Best Eyeliners For Hooded Eyes Reviews of 2020

The eyes are the door of the soul, or so many says, therefore, one of the keys to having a spectacular makeup is to pay attention to the look of your look, and best eyeliners for hooded eyes can make a difference. The eyeliners are highly sought after products in the area of makeup and more and more brands are creating new high-quality items, such as the Maybelline New York Hyper Precise All Day eyeliner, which will give you 24 hours an excellent black outline, and the Rimmel London Exaggerate model that will allow you to delineate and blur your stroke until you get a professional look.

Comparison Table Of The Best Eyeliners For Hooded Eyes

Maybelline New York Hyper Precise All Day Waterproof Eyeliner, Color Black - 1 ml

This is one of the longest-lasting eyeliners since it lasts 24 hours without needing any type of touch up. Ideal for long departures from home.

In addition to its economic cost, this product is also of great quality so that you look and feel good. Therefore, if you value both the price and the result, this could be your best alternative.

Because its pigmentation is quite intense, it may not be the best option for the most sensitive skin, as some users have reported eyelid irritation.

Rimmel London Automatic Exaggerate Black Waterproof Eyeliner (black range) - 5gr

In addition to being a product of adequate dimensions and lightweight, it is ideal for people who want to make up as simply as possible, as it is very easy to use.

The best thing about this product is that it has a double tip, as it comes with a retractable mine and also a diffuser to give you a unique look.

The disadvantage that certain people have seen in this eyeliner is that it comes with glitter, therefore, the eyeliner will shine and this can not only be a visual inconvenience, but also an inconvenience.

Eyeliner Blanco Long Lasting Marker 02 - Essence

The structure is also white on the outside and this can make it easier for it to get dirty due to constant handling.

To offer a chance, this eyeliner is white, which, despite being different from the classic black, will give you the same versatility, as it combines with any outfit and makeup.

With a precise tip and a white color of great pigmentation, this eyeliner can turn a common look into wonderful with only two strokes that will enhance your look.

The best eyeliners for hooded eyes reviews Of 2020

You don’t know what eyeliner to buy and you don’t want to buy one of poor quality? Well, here you can see the most outstanding options of different brands so you have excellent alternatives to choose from.

Maybelline New York Hyper Precise All Day

Choosing a product can be difficult, however, this model could easily be the best eyeliner of the moment, as the good reviews it has received and its quality make it stand out. With dimensions of 0.7 x 0.7 x 12.8 cm and a weight of 9.07 grams, it is possible to take this item everywhere. The precise tip minimizes the risk of the eyeliner coming out crooked, since it has a measurement of 0.4 mm that gives you a stroke with an excellent definition.

Being long-lasting, you can enjoy 24 hours with this look and, in addition to that, as it is a Maybelline eyeliner, it has a good waterproof quality to prevent makeup from running or staining. The tip is soft, therefore, it will not bother you and, in addition to that, you will not have to stretch your eyelid or pass the eyeliner twice to get a good result.

This beautiful eyeliner can be ideal for you, especially since it is a model of a well-known brand such as Maybelline.


Duration: This eyeliner is long-lasting so you don’t have to apply the eyeliner more than once in the day.

Waterproof: Being a waterproof product, you will not have to worry about having contact with water.

Tip: The tip is soft to avoid discomfort when applying the eyeliner and will facilitate this process.

Dimensions: It has perfect measures to be able to carry the eyeliner anywhere, without any problem.


Irritation: Some users have commented that the eyeliner can cause irritation to sensitive skin.


Rimmel London Exaggerate

I like all people you want an eyeliner that will not be damaged during the day, then this waterproof eyeliner is perfect for you and, in addition, it is considered one of the best eyeliners for hooded eyes of 2020. This is a high precision product so that the stroke is defined, giving you a professional look. This article comes in quite dark black color, however, you can choose between a brown, green, blue eyeliner, and different shades of black.

