological soap has been created based on the ashes left by forest fires, this product is called Ashes to life, which translated into Spanish means “Ashes for life”, which contains exfoliating and moisturizing properties, In addition to being 100% natural. 

This project is based on the benefit of the properties of vegetable ash and its use in cleaning and skin care, as was done throughout the different civilizations such as the Egyptian, Roman, Babylonian and Greek. Once this knowledge was rescued, he joined the current Asher to life project to develop different soaps that are beneficial for the skin and the environment.

The organization also dedicates 10% of the profits to the research and preservation of the environment and regeneration of forests damaged by fires.

With this model of a sustainable economy, people are sensitized to the serious issue of forest fires, and by purchasing Ashes to life soap they can contribute to the renewal of forests that have been destroyed by fire.

 How Ashes to Life is made

For the preparation of these soaps, a traditional type method is used, that is, a chemical type process whereby a fatty body, attached to a base and in combination with water results in glycerin and soap, without being subjected to high temperatures in no time, which keeps all its antioxidant characteristics, vitamins and other properties; using high quality raw material and oils that provide aromas and characteristics that benefit the skin next to the ashes.

The ashes are collected because they allow to generate a 100% natural product, capable of attracting the different toxins, impurities and any substance that can damage the skin in some way, helping to hydrate it and keeping it healthy. This ash soap effectively removes dead cells leaving the skin softer thanks to its porous texture, while its power to detoxify makes it a great purifier that helps effectively control moisture. All these features allow us to think that this product may be one of the best soaps of 2019 .


Characteristics of Ashes to Life soap

Each piece of soap is approximately 100 g, and contains coconut with a high degree of antioxidants, vitamins B3, B5 and B6, vegetable oils and shea butter. It also contains coconut shell ashes, which provides a feeling of detoxification, purification and mineral properties that benefit the skin. 

This mixture makes the soap stand out for softening, emollient, regenerating, antioxidant and elasticizing properties, while lavender, geranium and orange oils in balanced proportions provide regenerating, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and healing effects that also prevent or reduce stretch marks and wrinkles on the skin.

On the other hand, the process that determines the quality of this product is cold saponification: a traditional and entirely handmade method that has been used for centuries to make soap. In the case of Ashes to Life, the main ingredients are vegetable oils together with an alkaline base such as sodium hydroxide:

  • The first thing that is done is to dissolve the sodium hydroxide in water producing an exothermic reaction, which reaches an approximate temperature of 70 o .
  • It is then allowed to cool completely to mix with the vegetable oils, starting the saponification reaction.
  • Then it begins to stir until a consistent paste is poured into molds, leaving it to rest for three days (72 hours) until it is fully hardened.
  • Finally, the paste, made of soap, is taken out of the mold and cut in the form of pills, which will be allowed to dry for about 30 more days, approximately time in which the saponification must have been completed. 


Advantages of cold saponification

Because vegetable oils are not subjected to high temperatures during the process, it is guaranteed that their antioxidant power and vitamins remain intact. Likewise, the glycerin of the preparation is generated during the saponification process and consequently causes these soaps not to alter their moisturizing, nourishing and moisturizing properties.

During the preparation of these soaps, only cold vegetable oils of certified production are used, which gives us the assurance that they are free of pesticides or other substances that are used in agriculture. In addition, they are not refined or subjected to high temperatures during the extraction process, reaching the final consumers with their full properties.

Therefore, the soaps made with this process and organic vegetable oils are very safe for cleaning our body, and can also be used for facial cleansing, skin moisturizing, removing makeup, cleaning and especially for nourishing the skin. 

In short, Ashes to life is a soap of high purity and therefore of higher quality. This is how this project made in Spain produces genuine ecological soaps, benefiting people and the environment.


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