Best Dressers For Small Spaces Of 2020

To make up or comb our hair and, in short, get ready, nothing better than a dressing table. One of the most interesting best dressers for small spaces models is Songmics RDT04W , a cute white dressing table that is accompanied by two drawers and a practical stool lined with a floral pattern. The measurements of this model are 139x75x40 cm. You can also take a look at the Runesol G_NS96 model . It is a dressing table for girls with a mirror and stool that draws attention for its beautiful design, because it reminds of princess stories. This product is also white and is made of plywood.

Comparison table  of the Best Dressers For Small Spaces

Dressing table with stool and girls mirror | Makeup toilets for young children, ideal for girls from 3 to 7 years old | White dressing table, makeup table with 3 drawers, girls dressing table toys

Although the manufacturer indicates that the furniture has three layers of paint, there are users who claim to have found some imperfections.

A model that will brighten up any children's bedroom, thanks its flirtatious rounded shapes. Girls will love to sit on the stool and look in the mirror as they prepare to leave home.

This complete dressing table consists of a table with a mirror and a stool. In addition, it includes three practical drawers where the girl can store all her jewelry and other objects. Your princess design will delight any little girl.

SONGMICS Dresser with drawers and White Stool 75 x 40 x 139 cm RDT04W

A dressing table that is not only extremely decorative but is very functional. By design, it is ideal for the most nostalgic users. Spacious but compact, it has plenty of capacity to store small personal items.

There are users who missed some screws for assembly, which could be solved by buying them separately.

This vintage aesthetic dressing table does not lack detail since it incorporates a table with a mirror and drawers with dividers and a practical stool. The non-slip furniture adhesives ensure that the floor does not suffer.

WOLTU Dressing Table Makeup Table Dressing Table with 1 Mirror and 1 Stool MDF Drawers and Solid White Pine Wood MB6043ws

In the opinion of a user, it is a somewhat heavy model, which could complicate its assembly.

This dressing table stands out for its more than appropriate value for money. Its good finishes and details shape an ideal article for users who love to spend hours in front of the mirror.

It is a simple and elegant dressing table. Made of solid pine wood, it is a resistant and versatile model, capable of fitting into any bedroom. It is an easy and fast assembly.

The Best Dressers For Small Spaces Reviews 2020

The dressers are gadgets that were not lacking in any home at other times. There are those who, today, do not conceive their day to day without them since they represent the most comfortable option for retouching before leaving home. Depending on the model, there are some very complete with drawers to store jewelry, makeup or perfumes. Here are some of the best toilets in 2020.

Songmics RDT04W

In a pure white color, this vintage dresser with drawers and mirror measures 139x75x40 cm, size that seems to fit in any corner. It is made of high-quality material and especially resistant. Both the table and the stool are made of ecological MDF board, while the legs of the stool are made of rubber.

Beautify 4000006

What stands out most about this dressing table is that it is very spacious, as it incorporates a front drawer with the capacity to store jewelry, makeup and all kinds of accessories. Its vintage style is combined with a modern finish with curvature and pink handles.

With measures of 100x80x40 cm, it is a product manufactured in Denmark and, therefore, that meets the strictest safety measures. It has been made with certified MDF wood components. These materials form a robust and resistant article, ideal for installation in any bedroom.

Considered the best dresser if what you are looking for is a piece of furniture that is very practical, it is an article that requires assembly. To do this, it is accompanied by an instruction manual. The manufacturer recommends using the included anti-roll system when assembling.

A vintage dresser is exactly what you need if you want to bring to that corner of your home a classic and romantic touch with furniture of this type.


Style: This best dresser for small spaces combines vintage style with the most current finishes. Its curved shapes and pink handles make up an article of beautiful design.

Materials: Made in Denmark, it is a piece of furniture made of MDF wood and other components that stands out for its great durability.

Drawer: Enjoy a highly spacious drawer to store all kinds of accessories, jewelry or makeup tools.


Imperfections: According to a user, when he received the dresser he identified some cracks and imperfections in it, although it could be a timely case.

It draws attention to the stool, whose seat is lined with a beautiful floral fabric. It supports a maximum load of 120 kg. Both this and the table are lined with non-slip legs so that the floor does not spoil and remains intact.

To mention is that this dresser cabinet is equipped with two larger drawers (which incorporate dividers for a larger organization of the belongings) and two smaller ones, next to the mirror.

If you are wondering which is the best dresser, this model could very well be, thanks to its flirty design and resistant and quality materials.


Design: The vintage design of this model is what is most obvious. In white and rounded shapes, it incorporates a practical mirror.

