The Best Hair Straighteners On The Market Reviews of 2020

The best hair straighteners on the market are the best allies to achieve smooth and aesthetically perfect hair. In the market, there are many options, hence such variety can overwhelm. One of the most interesting models is undoubtedly the Gold Styler ghd plate , equipped with dual-zone technology.

This advanced system ensures a homogeneous temperature along its medium plates and rounded design. For its part, the FURIDEN FR741236 model will surprise you with its rapidity in heating, since it only takes 15 seconds. Thanks to its long and rotating cable, you will enjoy greater freedom of movement.

Comparison Table Of The Best Hair Straighteners On The Market

FURIDEN Professional Hair Irons, Ceramic Hair Irons Adjustable Temperature (120? -230?), Double Voltage Hair Irons – Golden D

  • Being the floating and curved plates and the 360º cable, shaping the hair is much easier with this iron. It allows to choose between 5 temperature levels to adapt it to the user’s hair type.
  • One user argues that, if the hair is too curly and thick, getting a very polished straightening could be complicated.
  • A professional hair straightener that, judging by the opinions expressed, the majority of users like. Its easy handling and rapid warming make it possible for a divine mane to look a matter of minutes.

Rowenta Optiliss Elite SF3122E0 Hair Straightener with Keratin and Tourmaline temperature adjustable up to 230º with floating plates for perfect straightening and ionic function

  • The keratin and tourmaline coating of the plates of this hair straightener allows the hair to recover the lost shine and prevents frizz. By incorporating a thermostat, you can adapt the temperature to different needs.
  • There are those who noticed that the housing can become quite hot after a prolonged period of use, so care should be taken.
  • A model that enjoys excellent value for money and is presented under the cover of a well-known brand such as Rowenta. Perfect to get the desired hairstyle, both smoothed and curly, without leaving home.

GHD gold styler - Professional hair straightener for all hair types. Dual-zone technology: two sensors to guarantee a homogeneous temperature. Perfect for smoothing, creating waves or curls.

  • This model is responsible for offering a professional result thanks to its ceramic technology and its rounded plates. It only takes 25 seconds to reach the optimum temperature, so efficiency is one of its benefits.
  • The price is, perhaps, its main drawback, since it is one of the most expensive models in the list of recommendations.
  • An iron like no other that has captivated women from all corners of the world for years. Its magnificent finishes allow you to get a hairstyle as fresh from the hairdresser in just a few minutes.

Reviews about the best hair straighteners on the market of 2020

Sometimes, tame our hair can become a challenge. If you want to get a hair of hairdresser, either smooth, with waves or curls, you may need a hair straightener. This gadget will allow you to always look beautiful and imperfections-free hair. Next, we talk about some of the best hair straighteners on the market of 2019 so you can choose the most convenient one.

GHD Gold Styler

A ghd hair straightener is synonymous with total confidence. In the case of this model, it draws attention for its innovative dual-zone ceramic technology, which ensures a homogeneous temperature on both plates thanks to its two sensors.

In just 25 seconds, this ceramic hair straightener manages to reach 185ºC, an optimal temperature to start shaping the hair. This product is ideal for curls, waves or for straight hair. Each plate exhibits a rounded barrel design and measures 2.50 cm, an ideal size for mane of all types of lengths.

By incorporating a 2.7 meter long cable, you will have the absolute freedom of movement to give life to your hairstyle. Because of its universal voltage, it is suitable for use even while traveling. It is accompanied by a plate protector and also includes a practical mode of suspension after 30 minutes of inactivity.

With the hair you do not play, hence betting on the best brand of hair straighteners, as is the case with ghd, is a more than right decision.



Technology: This model has a dual-zone ceramic technology that ensures a homogeneous temperature in both plates thanks to two sensors located in them.

Heating: The iron takes exactly 25 seconds to warm up, thus reaching the optimum temperature of 185ºC to begin shaping the hair.

Voltage: The voltage of this product is universal, so you can take it on a trip with you and use it wherever you go.


Price: The price of ghd plates is one of the highest in the market, perhaps not suitable for all budgets.


Italian brand, this model makes its way in the field of professional hair irons. The first thing that attracts attention is its careful design, available in gold or gray. Equipped with floating plates with curved edges, this iron allows better hair management, preventing it from getting tangled.

The fact that this iron has an extra long 2.5 meter and 360 º cables also greatly influences. Therefore, admit any movement, however complex. Another of its great qualities is that only 15 seconds are enough for it to warm up and, in addition, it incorporates an automatic shutdown system after 1 hour of inactivity.

It offers 5 temperature levels (between 120 and 230ºC) to fit all types of hair and hairstyles. It has a safety closure and a useful travel bag. Finally, it should be noted that it has universal voltage.

This best hair straighteners on the market have in common that they are items that take care of the hair while getting the most out of it.



Warm-up: One of its most outstanding features is its rapid warm-up: just 15 seconds.

Plates: Its floating plates with curved edges ensure a professional result.

Cable: It incorporates an extra-long cable of 2.5 meters and, in addition, 360º to make the combing process easier.

Temperature: Offers 5 temperature levels that adapt to all hair types (between 120 and 230ºC).



Straightening: It is possible that for a hair too curly a hair straightener of greater amplitude is necessary.