The formula stands out for not being so liquid, but a little creamy to impregnate well in the eyelid. The article is dermatologically and also ophthalmologically tested to avoid problems in the eyes or skin. That way, you’ll always be safe. The mine is retractable to avoid that when storing the eyeliner, there are accidents and your backpack or pocket is stained. Additionally, the product comes with a diffuser to help you with makeup details.

Buying a good eyeliner can be decisive when it comes to having professional quality makeup, and this alternative may be the best eyeliner for you.


Stroke: The stroke of this product is delicate and defined, as it is applied directly to the eyelid.

Safety: The best thing about this product is that it has been tested before going on the market, making it a safe option.

Waterproof: It doesn’t matter if you go out and it rains, because this eyeliner has the quality of being waterproof.


Glitter: A user has reported that this product comes with glitter, which can be inconvenient.

Essence 02

Being one of the most economical market items, this may be the best price-quality eyeliner, since its cost is quite affordable. This is a white eyeliner that comes in a small structure of the same color so you know what its tone is without having to open it and verify. It is a long-lasting product, therefore you will not need to do touch-ups frequently to enjoy it, as it will remain intact for hours.

As it is a marker eyeliner, the tip of this article is a little harder than other liquid eyeliners brushes, however, it is still soft enough to give you a delicate stroke. This can be good, because, in this way, it is easier to achieve a defined stroke like a professional. Because it is small and light, you will not have problems with carrying it in your backpack, bag or even in your pocket.

This eyeliner can be ideal for you if you like different tones than usual, so if you want to change your look, do not hesitate to purchase this product.


Cost: This item is one of the cheapest of its kind, so it is affordable for everyone.

White: If you don’t want to use black, then this white eyeliner may be what you need.

Practical: It is practical, because, in addition to combining with everything, it is also easy to carry everywhere.


Design: Being a product that will be in constant manipulation, it can be an inconvenience that the external part is white because of the dirt.

L'Oréal Paris Perfect Slim

Loreal can not only be considered the best brand of eyeliners, but also one of the best makeup brands in the world, as her career is broad and full of success. This Loreal eyeliner comes in black to give you a more striking look and has a pen-like tip that offers an extra-fine stroke so that your makeup looks delicate.

It is a liquid eyeliner, so you will have to wait for the formula to dry for a few seconds, however, as it has a tip characterized by being high precision, then you will have no problem delineating your eyes with the eyeliner. You can apply the formula easily and without touch-ups. The structure is comfortable and ergonomic to make its use an easier process and, since it weighs only 6 grams, you will not have to make any effort when using the product.

Obtaining an L’Oreal eyeliner is always a good decision and, due to its qualities, this model will help you look excellent.


Weight: This eyeliner is only 6 grams in weight, so you will not feel that you carry it with you and it will not bother you to have it in your hand.

Slim: Being a Slim stroke product, the outline you make with it will be extra fine, to give you a more sophisticated look.

Shape: The structure of this eyeliner is ergonomic, so manipulating it will be easier and more comfortable.


Double: Being thin, it may be necessary to pass the eyeliner several times for it to be noticed.

L'Oréal Paris Superliner Gel Intenza

This product is not one of the cheapest models in the market. However, being the L’Oréal brand, this eyeliner gel is one of the most prominent, as it is of professional quality. The applicator brush has the duality of being able to make fine but also large strokes if you wish. Its small container is quite light, therefore, you will have no problem finding a place in your home or in your bag.

The texture is thick because it is a gel, however, it has the perfect point to avoid draining and damaging the makeup, and not dry your skin. The pigmentation is quite effective, giving, in this way, a professional result of a dark tone, therefore, if you do not want it to look so bleak, try to trace delicately. This gel eyeliner comes with an opaque hue, so you will not have glare in your eyes when using it.

Despite looking different, this product still has the L’Oreal professional-quality seal to give you very good results.


Texture: This eyeliner has a thick texture that prevents it from draining and dribbling easily, which is an advantage.

Pigmentation: Because the pigmentation is intense, this will give you an optimal result without the need for many strokes to achieve it.

