Best Epilators For Face – Buying Guide, Reviews And Analysis In 2020

When it comes to removing facial hair, we can’t trust anything. A wrong choice can have serious consequences on our skin, considering that it is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a facial epilator, it is essential to bet on an adjustable and quality model that guarantees hair removal, but also the good state of health of the skin of our face.

As a product most recommended by users we find the Braun Face 810 epilator, which offers us a high-speed system and 200 movements per second, capable of effectively removing hair without affecting the skin. A skin that you can take care of with the cleaning brush included. Another interesting model is the MEOWMEE QM-1506 epilator. A small model that you can carry in the bag but that includes quality blades and self-sharpening system so that no hair resists cutting.

Comparison table of the best epilators for face

Braun Face 810 – Facial Epilator with Facial Cleansing Brush, White

  • In addition to functioning as a facial epilator, with an excellent result, this product also incorporates facial cleansing functions, so that the skincare process is much more effective than other models on the market.
  • According to some users, it is necessary to get used to the pull process that the skin undergoes during hair removal, although the 10 micro-openings that it includes and its high speed reduce this effect.
  • An advanced and compact epilator with which to remove even smaller facial hair in a short time and safely.

MEOWMEE Facial Hair Epilator Painless Shaver for Women 

  • The cutting system is based on a system of cutting blades of high quality and resistance, with which it is easier to remove the most rebellious hair but always without affecting your skin.
  • Some user comments that the battery contact may not be made correctly unless it is placed face down or sideways. Something you can solve by slightly raising the feed tabs for better contact.
  • An interesting novelty both for its size and for its effectiveness in eliminating unwanted hair.

Veet Sensitive Precision – Electric Trimmer Depilation Woman Sensitive Areas – Bikini, Facial and Armpits, white

  • It is one of the most complete models in this segment, with a double cutting head, 6 and 16 millimeters respectively, as well as a trimmer comb that helps to further improve those results.
  • The tip may get hot during the cutting process, especially if it is used for a long time, although it is not annoying or risky.
  • A quality tool with high versatility when leaving your face free of unwanted hair.

What are the best epilators for the face on the market?

Many times we spend large sums of money attending an aesthetic periodically to eliminate that unwanted hair from our body, being able to obtain the same results from the comfort of our home and for a lower cost. The market offers you devices with efficient and intuitive operation, capable of fulfilling this task. Here is a guide to buying the best facial epilator, where you will find some quality indicators that you should check.

What are the best epilators for the face of 2020?

Recommended Products

Braun Face 810

Main Advantage:

The Braun Face 810 facial epilator, stands out for being an epilator that provides two functions in terms of facial skincare since in addition to fulfilling its function of depilating, it includes a brush for cleaning the pores of the skin of the face, so not only will you shave your face but it also serves to exfoliate it.

Main Disadvantage:

Certain buyers of the facial epilator have mentioned that the cover that covers the batteries is very uncomfortable to uncover when replacing the batteries, but this will depend on one user to another.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

This model of facial epilators, in addition to fulfilling its function of depilating, comes equipped with a system of brushes for deep cleaning of the pores of the face, removing traces of makeup or impurities, which allows complementing the routine of skincare. It has 10 micro openings that capture even the finest hair. It is also completely waterproof, which allows you to incorporate or use it in the shower

Main Features Explained


The Braun Face 810 facial epilator is an elegant, practical and compact device that was designed to incorporate it without problems in your daily life. The facial epilator is discreet thanks to its protective cover, its small size, and lightweight, which means you can take it everywhere and use it when you need it.

This epilator allows you to enjoy two treatments for the care of the skin of the face in a single equipment since, in addition to depilating, it includes a system of brushes for cleaning the pores of the skin of the face; with just the change of heads, which guarantees a radiant and luminous skin in a short time and in a simple way. You can use it in the shower, since it is waterproof, which allows you to incorporate facial cleansing into your bathing routine.


The Braun Face 810 in its epilator function, helps to completely remove the hair, removing it from the root and then allows you to clean the pores in a deep way using the brush. In addition, you will not have to go through a complex process of use, since it only requires pressing the activation button.

With this epilator, you can remove the hairs of the bozo, chin, forehead or maintain your eyebrows. Thanks to its compact and elegant design you can manipulate it as if it were a pencil or a brush, which guarantees you the greatest control and precision.

