Best Foundation For Dry Sensitive Skin Of 2020

For any type of makeup applying a good quality base is the main step to hide skin imperfections, correct shades and cover spots. For this reason, you should use only the best foundation for dry sensitive skin if you want to always look good, so we bring you a summary of the most popular products in this category. 

Among these, Dermacol DC Make Up Cover Total stands out, a waterproof product that offers very complete coverage for many hours. But, if you want to refine your pores and get a matt effect on the skin, you should know Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless , a formula suitable for oily or combination skin that leaves a uniform and light coverage.

Comparison table of the best foundation for dry sensitive skin

 Maybelline New York Makeup Base Fit Me (Matte and Pore Free), Hue 120 Classic Ivory - 30 ml

 Maybelline New York Makeup Base Fit Me (Matte and Pore Free), Hue 120 Classic Ivory - 30 ml

The matte and pores refining formula works properly, just using a small amount, the entire face can be covered for a natural finish, without shine and the appearance of smooth skin. With the quality of this product, it is not necessary to use a pre-base.

This light base lasts approximately 5 to 6 hours, it seems little for some users. However, it is a functional product that meets the promise: it conceals the brightness of the skin and refines the pores.

Dermacol DC Make Up Cover Total, Makeup Base, Water Resistant, SPF 30, 208, 30g

Some users comment that the product is transferred. But, to avoid it it is necessary to seal with more dust than usual according to the recommendations of stylists.

It is a product recognized for being a very complete makeup base, as it offers full coverage of stains and even tattoos, with a lasting effect, since it is waterproof and has SPF 30 sun protection.

Its liquid consistency and wide coverage allow using a very little amount to cover the entire face, imperfections, and spots, to achieve a uniform and natural tone, without looking excessive or very marked.

MAC NW30 Studio fix – SPF15 fluid base

It is a fluid base, easy to apply with your fingers and with which you can achieve medium or high coverage, according to the type of makeup you are going to use.

The natural effect of this base has made it the favorite of many users for years, in addition to offering long-term coverage to hide imperfections, skin blemishes and shine for about 24 hours.

It is an expensive product if you compare it with other similar bases. However, the trajectory of the brand and the quality of this cosmetic support its cost.

The Best Foundation For Dry Sensitive Skin Reviews Of 2020


The cosmetic market offers hundreds of innovative and functional products every day to improve the application of makeup and facial styling techniques. And the makeup bases are no exception, so with so many novelties you cannot run out of one of the best foundation for dry sensitive skin of 2019, and here we present a summary of its main features, based on the opinion of the users.

Dermacol DC Make Up Cover Total


Many users believe that this is the best makeup base because they comment that it is a product designed to cover scars, imperfections and skin blemishes completely concealing them, getting a uniform tone with a light and very natural-looking coverage.

This Dermacol makeup base is waterproof and has a sunscreen filter number 30, which makes it ideal for daily use, it is also a hypoallergenic formula that does not contain preservatives or parabens, so it is suitable for all types of skin.

One of the aspects that makes this product stand out as the best makeup base of 2019, according to some users, is that it has great durability because it is only necessary to apply a small amount on the skin to extend and get a wide coverage, so its 30 gr presentation is durable, representing an intelligent purchase.

As you can see there are many features that position this product as the best makeup base of the moment according to the users, so we summarize its pros and cons below.


Tones: It offers a wide range of shades and combine with each other to pigment your skin and maintains its natural appearance.

Application: For a light coverage only the amount of the size of a drop is needed if you use a base cream, so the product can yield enough.

Protection: It is a cosmetic without preservatives or parabens and has sun protection.

Trajectory: This base has been used for more than 50 years for its wide coverage of sports, irregularities and even tattoos.


Stains: Some users claim that the base can transfer or stain clothes.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless

If you have oily skin and want to know what is the best makeup base for your skin type, this Maybelline product may be the answer. With a matte effect, the Fit Me Matte + Poreless formula allows you to control excess skin shine and refine pores for very natural coverage.