Brush: The applicator brush is quite versatile, as it can make fine strokes, but also large brush strokes for other makeups.


Shape: The structure of the container makes it almost impossible to carry the eyeliner in small pockets.

Sanfilippo Wing it

If you are looking for a delineated “cat eyes”, as it is known colloquially, then this Sanfilippo model may be the best eyeliner stamp for you, since its design allows you to have the best possible eyeliner. Being made in Belgium, this product follows European quality standards so you are sure that this product is suitable for you. Being double pointed, the eyeliner and sealant are separated, but the structure makes it easier to use each of them.

With a weight of 4.54 grams and dimensions of 14 x 1.8 x 1.8 cm, it is easy to take this product with you anywhere you need. The defined strokes will make it possible that, with just one use, you have an excellent eyeliner, and the black color has good pigmentation so that your look looks deeper. The sealer will allow you to have a uniform finish in each eye.

Do you want to have precise delineations, even if they are quite elaborate? Then it is possible that this is the ideal eyeliner for the makeup you want to wear.


Double: This best eyeliner for hooded eyes is double-pointed so you have everything you need at hand and your makeup is perfect.

Seal: The seal is responsible for making your eyeliner finish in a small elevation, perfect for making your designs.

Thick: The eyeliner has a thick body to be easier to handle and apply, so everything can be done in less time.


Duration: Unlike other models, this product is not long-lasting, according to the opinion of some users.


If you are not a fan of the look that leaves the eyeliner bright and you prefer matte tones, then you should not keep wondering which is the best eyeliner, as this NYX eyeliner may be the best alternative for you. Its color is opaque and dark, to give you a professional look in less time. It has a classic design, that is, it is thin, elongated and comes with a screw cap to keep the eyeliner closed without worry.

This is a liquid eyeliner, so it will be easy to apply but, at the same time, you should be careful to perform all the eyeliner in the most impeccable way possible to avoid clumps in makeup. The tip, despite being quite thin, absorbs the content very well so that it is not necessary to wet it frequently in order to get the look you want. This NYX eyeliner will give you a professional finish whenever you use it.

NYX is a new and modern brand that gradually makes its way into the market for making products of the best quality, and this model is no exception to its standard.


Applicator: The applicator of this eyeliner is soft, so as not to bother you, nor damage your skin.

Color: The black color has an intense pigmentation with good adhesion to the skin to make it stand out.

Tone: The tone is not bright, like most eyeliners, but matte. Ideal for those who enjoy opaque tones.


Cost: A disadvantage of this product is the cost, as it has a higher price than most eyeliners.

Essence Superlast

This best eyeliner for hooded eyes has gained fame due to the quality of its products, therefore, if you are looking for an Essence eyeliner to apply makeup of the best quality, then this is a suitable option for you since it is one of the cheapest in the catalog. A great feature of this eyeliner is that it is suitable for all skin types, including fats, and that, in addition to that, it does not have any type of parabens in its formula so you do not worry about the safety of your skin.

It does not matter if you use this eyeliner and sweat, cry or rain, well, fortunately, this is a waterproof and long-lasting model. It comes with a modern design of blue and black colors that make contrast and has a screw cap to prevent it from being accidentally dropped, as it is a liquid product.

Safe and resistant, this product can be perfect for your makeup if you are looking for something of quality and a good price because it has very good qualities to leave you looking like an artist.


Skin: Suitable for oily skin, so if this is your case, you don’t have to worry about using this product, it won’t hurt you.

Formula: For more safety, the formula of this product does not have any type of parabens.

Waterproof: Being waterproof gives you long life and more practicality, as it is difficult to damage.


Application: Certain users have had complaints because applying the eyeliner is somewhat complicated, in their opinion.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

It is possible that, if you are looking for a Kat Von D eyeliner, you want an eccentric model like her, as well as a green, purple or any other eyeliner that is not black, like this one, however, the great quality of this product It makes many consider him the best eyeliner today. Kat is known, for a long time, for her tattoos, therefore, this product has a design with tattoo style flowers that makes it stand out.