You can enjoy smooth skin without hairs for up to four weeks, its extra-thin hair removal head has 10 micro-openings that capture even the finest hair, with its 200 movements per second it is more efficient and faster than hair removal with tweezers, rake or wax.


The Braun Face 810 facial epilator, includes a system of brushes for deep cleaning of the pores of the skin of the face, you can remove traces of makeup, impurities, which guarantees to recover the natural shine of your skin, works better than manual treatments, according to customers, which guarantees that your favorite tonic, serum or creams are better absorbed. With this brush as an accessory, you can a good level of cleanliness of your face and properly remove dirt and other external elements housed in your face.


The MEOWMEE QM-1506 facial epilator is the perfect companion you can always have on hand when you need a touch-up. A product with a compact size and high efficiency in terms of hair removal, using a system of cutting blades of high quality and resistance.

A cutting system that employs a contact zone through which the hair passes, thus improving the cutting process and the rush of it. Something that also helps the process of self-sharpening of the blades, so that they are always sharp and ready to cut.

In addition, it has a built-in LED light in this area, to see everything clearer. A model that works with conventional batteries, so you won’t have to worry about power as long as you have a battery at hand.

Let’s see some more details from the analysis we have done on the characteristics of this product.


Cutting blades: The cutting blades have a high quality, with an automatic sharpening system that always keeps them in perfect condition.

LED light: The LED light gives you greater clarity when it comes to seeing the area of your face you are working on.

Portable: Thanks to its design, with really compact measures, you can take the epilator wherever you want without discomfort.


Passes: Due to the configuration of the cutting area you may have to take some passes to achieve proper hair removal.

Work area: The work area is about 2 centimeters in diameter, so to remove hair from wide areas you will need some more time.

Veet Sensitive Precision

If we think of manufacturers of facial epilators, the truth is that a product from a well-known company is always better. And, of course, Veet knows a lot about hair and hair removal.

Therefore, the Veet Sensitive Precision model has everything you need to get the most out of it. A versatile model, designed to eliminate both facial hairs and to trim the bikini line and other delicate and complex areas of your body.

For this, you have a cutting system with two different blades, 6 and 16 millimeters respectively. You also have two guide combs, one side and one vertical, with which to work directly in the area you need. All this in a compact and efficient product, with a good cutting capacity, which avoids the pulls and hooks of other epilators.

And when you see that its cutting capacity begins to thin, just change the battery to use it again at full capacity.

So that you have all the necessary tools to cut facial hair efficiently, know everything Veet has prepared in this model.


Double cutting area: The two lateral cutting areas, 6 and 16 millimeters wide help you to speed your hair only where you need it.

Accessories: Thanks to the two combs included it is easier to remove unwanted hair in almost any area of your body.

Cleaning: Since all the heads are disassembled from the main body of the machine, you will not have problems leaving them impeccable.


Heating: It is possible that the tip area may become hot during prolonged use, although it is not something that poses a risk.

Water contact: This product is not suitable for wet use, it is advisable to keep it away from water and moisture.

Vakoo vk09039

When looking for the best facial epilator, this model appears among the recommendations, because in addition to incorporating the instruments to remove facial hair on the face, eyebrows, and nose, it incorporates other accessories for the depilation of the bikini area, the armpits, and the legs, offering a more complete user experience. To this is added the addition of a special brush for facial cleansing, adding even more value for its utility options.

For its operation, the equipment has an added battery that is charged by a USB cable, adding practicality to the design. In addition, the charging process is between 6 and 8 hours, to offer an estimated autonomy in 2 hours.

The hair removal session is painless, in addition to being a sturdy machine, since its blades are made of stainless steel. On the other hand, it is a waterproof device and because of its compact size, it is easy to move and store when you need it.

Recommended as the best epilators for the face of the moment, you will find this machine, whose favorable and unfavorable aspects will be listed below.


Accessories: This model incorporates a large number of accessories, which allows you to complete the hair removal of various parts of the body, beyond the face, even has a brush for facial cleansing.

Battery: The epilator has an integrated battery, with a charging process that runs between 6 and 8 hours, is done using a USB cable and offers an average autonomy of 2 hours.

Resistance: It has a good level of resistance because stainless steel was used among its components, being waterproof and easy to clean.

Silent: It is a silent machine that is not uncomfortable when used, so you can shave in a discreet way.


Size: Some users say that while it is a compact epilator, the size makes the process take a little longer.