This Maybelline makeup base is available in 30 shades, so it will be very easy to find the one that adapts to the natural color of your skin. Regarding the duration, some users comment that the base is maintained very well between 5 and 6 hours before needing a touch-up.

On the other hand, the fluid texture with water base allows a simpler application, since a small amount of base is needed to achieve uniform coverage, with a natural appearance and the matt effect that many women want.

For many users and professional makeup artists Maybelline New York is the best brand of makeup bases, as well as complementary products to obtain exceptional makeup for your day today. So here we mention the pros and cons of the Fit Me Matte + Poreless base.


Skin type: This formula has been designed for oily or combination skin, as it tones them by completely dulling unwanted shines.

Finish: The pores are completely covered to present a smooth skin, with a natural finish.

Texture: The base has a liquid texture, easy to handle to apply in a very easy way.


Duration: Some users comment that after 5 hours it is necessary to touch up the makeup.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

For many professional make-up artists, the best makeup base for medium or total coverage and reducing glare with a lasting matte effect is Mac’s Studio Fix Fluid, which also incorporates SPF 15.

This protection against UVA / UVB rays is broad-spectrum, that is, in addition to having a natural makeup and completely smooth skin, you can go down the street with the assurance that you are not vulnerable to the sun’s rays.

As for consistency, it should be mentioned that it is a liquid and very light texture base, being easy to apply with fingers, brush or sponge. In addition, it has a high resistance to moisture and sweat, being able to offer full coverage for 24 hours, according to the manufacturer. It is also convenient to mix this base with your daily moisturizer to prepare the skin.

Before deciding which foundation to buy you should check the descriptions we have about all the products, so be sure to read the positive and negative aspects that we highlight from this Mac base.


Coverage: With this product, you can achieve medium or total skin coverage, depending on the type of makeup you want or the occasion.

Long duration: The duration of the base is 24 hours, at which time your skin will look healthier and without imperfections.

Tones: From this base, there are 60 tones, identified with the Mac numbering and the codes according to the tone and subtone of the skin, so you can get yours and use the correct base.


Price: The value of this Mac base is high, compared to similar products and the same presentation.

Revlon Colorstay 24H

Revlon does not cease to surprise its customers for its range of low-cost products, which do not compromise the trajectory and quality of the brand, this can be evidenced with the Colorstay 24H oily skin makeup base.

As the name implies, it is a long-lasting formula, which has been commented by users who have remained up to 14 hours of makeup and without having to touch up the base that remains intact, with a very natural matte and smoothed effect on the skin.

This product also has sunscreen and a liquid texture that facilitates its application. For all these characteristics, we could qualify this as the best makeup base of value for money, because it has an affordable cost and totally proportional to the benefits it offers.

It is important to mention that this base does not have fragrances and is totally free of oils, it is also available in 22 shades so it will be very easy to get the one that suits your natural tone.

Below we summarize the main features of this base separated into positive and negative aspects.


Finish: The matte effect of this base is very commented by the users because the difference is noticeable and lasts many hours without the need to touch up the makeup.

Dispenser: The package comes with a dispenser that avoids wasting the product, as it releases the amount necessary for light coverage.

Acne: Users with acne claim that they have used this product and it has worked very well because it covers imperfections and does not influence the appearance of more pimples.


Feeling: One user commented that she feels a sensation of dry skin with the use of this base, however, there are no more opinions to support it.

L'Oréal Infallible Mate 24H

This Loreal makeup base is part of the Infallible line, designed for full-face makeup. The application of this product is recommended after the prebase or first and its main function is to unify the skin tone while shading it to neutralize all the brightness and oiliness of the face.

The technology in the formula of this base is determined by the high absorption of water and oil thanks to the perlite microsponges, polymers that act as color protectors were also incorporated, preventing pigments from being affected by the aforementioned elements. In this way, the skin is kept without glare and totally uniform in terms of color.

It should be noted that this base comes in a 35 ml presentation and the format for the application is appropriate to use a small amount.