It is a liquid eyeliner that is quite easy to apply, since the design has a structure that resembles that of a pen or a marker, therefore, the application will be direct and this means that, in doing so, you will be able to obtain quite precise strokes so that the makeup is perfect. Many have praised that it is an eyeliner of long duration and an intense color.

Kat Von D stands out for two things: her tattoos and her makeup. Therefore, if you want to imitate its impressive look, this is the ideal product to start and look sensational.


Application: The applicator tip is attached directly to the structure to give you more comfort and ergonomics.

Tip: The innovative tip is sturdy but soft enough not to bother you.

Duration: This is a long-lasting eyeliner so you can use it for quite some time.


Cost: The price of this eyeliner is much higher than that of most, therefore, if you want to save, this is not the best alternative.

Kiko Milano Super Color

Are you tired of the typical black color? Then, this Kiko eyeliner can be the answer to your needs, because, to give you a different option, he has designed a waterproof blue eyeliner that, in addition to giving you an intense tone of great pigmentation so that your look shines, it also offers you the quality of Do not be damaged by contact with water.

Knowing what eyeliner to buy can always be difficult due to all the options, but do not hesitate to purchase this model if you are looking for a liquid eyeliner, with great adhesion and a light formula to not bother you. These features make this product an outstanding makeup item, of professional quality, but at an affordable price for those who wish to purchase it. The tip is soft so that your application is comfortable and simple and, in addition to that, it dries quickly so that in minutes you are ready to leave.

This Kiko Milano eyeliner can be ideal for all people who are looking for a lightweight, highly pigmented and innovative formula, to give them a unique look that stands out all night.


Liquid: The formula is liquid and has the ideal texture to be completely light

Safe: This is a safe product, with ophthalmologically tested items so you are not worried.

Versatile: The applicator allows you to draw fine and thick lines, depending on what you need.


Color: Although its color is striking for many, some others do not enjoy the color blue, therefore, it is not the best option for everyone.

Accessories for eyeliner

Eyeliner template

32 pairs BIBE

2 in 1 Cat Eyeliner Stencil Smoky

An eyeliner template will be your best ally when you want to experiment with new eyeliners, because, when you put it on, you can make the eyeliner that you like with precision. This

2 in 1 Cat Eyeliner Stencil Smoky has 6 different makeup styles so you can choose the one you like best. They are made of medical fabric, safe and comfortable, and stand out for adhering to the skin without leaving any residue.

It does not matter if, after placing the template, you want or need to change it, because this can be done easily. Each template is quite light, so you don’t feel the excessive weight when sticking it on your eyelid.

How to choose the best eyeliners for hooded eyes

Consider several features to acquire eyeliner that gives you exactly the result you are looking for. If you don’t know what aspects to consider, here you can read some qualities that you should always keep in mind to get the best.

Shopping guide

Size and texture

Although most eyeliners look alike in their structure, not all have the same sizes, nor the same shape. For that reason, you should always think about practicality so that, when buying a product, you can always have it with you and, in that way, you can touch up your makeup as long as you need it.

Most people usually store their eyeliners in small makeup bags, pockets or purses and, if you want to do this too, then acquire those thin eyeliners that do not exceed 10 grams of weight so you don’t even feel that you wear The dimensions, in addition to facilitating transport, will also make it easier to find a place in your home.

The texture is something that also varies between eyeliners and between brands. There are companies that are characterized by having liquid eyeliners, others in gel and others are of the marker type. Choosing the right one depends on how you would like to see yourself and with which type you feel more comfortable when applying. For that reason, in your guide to buying the best eyeliner, you should keep this in mind so that everything becomes easier for you.

Liquid eyeliners have a fairly light and watery texture that, despite giving you good brushstrokes, can be a bit difficult to apply if you don’t have experience. The gel is a little thicker than the liquid and is characterized by, most of the time, giving you more pigmentation, while the marker pen eyeliners are the simplest to apply, as they serve as if you were painting the skin using, as its Name, a marker.