Hangsun F130

 This model appears among the recommendations of the best facial epilators of 2020 and as the best price-quality facial epilator since it allows versatile use by not only limiting the removal of the hairs from the face but from other parts of the body. To do this, it incorporates a total of seven accessories, six being for hair removal and face cleaning, as well as a small brush to remove the remains that remain in the machine.

To improve the cleaning options, the accessories are easily assembled and disassembled, in addition to being easily washed, due to its sturdy structure made of robust materials.

This equipment is considered a portable epilator, which due to its size can be stored and moved. Also, its energy supply is completed by an AA battery, which you can replace at any time to complete the cleaning of your face at all times. Also, it has a simple mode of use, where you only need to press a button to start working.

In order to determine which facial epilator to buy or that you manage to find one of the cheapest, we present the advantages and disadvantages of this model, which could meet your requirements.


Portable: Due to its design and structure, it is a portable device, so users can take the epilator with them when taking a trip or when they need to do touch-ups outside the home.

Operation: The operation of the epilator is easy to execute, as it includes a single button that operates the device.

Accessories: It incorporates a total of seven accessories that you can add or remove according to the type of cut you want to make, having the option not only to shave the face but also the bikini area, the armpits or the groin.

Cleaning: The cleaning of the machine is completed in a simple way because each of the pieces can be removed and washed individually.


Cut: Users clarify that the equipment does not tear the root hair, but makes a cut. This may be beneficial for some users but for others, it may not be the expected finish.

Braun Face 810

 It is a model belonging to the range of facial epilators, which provides a double function in terms of skincare, being then the first team to incorporate part of the epilator, a brush for face cleaning.

As for the structure of the equipment, it has dimensions of 15.5 x 5.7 x 22.2 centimeters and a weight of just 299 grams, so you can take it with you wherever you want in a discreet and practical way.

Now, delving a little into the performance of the epilator, we have that it is capable of removing 4x hair compared to any type of wax, this thanks to its speed of 200 movements per second and 0.02 mm grip provided by the 10 micro openings arranged for design.

On the other hand, the brush is responsible for deeply cleaning the pores, managing to remove from makeup to the most entrenched impurities, being able to use daily without mistreating the skin.

Given the experiences and trust that the public has placed in Braun, it could be classified as, possibly, the best brand of facial epilators:


Double function: To begin, we will highlight the fact that the Braun facial epilator, Face 810, is one of the first models to equip a double function: hair removal and facial massage. It is equipped with an interchangeable cutting head and brush, so you get great care for your skin.

Openings: Another of its advantages is that its cutting head has a total of ten-micron openings, which have been designed to be able to remove small-diameter hairs. Specifically, it can work with hairs up to 0.2 millimeters.

Oscillations: You can remove all the hair from your face easily and quickly, because the cutting head, combined with the engine, can reach a speed of 200 rotations per second.

Applications: It can be used both inside and outside the shower since it is waterproof. In this way, you can clean your face the moment you feel more comfortable, in case you want to soften the follicles and open the pores.

Dimensions: It is quite compact and convenient to use. It has dimensions of 15.5 x 5.7 x 22.2 centimeters with a weight of 299 grams. Thanks to this, it will be easy to find a space in your bathroom to store it or also to take it when you travel.

How to use a facial epilator

Unwanted hairs are evil that attacks men and women alike. When it comes to facial hair, most men seek to reduce it and make them look tidy, while most women want to remove them completely.

Due to this desire, several alternatives have emerged to meet the needs of each such as hot and cold wax, razors, electric and battery-powered epilators, etc.

With so many options, there are no excuses for having an excess of facial hair, unless that is your style, however, to have a better appearance it is important to know how to use such devices, especially the epilator.

Read the user manual

It is important to always be informed about the things we buy. For that reason, it is advisable to read the instruction manual to know how something should be used and what are the precautions to be taken for a certain device.

Connect or place the batteries

If you have already read the manual, the next step is to energize the facial epilator. You can start using a facial epilator in three ways: connecting it and letting it charge, connecting it and using it or placing its batteries to turn it on.

Choose the way you will shave

There are people who enjoy shaving dry and others underwater; In fact, there are those who enter the shower to do so and this is only possible with a certain type of epilator since it is very risky to shave with water when the electric epilator is connected. Depending on the type of epilator you have, you can shave one way or both.

Apply hot water in the area to be depilated

Hot water helps open the pores and that’s why it is advisable to rinse your face with hot water and start removing the hairs when it is still wet.