We invite you to learn more about this L’Oréal product by reading the list of pros and cons that we summarize below.


Technology: The formula includes a mineral that absorbs water and oil, while a polymer offers color protection to maintain uniformity for longer.

Texture: The fluid and velvety texture of the base allows a light application with the fingers, brush or sponge.

Price: It is an affordable and good quality product, so you won’t need to invest much to have a good makeup base.


Layers: If your imperfections are very pronounced, you have to use a double-base layer for full coverage.

Estée Lauder Double Wear

In many beauty and cosmetics forums, it is common to find opinions that recommend this Estée Lauder makeup base for being long-lasting, offering up to 15 hours of coverage and being suitable for all skin types.

The fluid texture, but not so liquid, does not spill or slide, so it can be easily spread without wasting the product. In addition, many comments agree that nothing is transferred from the base to the clothes, so you can change or take off your jersey without worrying.

Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of this product is that it leaves a very pronounced matte effect on the face, thus eliminating the oily appearance since its formula is free of oils.

It is worth mentioning that this base incorporates sun protection, although it is low, it works efficiently for daily use and moderate or low sun exposure. In addition, it is resistant to moisture and does not favor the proliferation of acne.

This makeup base is very popular because of the brand’s trajectory and there are users who are loyal to it. Therefore we summarize some of its characteristics in the form of pros and cons in the following section.


Formula: This base incorporates antioxidants, so it also protects against premature skin aging.

Smell: It does not contain fragrances or perfumes, which favors the most sensitive skin.

Non-transferable: The base does not stain or transfer to clothing, thus avoiding these uncomfortable accidents that usually occur.


Dispenser: A dispenser is missing in the design of the container; however with the time of use and the development of experience you can get the right amount.

Maybelline New York Dream Satin Liquid

If your skin has a tendency to dry or not hydrate properly, you should use a dry skin makeup base like Dream Satin Liquid. This product incorporates a moisturizing serum, to achieve a very natural satin effect without leaving an oily sensation on the skin.

The liquid consistency of this base extends very well on the face and it is best to do it with your fingers or sponge. We cannot fail to mention that all the comments on this product are very positive, as it is one of the cheapest bases and the support of the brand is a reflection of the quality of the product for many customers.

As for the fragrance, several users comment that it has a very mild and pleasant smell, nothing invasive, so it does not affect your perfume or application of other cosmetics.

Maybelline has shown that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a quality cosmetic, so we summarize the positive and negative aspects of one of the cheapest makeup bases in this study.


Dispenser: The package comes with a dispenser that allows you to extract the right amount and increase the yield of the product.

Hydration: The moisturizing serum provides a satin effect, suitable for dry skin.

Price: It is a cheap and good quality product, ideal for daily use.


Sun protection:  SPF 13 in this product is low, as some dermatologists advise that the minimum level of protection be 15.

Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions

As part of a line of care for skin with acne, this Clinique makeup base stands out, as it is formulated to treat annoying granite lesions while uniformly covering mixed, oily and very oily skin.

This product is totally fragrance-free and its formula is liquid, it does not contain parabens or phthalates, so there are no risks of irritation or allergies.

The presentation, like other makeup bases, is 30 ml but does not include a dispenser. However, the narrow opening of the boat does not let the product out in excess, so it will be easier to place a small amount on the back of your hand by lightly squeezing the container.

According to some opinions, the average duration of this base is about 6 hours with a matte coverage, after that time it is necessary to touch up the makeup to avoid skin shine.

Clinique is a brand recognized for the quality of its cosmetics and cleaning lines, now with this makeup base, it is emerging as one of the most efficient in the treatment of acne. Here we summarize its characteristics.


Treatment: The formula is designed for oily and acne skin, preventing the appearance of more acne lesions with regular use.

Finish: The product adheres very well to the skin and leaves a uniform and natural finish, without shine.

Formula: This base does not contain fragrance, phthalates or parabens so it does not cause irritation, being suitable for very sensitive skin.


Application: A user comments that it is better to apply it with a brush because with the fingers it is not well blurred by its texture.