Among all these, you can surely realize that most gel eyeliners and some liquids can come in other types of packaging that differ from the usual pencil or bar eyeliners, as they are like small boats that, despite not being able to carry them in your pocket, you can do it in any bag


If you want to save yourself problems, you must have something very important in mind before asking how much the product costs and this is the composition of the eyeliner and its ingredients. Despite having the same name and fulfilling the same task, not all eyeliners have the same formulas and the policies of certain brands do not apply to others. For that reason, make sure that among its ingredients you do not get anything to which you are allergic, because making use of a product to which you are allergic so close to your eye could make you suffer from annoying dermatological conditions and, in certain cases, they can even be dangerous.

Additionally, eyeliners should have the necessary safety certifications to ensure that they do not contain toxic or harmful ingredients. However, check this before making your purchase to avoid inconvenience, as this will avoid bad times and you can also be safer when using your makeup.

You should be especially careful if you lead a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, as some eyeliners may have been tested on animals or have certain ingredients derived or produced by them. For that reason, if this is your case, when making your comparison of eyeliners, buy only 100% organic, vegan and natural formulas, and that have not been tested on animals before going on sale.

Strokes and color

A good and economical option does not necessarily have to be the typical black color that everyone knows, as it is also possible to find cheap eyeliners of other colors with different shades of green, blue, brown and white. For the most avant-garde people when it comes to makeup and dressing there are other alternatives to more modern colors such as pink, purple, etc. That way, you can always have the perfect eyeliner to combine with your outfit of the day. Regardless of the color, good eyeliners will give you a fairly high-quality pigmentation.

The lines are what will make your makeup go from amateur to professional, therefore, the eyeliner application process is quite important. If you acquire a low-quality formula with an uncomfortable applicator, you may need more than one stroke to achieve the eyeliner and this can make you look careless. Pay attention to this when making your purchase.

In addition to that, give the applicator the importance it deserves, because that way you can enjoy smooth, precise and delicate strokes. Additionally, a good applicator will take away the worry that it will be damaged or worn due to constant use.

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Frequently asked questions

Q1: Which is better, eyeliner or mask?

This answer depends on the effect you are looking for in your eyes. The eyeliner and the mask can complement each other to make your eyes stand out, but they act in different ways. Eyeliner is ideal for defining the eye contour. A line with the right thickness at the birth of the eyelashes enhances the eyes making them look bigger.

The mask is the perfect makeup element to flaunt lush eyelashes. The objective of wearing mascara on the eyelashes has the specific purpose of lengthening them, giving them a curly shape and making them look more bulky and thick.

Q2: How to make eyeliner with eyeliner?

It is whether liquid or pencil, doing eyeliner deserves a firm pulse. Everything is a matter of practice; you will see that it is an easy technique to achieve. The eyeliner is a quick way to give a soft look to make the eyes stand out. It will be enough to pass the pencil where you want and give the line the thickness you want.

Unlike the liquid eyeliner, the eyeliner allows makeup within the same eye or thick lines and then blur. The real trick to get an accurate and uniform pencil outline is to do it with its sharp point. A good tip is always to have a pencil sharpener in your makeup bag.

Q3: How to clean the eyeliner?

Whatever type of best eyeliners for hooded eyes has been used in makeup, an oil base for makeup removal will be more convenient than just soap and water. The best way to prevent any irritation in the eyes is to remove makeup very well to go to bed. Soaking the tip of a cotton swab in an oil-based makeup remover will perfectly remove the eyeliner.

Q4: When to apply eyeliner?

Apply eyeliner to your eyes every time you want to impact them. The function of the eyeliner in eye makeup is to define, enlarge and shape them. Although it certainly requires patience to master the technique, once achieved, the desired effect is achieved with liquid, gel, powder eyeliners and as eye pencils.

The eyeliner options that are available today to apply in the eyelid curvature are varied. From the traditional and impressive black, there are also varieties of solid colors or with a lot of glitters.