Start shaving

It does not matter if you shave against the hair or in the same direction, because epilators are used for both forms. Stretch the skin with your non-dominant hand so that the epilator can remove hairs more easily and quickly; If you get irritated easily, then try to be as careful as possible and not be brusque with the movements.

Rinse with cold water

If you no longer have unwanted hairs, then wet your face with cold water so that your pores close and then dry your face very well. On top of that, if you hurt yourself, cold water will help minimize discomfort, stop bleeding and also prevent hair growths.

Apply something to soften your face

There is a wide variety of balms, oils or special after-depilation lotions that will help you keep your face moist and soft.

Keep the epilator clean

After turning it off, it is time to clean the epilator so that there are no trapped hairs that can obstruct or hinder the work of the leaflets. Some epilators bring a small brush to remove hair trapped in the leaflets, however, others are cleaned with water.

Remove the head of your epilator and with extreme care move the head wheel while the water drops to help the hairs come out. After that, it proceeds to dry very well to reconnect the head with the body of the facial epilator.

The most popular brands

Some ladies and also some gentlemen may be unhappy with the presence of facial hair on their faces. In the market, there is a large number of facial epilators and, therefore, also brands. If you want to know the most successful, continue reading:

When the name Braun is mentioned, many people automatically relate the brand to facial epilators and shavers in general, but the company is much more than this. This company is dedicated to the design and manufacture of personal consumer products, including oral care equipment such as brushes, hairdryers, irons, and curlers, for health such as thermometers and monitors, etc.

In addition, Braun is also recognized in the appliance market, as it has excellent quality products and practical and functional designs in the area of toasters, blenders and coffee makers, among others.

The company is of German origin and its founder was the engineer Max Braun who in 1921 decided to establish his business focused on the development and development of domestic radio components. Gradually he increased his production and managed to enter other markets where the success of his inventions allowed him to establish the bases of design and commercialization of equipment for domestic consumption.

It is headquartered in the city of Kronberg, Germany and is part of the multinational DeLonghi, another company recognized for its presence in the world of household appliances.

Philips is probably one of the most recognized brands worldwide because its name is embodied in a large number of products for domestic, professional and commercial use. In addition, in its catalog, you can find all kinds of electronic devices such as telephones, speakers, audio and video players, light bulbs, epilators, razors, etc.

The company was founded in 1891 by the physical engineer Gerard Philips in the company of his brother Anton and his father Benjamin. His initial operations focused on the elaboration of incandescent bulbs. Thanks to the advertising and marketing movements, it had great success since its early years and this allowed them to investigate other fields to introduce patents, such as the medical market.

Philips is also recognized as a pioneer in playback equipment and media; Among the company’s most prominent products are the cassette, a sound recording unit through the use of magnetic tapes. It was widely used for decades by the record industry.

Soon, they exceeded their limits and created the CD or Compact Disc, digital storage unit, what the first steps for the new audio and video formats used today; the DVD and the Blu – Ray.

Veet is a brand owned by the Reckitt Benckiser company. It was established in the year of 1922 with the initial name of Neet and was promoted as a product “faster than shaving” and went on sale for a price of approximately 50 cents in the United States.

Today it is one of the most widely used hair removal methods worldwide, mainly because of its simple application and painless hair removal. Thanks to advances and precedents in chemicals, Veet products can be purchased to be applied in various areas of the body even if they are sensitive, such as the face or crotch.

Veet is mainly composed of try glycolic acid and potassium hydroxide, which have direct effects on hair follicles, attacking keratin molecules and weakening them rapidly. With this, we proceed to pass a palette or remover that is responsible for removing the hairs without pain. The results can be maintained for several weeks, depending on the type of hair and the user’s skin.

In addition to the painless use of creams, Veet can also be found in depilatory waxes, a more classic and painful method, but with more lasting results.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 How to ensure that facial hair removal does not cause irritation?

The face is one of the most sensitive areas of the body and, therefore, it is normal for some irritation to appear after waxing. In the most severe cases, granites and redness could even come out, with the inconvenience that this could cause, then, it is a very visible part. However, it is possible to avoid or at least minimize that irritation caused by facial hair removal with certain habits. After shaving, you can pass a cotton ball soaked in ethyl alcohol to disinfect the area. In addition, an aloe vera cream or lotion can be very effective in soothing the skin and helping it to regenerate.

Q2 What are the pros and cons of facial hair removal?