Measurements: This dressing table has a height of 139 cm, a length of 75 cm and a width of 40 cm.

Materials: It is made of an ecological MDF board, high-quality material and, above all, resistant.

Stool: The stool supports up to 120 kg and is lined in a beautiful floral fabric.


Components: Some users have complained that there were missing screws when receiving the pack, so the assembly was complicated.

Runesol G_NS96

Due to its design and dimensions, this model is suitable for girls between 3 and 7 years old. It is a white dressing table that has a mirror and a stool so that the little ones can take their last touches before leaving home.

This product has been manufactured with high-quality wood and also contains three layers of paint. This means that it is a girl’s dresser that resists the passage of time very well. It is convenient to pay attention to the beautiful details. For example, the hearts around the mirror and its three drawers: one large and two smaller.

As for the dimensions of the dressing table, the height is 110 cm, the length 50 cm, and the width 30 cm. For easier assembly, this product is accompanied by an illustrated instruction manual.

This model is, perhaps, the best dresser of the moment for the girls, because in him they will feel like real princesses.


Design: Design is the strength of this dressing table. It is white, has three drawers and details of hearts around the mirror.

Materials: It is made of plywood coated with three layers of paint for durability.

Stool: The dressing table is accompanied by a stool that blends perfectly with the furniture style.


Finishes: There are users who comment that certain finishes are not as clean as they should be.


For homes with a more contemporary decoration, nothing better than betting on a modern dressing table like this one of the Vicco brand. Available in white, it is a model that is especially striking for enjoying various storage spaces. Specifically, it consists of a large drawer divided into four smaller compartments, as well as a shelf with two levels.

This dresser also enjoys a large frameless mirror so that the beauty routine is much more productive in front of him. As for the table, it is spacious enough to touch up comfortably.

Made of chipboard panels and with a glossy enamel finish, it is not only one of the cheapest toilets we find in the market, but also one of the most functional. It weighs about 27 kg and is accompanied by a mounting kit.

Betting on the best brand of toilets will allow you to have the guarantee that your choice has been the right one.


Color: With simple lines, this dressing table stands out for its bright white design (although it is also available in black).

Drawer: It has a useful drawer that, in turn, is divided into four compartments for a simpler organization of accessories.

Shelving: It incorporates a shelf with two shelves to place all kinds of useful personal items during the day to day.


Stool: This dresser does not include a stool, as it does with other models. It is an aspect to consider.

Miadomodo Spiegel


If you are looking for cheap and best dressers for small spaces, this model of the Miadomodo brand is an extraordinary option. With dimensions of 115 x 77.5 x 50 cm, it is characterized by housing two compartments, which provide more than enough storage spaces to store makeup, cosmetics, and accessories.

The cover of one of these compartments is, in fact, a large square mirror (40 × 40 cm). This, then, is displayed for optimal use. Once it is finished using, it can be folded again. Each of these drawers has measures of 55x50x10 cm.

This white dressing table is complemented by a base made of chromed steel with a very elegant appearance. The furniture has a total weight of about 17 kg and is accompanied by an instruction manual to facilitate the assembly process.

Those who want a cheap dresser can check the features of this simple design model but, at the same time, highly functional.


Mirror: This dressing table is equipped with a 40 × 40 cm folding mirror.

Compartments: It incorporates two compartments whose dimensions (55x50x10 cm) make them perfect for storing everything from accessories to cosmetics or even magazines.

Base: The white finish of this dressing table contrasts with the base made of chromed steel that gives it great stability.


Assembly: In the opinion of a user, although the assembly is not excessively complicated it can be made a little long, so you have to be patient.

Woltu MB6043ws

Simplicity is the hallmark of this makeup dressing table. Its simple line design configures a piece of furniture that adapts to the requirements of any user. This white dressing table consists of a mirror and a stool. It is made of high-quality solid pine wood.

It is an elegant item at the same time as versatile since it can be used as a desk as well. This means that it is considered the best value for money dressing table. It has a fairly wide drawer. Specifically, it has a size of 73x33x8.5 cm, so it allows you to store all kinds of personal items.

The total dimensions of the dressing table are 132x82x39 cm, while the mirror is 57 cm high and 52 cm wide. This translates into more space to look at. Also available in black, this product offers quick and easy installation.

Sometimes, the most ornate is not better, but there are those who prefer to opt for simpler and equally functional items. It is the case of this dressing table.


Appearance: The simple lines of this dresser are its main hallmarks. In white, it includes a table with a mirror and a stool.

Versatile: By design, it is a very versatile item that can act as both a dresser and a desk.