Lancôme TeintIdole Ultra Wear

To achieve long-lasting coverage and a velvety texture, many makeup artists recommend this Lancôme makeup base, a cosmetics whose formula has been in existence for more than 20 years and has been renewed offering 45 shades so you can get the most suitable for your skin.

Many users highlight how comfortable this base is because although it is long-lasting, it does not feel heavy or stiffen the skin. This property is provided by a polymer called Eternal Soft that prevents dryness.

On the other hand, the minerals of silica and perlite are what allow moisture and fat to be absorbed, to achieve that light and matte effect that is used so much today, without compromising skin hydration.

With regard to texture, we can mention that it is a light and easy to integrate base, provided you get the right shade for your skin, and it does not need a seal for other powder products to adhere to.

This Lancôme makeup base has been a success in the cosmetic market for a couple of decades and its formula has been perfected to expand its properties and benefits, but it also has some cons that we mentioned below.


Duration: Lancôme promises a duration of 24 hours, and some users have been able to corroborate for more than 12 hours that the matt finish is preserved.

Composition: The improved base formula absorbs fat and moisture while keeping it hydrated.

Coverage: Skin imperfections are very well concealed, as the base covers all irregularities to leave a matt and uniform tone.


Oxidation: The correct tone should be carefully chosen, as the base tends to oxidize, that is, change the tone to an orange color.

Price: It is an expensive base, but the recognition of the formula for more than 20 years suggests a quality product.

Impala Foundation 24/7

For women who perform an activity with exposure to moisture, excessive sweat, rain, and even a submersion, it is best to use a waterproof makeup base like the one offered by Impala Foundation.

The protection of this base is ideal for summer days, beach and sun, where exposure to water is inevitable. In addition, it does not leave the masking effect, since its coverage allows to have a very natural appearance since the product’s formula is integrated into the skin tone to achieve a uniform complexion.

On the other hand, Impala offers 10 shades so you can choose the right one for your skin. As for the design of the boat, this is 30 ml and comes with a functional and easy to press dispenser.

In another order of ideas, it is worth mentioning that this base does not transfer or stain the tissues, as it dries quickly for a complete makeup in a short time. Now we summarize its characteristics in the following list of pros and cons.


Sun protection: The formula incorporates SPF 15 to complement its water resistance.

Packaging: It has a compact and manageable design, favored by the dispenser to obtain the necessary quantity, without wasting the product.

Integration: This base merges with the tone of your skin, to avoid the masking effect.


Smell: One user comments that the smell of the base is not pleasant for her.

Tones: The range of this base only includes 10 tones, which is a disadvantage for some users who do not find one compatible with their skin.

Accessories for makeup base

Makeup base brushes

SmartLady Kabuki

Using the fingers to apply the base on mixed or oily skin favors oiliness on the face, as it is a source of grease and dirt. For this reason, make-up brushes are widely recommended, among which SmartLady’s Kabuki model stands out as one of the most popular.

The bristles of this brush are completely synthetic, while the wooden handle is short, compact and easy to hold to apply makeup with ergonomic movements.

On the other hand, the versatility of this brush allows applying liquid bases, cream or powdering products with a good result, according to the opinions of the users.

How to choose the best makeup base

The world of cosmetics is so wide and there are so many new products launched to the market, which are designed to improve the appearance of our makeup, it can be difficult to stay at the forefront. For this reason, and recognizing the interest of users in a guide to buy the best makeup base, we have collected useful information on the aspects to consider when buying this important product for perfect makeup.

Shopping guide

Tone Choice

When you are going to buy a makeup base the main reference is to compare it with the color of the inner part of the forearm, but many professional makeup artists indicate that the comparison must be made in the area of the jaw, specifically between the ear and neck, since this is the part with the most neutral tone of the face.