Q5: Is there any eyeliner for allergy sufferers?

The well-known hypoallergenic eyeliners are achieved within the extensive range of makeup products. Spectacular eyeliner can be applied to sensitive skin. Today, there are many makeup brands with eyeliners tested and that does not cause dermatitis or allergies. They are free of perfumes and preservatives. In addition, they contain the highest quality ingredients for sensitive eyes.

Q6: How is the eyeliner made?

Regardless of the style in thickness and shape that is desired of the line, the best way to draw it is on the eyelid by positioning the pencil or applicator as close as possible to the birth of the eyelashes. It is a fluid line from the inner corner, always taking care of the tear duct area of the eye. It can be a full-eyeliner or only one of your eyelids.

As a general rule, the thickest and most intense line is made in the upper eyelid and in the lower one a thickness that is not exaggerated is taken care of. In this way, it prevents the eye from looking smaller instead of enhancing it.

Q7: What should an eyeliner have that doesn’t run?

In essence, the only type of eyeliner that can be expected not to run is the waterproof one. It has sweat-resistant formulas and even if you dive into the pool or beach. It is advisable to use it, especially when applied to the bottom line of the eyelashes.

However, there are some tips that can be followed to achieve greater permanence of the eyeliner. Coating your path with a waterproof gel, applying translucent powder to seal or even some patting pads under the eyes could work great.

Q8: Is the glitter eyeliner safe?

If the application is not taken care of and transferred into the eye, any type of eyeliner could cause redness or irritation. All, including the glitter eyeliner, are safe to apply.

Be sure to use cosmetic glitter and it will not pose any risk. This has become an important place in makeup, giving a great shine to the eyes. Its presence is very frequent today for both fabulous party makeup and bold and colorful looks.


How to use eyeliner

Although makeup is something very famous and used in the world, many people still do not know how to apply it correctly. Although it seems a simple process, it is easy to find difficulties that only with practice will become less complicated. Eyelining can be difficult, but following the process step by step, it will not be complicated to learn how to use eyeliner and, surely after achieving a perfect look the first time, you will no longer want to stop showing off your eyes delineated with eyeliners of different textures and colors.

Detach it

As with any makeup product, the first step in using eyeliner is to uncover it. This can vary between one model and another, as some eyeliners come with pressure caps, while others bring screw caps. Uncover them correctly to avoid damage, because if they do not close as they should, the formula could be discarded, considering that some eyeliners are liquid.

Place a template

If you do not have a good pulse or are starting to put on makeup and do not have enough experience, then putting on a template can help you get the perfect outline you want.

Choose the design you would like to wear and, carefully, adhere the template to your eyelid so you can pass the eyeliner through the shape offered by the product. Remember that this step is not mandatory and you can do the outlined without a template.

Fill the formula applicator

This step depends on what type of eyeliner you have. There are eyeliners that have separable applicators that you can fill with the formula contained in the product, however, there are others that simply apply directly to the eyelid. Therefore, depending on the model, you will have to apply it differently.

Trace towards a direction

To prevent the eyeliner from being crooked or lumps and other defects, especially if you don’t use a template, always draw in only one direction. If you need to add another layer because the eyeliner was not opaque enough, then move the applicator away, take it to the beginning and trace again in the same direction. So the makeup will always look uniform and neat.

There are those who expect it to dry before making the second stroke, however, this depends a lot on the brand. If you see that it is better to do it while liquid remains, then do it that way.

Make final details

If you want to make cat eye eyelids or any other type that has detail at one end that is different from the rest of the eyeliner, then take your time with these details, after doing the rest of the eyeliner. If you have an eyeliner stamp it is easier, if not, just try to keep a good pulse and make them yourself.

Wash your eyes

After wearing your makeup, never forget to take it off before going to sleep. Therefore, as soon as you get home, proceed to wash your eyes and remove makeup completely. Sleeping with the eyeliner can be harmful to you, as it may cause allergies and other conditions.

Use a make-up remover or simply soapy water to get rid of all makeup remains

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