Drawer: The dressing table is equipped with a large storage space to store makeup and other accessories that the user deems convenient.


Weight: In the opinion of a user, although it is an easy assembly product, it is not light at all.

Teamson Kids TD-11670F

Little pink enthusiasts will love this children’s dressing table. It is a model that includes a table with a mirror and a comfortable bench that will fit perfectly in the children’s room. White and with pink details, it is a dresser for girls made of ecological MDF and plastic, materials that ensure its long life.

The set includes a removable central drawer with a handle where the child can store her favorite jewelry and accessories. It also has a mirror divided into three panels to be able to look at it from any perspective.

The dressing table is especially suitable for girls from 3 years of age. It has dimensions of 84.5 × 57.2 × 26.7 cm and weighs just over 9 kg. This means that it can be easily installed in any corner.

In case you are undecided and do not know which dresser to buy a girl, we recommend you take a look at the features of this model.


Design: In white and pink, this dresser draws attention to its colorful design that will delight any girl.

Materials: It is made of ecological and plastic MDF, materials that result in a resistant and durable dressing table.

Mirror: Among other elements, it incorporates a mirror of three glass panels, so that the girl can look from several perspectives.


Drawer: The drawer is removable, so children will have to be careful not to pull it too much.

Black Langria

Its elegant lines are the first thing that is visible to this antique dresser. In black, classic-style legged legs, a triple folding mirror with frame and a cute padded stool with floral upholstery. All these components throw a dresser cabinet with style.

The dressing table includes two central drawers and two more lateral ones. In this way, the user can store in them her makeup, jewelry, accessories and all personal belongings that she deems appropriate. As for the triptych mirror, it can be closed for the user’s convenience.

This model is made of MDF wood, a robust and high-quality material. This assumes that the table can support up to 50 kg of weight, while the stool, up to 100 kg. The total measurements of this product are 80 cm (width), 137 cm (height) and 40 cm (depth).

The most elegant homes will find in this dresser model a piece of furniture that brings taste and refinement to any corner.


Mirror: This dressing table is equipped with a folding triptych mirror that makes it possible to look at it from any angle.

Drawers: A total of four drawers strategically placed on the furniture will allow you to store all personal items.

Stool: The stool is padded and sports a beautiful floral print.

Design: The dresser design is old and classic, in black and with rounded edges.


Paint: A user identified certain imperfections in the toilet paint.

Songmics Sunflower


Originally designed, this modern dressing table offers everything that any user needs to get ready in their day to day. First, it incorporates two practical drawers that slide smoothly thanks to sliding guides. These drawers are pre-assembled, so you don’t have to worry about their assembly.

The dressing table is made of MDF board and pine wood. It has measures of 128x80x40 cm and is accompanied by acute stool. This is white, like the rest of the furniture, although it has a sponge and a cover with flame retardants. Besides being very pretty, it is washable and disposable.

Being the legs of both the table and the solid wood stool, stability is more than assured. In their base, they also have non-slip adhesives to avoid scratching the floor.

A modern style dressing table can be what your room needs to give it a much more modern look.


Drawers: this best dresser for small spaces consists of two spacious drawers with sliding guides, so they slide with little force. As they come mounted, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Stool: The stool consists of a sponge on the seat and a removable and washable cover that also repels fire.

Stable: Both the table and stool legs are made of solid wood, a material that provides stability to the whole.


Painting: A user has commented that he identified some defects in the painting on the dresser, although it could be a specific case.

Dressing table accessories

Dressing mirror

Miss Sweet Gold Rose

If you have always wanted to have a dressing table with a mirror and lights, this model will help you. This is a beautiful pink vanity mirror, although available in black and white too, which incorporates a total of 21 LED lights. The brightness of the lights is adjustable.

With the doors open, it has a size of 35 × 25 cm, while with them closed, it barely measures 17 × 25 cm.

It works with both AA batteries and USB charging. The two side mirrors on the left have an increase of 2X and 3X respectively. Its portable design makes it ideal for transporting from one place to another.

Dressing mirror with light

Waneway M12V-005-W

Equipped with 12 LED bulbs of 3W each, this vanity mirror with light provides a bright and natural reflection so you can make up more easily.

It stands out for its intelligent design with touch control, as it can be turned on with a light touch of the screen switch.

With measures of 30 × 40 cm, it has the optimal size to enjoy all the advantages of having a dressing table with lights. Thanks to its 360º rotation you can obtain the desired viewing angle with just a soft touch. It is accompanied by a 12V power cable.