However, if you are going to make the purchase online you will wonder how to do the test. In this sense, you need to investigate more about the tones and subtones that adapt to your skin, but if you do not want to complicate so much, you can go to any makeup stand and confirm what your ideal tone is, and then make the online purchase of the product of your preference

Core texture

When you make a comparison of makeup bases you will realize that a large majority currently has a fairly fluid liquid texture, with the intention of allowing a rapid extension in the skin, as well as an efficient absorption while irregularities are hidden. This product category is designed for all skin types, and some brands have specific items formulated for oily, dry, normal or mixed skin.

But, in the market, you will also find cream bases with a more pasty texture and recommended for people with dry skin. Moreover, they are also available in compact and loose powders.

However, currently, the most used are the fluid bases for the wide coverage they offer and the finish you get according to the amount of product you apply.


I think that at this point we are already familiar with the term of coverage referred to the bases and, consequently, various types of effects are distinguished such as matte, satin and dewy. Therefore, most cosmetic brands have designed products and lines dedicated to different coverage. In this way, there is a makeup base for all tastes, skins, and needs.

The matt base is one of the most requested today because it helps to dull the brightness and oiliness of the skin, to achieve a smooth effect, so it is highly recommended for oily skin.

The dewy, meanwhile, is appropriate for dry skin, as it incorporates moisturizing ingredients to give a light effect. And for those who do not want one end or the other, there is the satin cover, a product that gets the intermediate point between the matte and dewy effect.

Additional care

A good and economical makeup base should help you cover blemishes and imperfections on your skin, but it is also convenient that it brings other benefits beyond appearance.

In this sense, we refer to sun protection, because it is recommended that the base incorporates a filter that protects the skin from UVB and UVA rays, so the minimum level recommended by dermatologists is 15.

Another highly appreciated element is moisturizing, so there are specialized formulas that help hydrate the skin simultaneously.

On the other hand, many brands are committed to technological innovations and use specialized polymers or minerals to extend the duration of pigmentation or the absorption of fat and water.

Presentation and cost

When making a review of these products, we can find a standard presentation of about 30 ml in plastic or glass jars, the size of which is adequate to take up little space in the toilet or dresser.

Some packages include a dispenser or dispenser, which is very advantageous for applying a small amount, thus avoiding waste of the product. Others come with a dropper and others only have a narrow opening, to apply the product on the back of the hand and then spread it on the face.

Now, there is no doubt that size influences how much the product costs, but also the brand, because you can get two 30 ml bases, but from different brands, one better known than the other and the costs may vary from 8 euros up to 50 euros. So it is an investment that you should analyze well before making a hurried purchase.

How to use a makeup base

 Every day we see how makeup mistakes continue to be made in which the base is abused and that the unsightly mask effect is created with the abysmal difference in tone between the face and neck. So that does not happen we explain here how to use a foundation in a few steps.

Skin preparation

Cleansing the skin and moisturizing the skin is essential for the makeup base to have good adhesion. You should start with a cleansing solution, micellar water or cleansing milk, remove impurities from the skin and then apply your favorite moisturizer, making gentle circular massages on the skin, to activate the cells and nourish it deeply.


Using a prebase or primer will in many cases prolong the permanence of makeup, while dulling the shine, controls the fat and softens the skin, preparing it for the base. The key to this product is to use the necessary amount, that is, if you have very oily skin, apply a little prebase in the T zone, it will help to fix the base better. In the case of using a specific product to refine pores, for example, you should place the prebase in the areas where the pores are most visible.

Apply base

The skin is already hydrated and prepared with the first to receive the base, whose tone you have already chosen correctly before. Now, you can choose between a kabuki brush, a sponge or your fingers to apply the base on your skin. The first option will help you distribute the base evenly, but always remember to finish with the sponge to blur well and eliminate any unwanted effects left by the brush. If your skin is dry you can use your fingers to apply the base, but if it is oily this technique is not recommended, because your hands would contribute more fat to the skin and the result will not be as expected.


Remember that the application of the base should not cover the eye area, because for this area you must use a concealer specially formulated for this type of skin and the problem of dark circles or bags.