Facial hair is undesirable for many girls, hence they bet on facial hair removal to get rid of it. Today, there are many hair removal techniques, some being more aggressive than others. The pros of facial hair removal are clear since it is a formula that allows you to wear a hair-free, soft and brighter face. Depending on the technique chosen, you will see that the results are more or less lasting. On the other hand, the cons are related to possible side effects. Remember that the face is a very sensitive area, so it will be almost impossible to get rid of the inevitable irritation or redness after hair removal. Of course, it is possible that, after a few hours after waxing, it disappears and you will once again wear a pristine face.

Q3 What techniques are suitable for facial hair removal?

Facial hair removal supports a good number of techniques, so the user can choose the most convenient one according to their needs. One of the most popular are hot wax bands. The pull may hurt a little, but the results are lasting. Depilatory tweezers represent a specially indicated method to get rid of those annoying hairs that appear in small quantities. It is a fast and also very effective technique. Of course, electric hair removal is another of the most recommended, since, although it can produce some pain, the result is also very satisfactory. Finally, we should mention laser hair removal for the face.

Q4 Is facial hair removal recommended with sensitive skin?

If you have sensitive skin you can opt for facial hair removal, but, yes, being much more careful. Usually, this type of hair removal causes irritation, even on the most resistant skin, hence, in the case of the most sensitive skin, this irritation can be much more severe. However, with proper post-hair removal treatment, these side effects can be reduced and not a problem.

Q5 Is laser or electric facial hair removal better?

In general, electric facial hair removal is more recommended than the laser, since the latter is contraindicated for those areas called hormonal. Not surprisingly, in areas such as the upper lip or chin, which are hormonally dependent areas, if the laser is applied, there is a risk that the hair not only does not disappear but that it extends. For its part, electric hair removal does not involve any similar risk, if a slight irritation disappears after hours.

Q6 Is facial hair removal recommended during pregnancy?

Facial hair removal is perfectly compatible with pregnancy. However, it is a stage in which the woman is more sensitive, so it is possible that she feels more pain and causes more irritation than usual. In any case, although it is a delicate phase, there is no problem in continuing to perform facial hair removal.

Shopping guide


The housing of a facial epilator must have an ergonomic design, with a soft touch that suits your hand, so that you can hold it comfortably for a long time without it slipping. So at the time of selecting the device, you will not only be able to focus on how much it costs, so it is necessary that you examine in detail the elaboration of its structure.

Manufacturers frequently use rigid polymer or some type of alloy with aluminum, since this provides resistance to the design. In addition, it is necessary that you verify the incorporation of an IPX2 protection treatment against splashes or IPX7 that will allow you to submerge the equipment in the water, thus protecting the electrical part housed inside. In the same way, you will avoid oxidation of the compartment arranged for the batteries. Of course, if it is a wireless product.


The theme of the blades is of great relevance for those who want to take home a good and economical facial epilator. However, it is necessary to take into consideration that with so many models present in the market you could find a low-cost device, but with a cutting area that easily deteriorates. This would eventually generate an extra expense, having to acquire the spare parts to continue enjoying the device.

That is why you will have to make sure that these parts are made of robust stainless steel, capable of withstanding direct contact with water without deteriorating or losing the edge. Also, incorporate a hypoallergenic treatment to avoid irritation on sensitive skin. For its part, we have some models with another type of technology, which integrate a self-sharpening system to prolong efficiency in each pass, trimming the hair from the root.


The good thing about starting comparison of facial epilators is that you can know the favorable and unfavorable points of each design, thus managing to carry out a successful purchase. One feature that you should verify is the incorporation of some accessories by the manufacturer since they will help you have a better experience when using the device and at the same time you can save money by not acquiring these accessories separately.

When it comes to this type of hair removal equipment, it is usual to find models that attach a spare set for the leaflets, a brush or facial massager, as well as heads with combs of different dimensions for greater freedom, being able to easily trim the hair from other parts of the body such as legs, back or arms.

For its part, there is equipment that attaches batteries, power supply cable and even a waterproof storage bag, designed to prevent deterioration of the structure and its parts.



As in any other product, the dimensions of a facial epilator play a very important role in its correct handling. These may vary according to what is established by each manufacturer, so you will find varied formats. The important thing is that you select a device with a compact and lightweight structure, which offers total practicality when handling, storing, placing it in your bathroom and even when transporting it when traveling.

Therefore, it is convenient that their measurements do not exceed 30 centimeters long and weigh approximately 300 grams. In this way, it will not take up much space and will not generate fatigue in your hands when holding it during a full session.

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