 Dresser lights

Evilto Kit 10 pcs

This kit of 10 LED bulbs is ideal to place in any mirror of a dressing table. It is possible to adjust the brightness in 10 levels (between 3,000 K and 6,500 K), depending on the light needed at all times. Likewise, the color temperature of these vanity lights can be adjusted: white, warm color and warm white.

The length of these bulbs is 3.3 m, which means that they are suitable for virtually any mirror. To mention is its easy installation because no drilling is required.

It is enough to stick the bulbs directly in the mirror thanks to some built-in adhesives.

How to choose the best dressers for small spaces

Among the furniture in a bedroom, the dressing table represents a special role. Not only is it very useful for putting on makeup, combing your hair or taking the last touches before leaving, but it is a tremendously decorative item. Check this guide to buy the best dresser in the market. These are the aspects you should consider.

Shopping guide

Dressing table design

One of the key details that will inevitably influence your purchase decision is the design and style of the dressing table. At present, the variety is immense, so that each user, regardless of their tastes and preferences, has no difficulty in identifying the model of their dreams.

In this sense, we can talk about the classic or vintage dressers, which you will recognize for their ancient charm. These are usually characterized by rounded lines, mirrors with baroque frames, colorful handles, etc. This class of dressers is ideal to place in a refined and elegant room.

Modern toilets are the opposite. Many of them bet on simple lines and often run away from ornate designs. The priority in these models is functionality. The rectilinear edges and the elements of a more practical nature are the keys to modern-style dressing tables.

There are also more versatile ones that go beyond being mere dressers. Due to their design and features, they can become a dresser or even a desk.

Dressing table size

A detail that could not be missing in this comparison of dressers is the size. The appropriate dimensions will depend on the space you have in your bedroom. For this reason, the main thing is to know what the size of that corner or hole is where you plan to install the dressing table.

If you have a very small space, it is possible to find options whose measurements range between 50 and 100 cm long. Depending on the place where you are going to place the dresser, you might consider opting for a corner model to take better advantage of the space.

In the event that you have an extensive room and do not have problems with space, then, you will not mind using one of those spacious dressers that remind movie stars. Remember that the mirror is one of the essential elements to be valued when selecting a dressing table. You will have to decide if you want one that allows you to see only the face or that is full-length.

Manufacturing materials

If you want to know how much dresser costs, don’t forget that its price will depend largely on the manufacturing materials. Ideally, you opt for a robust model and resist the passage of time. One of the most common materials is plywood, a board made from thin wooden planks. Its main advantage is that it is very resistant and aesthetic.

You can also find an economical dresser made of MDF wood, very convenient for this type of item. Even if you have a more comfortable budget, you can choose a model made of solid wood, pine, for example. A piece of furniture of this type will fit perfectly with any style of home.

The cheapest toilets are made of plastic materials. This material is found mostly in children’s models.

Storage space

Last but not least, you should consider the storage offered by the best dressers for the model of the small space in question. Usually, the dressers are equipped with more or less spacious drawers that allow the user to store their jewelry, makeup, cosmetics, and other accessories. It is common for some drawers, especially the larger ones, to be divided into certain compartments so that the organization of the objects is facilitated.

It is vitally important that you make sure that the dresser is equipped with enough storage spaces. There are even models that, in addition to drawers, have shelves, so that other objects useful for the day-to-day beauty routine can also be placed.

Another detail to assess is that the drawer handles are comfortable for the user. Make sure that the drawer slides easily, for the existence, for example, of guides, and both its opening and closing are simple. For safety, it should be ensured that the drawer is not removable at all, especially in children’s models. In this way, the user will be certain that, no matter how much he pulls it, he cannot leave his place.

 Frequently asked questions

Q1 How to restore an old wooden dressing table?

Antique wooden dressers can become very modern furniture if they are properly restored. The first thing is to clean the furniture with a cloth soaked in water and neutral soap and sand it to eliminate possible roughness. Being wood, it is vital to eradicate woodworm, so you must apply a special angiosarcoma product and wait several days. If you have a broken drawer or even the mirror, you should repair them too. In the case of drawers, the most common is that the hinges are rusted or damaged. Finally, you can paint the dresser to your liking or simply varnish it. Apply, finally, wax to give it a more authentic touch.

Q2 Which is better: a dressing table or a dresser?

The dressing table and dresser have different functions, so each one is appropriate for a given situation. The dressing table, due to its height and design, is a piece of furniture useful for combing, putting on makeup and, ultimately, for getting ready for everyday use. It is equipped with certain spaces for storing objects, but storage is not its main purpose. For its part, the dresser is more oriented to store clothes, accessories and other items. It may be accompanied by a mirror, although its function is different. In this sense, you will have to assess what your needs are and know what you prefer exactly before opting for one piece of furniture or another.