Blur well

Depending on whether you want a light make-up for daily use, you should completely blur and seal with a compact or loose powder, but if you want a more loaded base, you can apply a second base coat before sealing. When blurring correctly, your skin will be ready and you can apply a little blush or perform the contour technique if you have more experience in self-makeup. To highlight your look, use the curling iron and an eyelash mask, finish with a nice lipstick for your mouth and you will have the makeup you wanted.

Remove base

Although your base is long-lasting, it is recommended never to sleep makeup, so no matter how tired you get from work or an event, you should clean your skin deeply and remove all layers of makeup. Using micellar water, facial wipes and other products will help you to keep the complexion clear.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is the makeup base for?

The base helps tone the skin color, cover blemishes and imperfections improving the homogeneity of the tone, and leaving the complexion ready to apply the rest of the makeup. In short, with the correct use of the base, the complexion will have a better appearance.

 Q2: How to make a homemade makeup base?

Having an ecological and homemade make-up is possible with few ingredients:

  • 3 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1/4 tablespoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 tablespoon red clay or cocoa powder (depending on your skin tone
  • 1 tablespoon organic moisturizer


  • Use a spacious pot to mix all the ingredients and a smaller one in which you will keep the base ready.
  • Add cornstarch, cocoa or clay and cinnamon.
  • Mix the powders until they are integrated and then add the tablespoon of moisturizer.
  • With a spoon or stick, stir the mixture well, until a homogeneous cream is left.
  • If the color does not approach your tone, add more cocoa or clay little by little, until you get the color that suits your skin.

Q3: What is a makeup base that covers imperfections?

The makeup base allows you to seal scars, skin spots, acne marks and even reddened areas on the most sensitive skin. So, if some of these situations are yours, a makeup base is responsible for concealing these imperfections to leave a smooth complexion.

Q4: How to apply a sponge makeup base?

Before starting the application it is necessary to moisten the sponge well and squeeze it. This moisture allows you to absorb the product well to spread it properly on the skin, impregnating the dry areas and blurring the entire base.

Now place a little of the base on the back of the hand and take the product with the sponge, then start the application giving very light touches in the T zone: the forehead, nose, and chin. From there the makeup extends to the cheeks and the outside of the face.

In this way, the base fades well, covering up to the earlobe. Then, you can seal it using loose powders to further tighten the effect of the base.

Q5: How to remove makeup base on clothes?

If the makeup base is oil, it is recommended to moisten the stain a little and apply directly to this hand soap, let the soap be absorbed into the stain and then, with your fingers or an old toothbrush with soft bristles proceed to Rub lightly to dissolve the oil.

Subsequently, and with a clean cloth or absorbent towel dry the stain, pressing on the area. It is not recommended to rub more so as not to spread dirt. If the stain persists, you can repeat the procedure and then wash the garment as you normally would.

Q6: How to clarify the makeup base?

A very popular technique to lighten the makeup base in case it is too dark for your skin tone is to mix in a bowl a little of the base with your favorite moisturizer. It is recommended that you do not have fragrances.

Remember to use a small amount of base and moisturizer and gradually rectify it. In addition, if after using the mixture there is a leftover left, use a very clean container with a lid to store what is left and so you can use it later.

Q7: What is the best makeup base for dry skin?

The bases that offer a satin cover are very appropriate for dry skin because they contain moisturizing ingredients in their formula to hydrate the skin while unifying the tone. One of the most recommended is the Maybelline New York Dream Satin Liquid, a low-cost base that contains a moisturizing serum and sunscreen.

Q8: How is the makeup base made?

Fluid makeup bases have similar formulas. However, certain components are added depending on the finish and other benefits that are desired from them. Generally, a mixture of water, oil, silicone, glycerin or other oily component is used to achieve fluid consistency.

With respect to the matt finish, many formulas use clay as the main ingredient. Others contain titanium or zinc oxide, alcohol, mineral oils and polymers that provide special benefits.

Talc and sunscreen are also frequent ingredients in makeup bases, in addition to pigments. All these are mixed in the laboratory until they become the liquid base that we apply on the face.

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