Q3 How to protect an unpainted wooden dressing table?

Paint is not the only element of wood protection, much less. What’s more, if you want the dresser to be protected against rubbing, bumps, dirt and the passage of time, a good idea is to apply wax to the entire furniture. This product is responsible for giving a magnificent finish. In addition, as it is available in different colors, you can choose to give the dresser an aged air (in which case you should bet on dark wax) or add a modern and bright touch, among other options.

Q4 Can I use my dresser as a desk?

The truth is that there are many toilets in the market that stand out for being very versatile. Depending on the model, it is possible to use the dresser as a desk. This especially happens in the case of those toilets that have a sufficiently wide table. There are also dressers that accommodate various drawers and compartments, which means that these could well act as desks for this more than obvious functionality.

Q5 How to make a wooden dressing table?

To make a wooden dressing table, you will need some elements. First of all, you will need a different wooden planks. It is time, then, to take action and cut the boards according to what you need. Standard size is that model that is between 50 and 70 cm high, about 100 cm long and about 50 cm wide. With an electric saw, cut the different parts of the dresser: the top of the table, the drawers, etc. With all the pieces cut, it’s time to assemble them. You can use a nail gun for ease. Finally, you can make some wooden legs using the same method or hook the dresser on the wall.

Q6 How to organize a dressing table?

To start, the first thing is to get some dividers if the drawer does not bring them incorporated. In this way, you can place different objects in each space and prevent them from mixing. For example, in a compartment you can place brushes and makeup brushes; in another, the lipstick; in another, small jewels and so on. In this way, all the articles will be conveniently organized and you will access them more easily.

Q7 Where to place a dressing table for bedroom?

Although there are dressers with lights, ideally they are located near sunlight. You can use a corner to install them and thus make better use of the bedroom space. In the case that the room is small, a good idea is that the dresser replaces the bedside table, because, practically both furniture perform the same function. If the dressing table has lighting and consists of a power cable, make sure it is close to a plug so that the cable does not obstruct the passage.

Q8 How should a dressing table be for small spaces?

The dressers are very practical and advisable even for small spaces. In this case, the idea is to use a model that has a table with enough space to leave cosmetics and other accessories. Although this is not very wide, notice that the mirror itself is something big so you can fix yourself comfortably. If you have a stool, consider that it can be stored under the table when not in use. It doesn’t matter if you only have one drawer, but at least verify that it is really useful.

How to use a dressing table

The best dressers for small spaces add a feminine and personal touch to the bedrooms. They are ideal furniture for those who would spend hours and hours in front of the mirror. In a small space, they will have everything they need to get ready before going outside. Next, we tell you how to use a dressing table in order to make the most of all its functionalities.

Decide where to locate it

The location of the dresser is key to fulfill its function. At this point, you have several options. There are those who prefer to place it in the bathroom since this is where they perform their daily beauty routines. In a home with several members, then, it could be useful for everyone. However, most people consider the bedroom as the optimal location. In this case, it is essential to choose a corner that receives good lighting.

Organize the different drawers and compartments

The storage of personal items is as important as your organization. Look at how many drawers and spaces the dresser owns and decide how to classify cosmetics, accessories, combs, perfumes and other equipment. It is essential that you carry an order in its placement so that you can find each item right away

Be consistent with mirror maintenance

The mirror is one of the main elements of the dressing table. For this reason, it is essential that you always find yourself in optimal conditions. It is possible that in front of him you spend several hours of your day, combing and/or makeup, so you must ensure its maintenance. It is the only way to offer an accurate reflection. Depending on the dresser, there are models that incorporate folding mirrors, with several increases … If they are a triptych type, an excellent idea is to fold the mirrors when you do not use them so that dirt does not accumulate in them.

Adjust the lighting at all times

The most modern dressers incorporate mirrors with LED lights. This lighting is specially designed to facilitate daily beauty tasks. Of course, it is usual that the lights offer several levels of adjustment so that they can adapt to the specific needs of each moment.

Accommodate the chair according to your needs

It is common for dressers to be accompanied by useful seats so you can sit in them quietly. Usually, these are the ideal size to be stored under the dressers when they are not being used. In this way, space is better used. When using them, take your time to accommodate them and place them at a safe distance from the mirror. Some models of seats have the padded seat for comfort.

 Place a small trash can next to it

A final detail that many people miss, but it is useful, is to place a garbage can next to the dresser. This way, every time you have to get rid of makeup remover wipes, tissues, and other waste, you won’t have to move from the best dressers for small spaces. Thus you will gain in time and comfort.

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