Rowenta Optiliss Elite SF3122E0

Among its benefits, it should be noted that this Rowenta hair straightener provides optimal straightening. This is possible thanks to its tourmaline and keratin coated plates, which provide the mane with extreme shine and softness. Considered the best price-quality hair straightener, it has floating and thin plates (9 × 2.5 cm) for maximum contact with the hair.

This model allows you to control the temperature at all times, in a range between 130 and 230ºC. In addition, it is characterized by fairly rapid heating, being ready in just 1 minute after switching on.

It is an effective hair straightener from the first pass thanks to an optimal pressure on the hair. Very interesting is also that it avoids frizz, returning to the mane a unique texture and elasticity.

In case you do not know what hair iron to buy, please take a look at the features of this model, sponsored by a prestigious brand like Rowenta.


Plates: This model is equipped with floating and narrow plates with tourmaline and keratin coating for softer and brighter hair.

Thermostat: It incorporates an interesting thermostat that allows regulating the temperature of the product in a range between 130 and 230ºC.

Heating: The iron heats up completely in 60 seconds, so you don’t have to wait long to start using it.


Odor: According to a user, when using this article a strange smell is perceived, although it could be something normal during the first sessions.

Remington Pearl S9500

With an Ultimate advanced ceramic coating, this Remington hair straightener gives hair 8 times more softness and better results than many other models on the market. It is equipped with floating plates of a narrow and extra-long design of 11 cm. These have been manufactured to exert maximum pressure on the hair and thus avoid uncomfortable pulls.

It heats up in just 10 seconds, making it an ideal model for those who don’t have time to lose. It incorporates an adjustable thermostat between 150 and 235ºC. It also includes the Turbo function to directly select the maximum temperature, visible through an LCD screen. It enjoys the key lock function to avoid unwanted temperature adjustment.

The swivel cable brings more mobility to the styling process. It should be noted that this iron is accompanied by a practical carrying bag that is characterized by its heat resistance.

This Remington model might well be this best hair straightener on the market of the moment. Its functional design, speed, and easy handling are some of its qualities.


Plates: The floating plates of this iron have a length of 11 cm and exert an optimal pressure on the hair.

Warm-up: This model heats up in just 10 seconds, making it ideal for users in a hurry.

Temperature: It allows you to select a temperature between 150 and 235ºC and also consists of a Turbo function to choose the maximum directly.

Bag: It is accompanied by a heat-resistant storage bag.


Screen: A user has commented that, shortly after using this iron, the LCD screen stopped working.

Look Coloor GPD 100

Zigzag hair straighteners are ideal to achieve a very current curly look, as is the case with this Look Color brand model. This product, in particular, consists of a digital display that allows you to keep control of the temperature at all times. The ON and OFF buttons are visible, respectively.

With professional quality and colorful purple design, this iron provides a large and defined curl with a few passes. By incorporating a 360º swivel cable, the handling is much easier. This also has a length of 2 meters and includes a ring to hang the iron.

Another interesting functionality of this model is that it has a safety shutdown. Its ceramic plates will be in charge of giving you the curl you are looking for and in a shorter time, thanks to its rapid heating. The maximum temperature is 220ºC.

A hair curling iron is exactly what you need to wear a mane just out of the hairdresser, but without leaving home.


Display: This model is equipped with a digital display that allows the temperature to be displayed at all times. The maximum temperature at which it works is 220ºC.

Cable: It has a practical cable 2 meters long so you can move freely. This is 360º swivel.

Plates: The plates of this best hair straightener on the market are ceramic and zigzag, so the result will be completely professional.


Resistance: A user has commented that, within a few years of using it, the resistance was burned, although it could be a punctual case.

Babyliss lPro SLIM ST387E

This model of the Babyliss brand provides a 100% professional smoothing from the first pass. It is an ionic plate equipped with extra-long plates (12 x 2.4 cm) with Diamond Ceramic coating for greater protection and shine of the hair. The ions are responsible for keeping static electricity at bay, leaving the hair much softer.

It is striking that its plates are Wet & Dry , which means that you will not have to wait to have dry hair to use this Babyliss hair straightener. What’s more, you can use it even with wet hair.

This model incorporates a digital display that allows temperature control. This is adjustable through six positions (between 140 and 235ºC). Another feature of interest is that it consists of an intense button to select the maximum temperature directly.

If you are wondering which is the best hair straighteners on the market, this Babyliss model could well be one of the options to consider.


Technology: This model enjoys ionic technology, in charge of offering instant heating and avoiding static electricity.

Settings: The iron has an adjustable temperature selector through six positions: between 140 and 235ºC.

Screen: It incorporates a digital screen to display the temperature at all times.

Wet & Dry: Unlike many models, this iron can be used even on wet hair.


Heating: A user has mentioned that the grip gets very hot, so care should be taken when handling the iron.


The best thing about this model is that it is suitable for both straightening and curling hair. It is, therefore, a 2 × 1 iron that adapts to all types of hair, thanks to its temperature selector. Thus, it allows choosing between a range that goes from 120ºC (for fine and fragile hair) to 230ºC (for thicker and wavy hair).

Considered the best hair straighteners on the market for its versatile character, it heats up very quickly since you just have to wait 15 seconds. This quality allows to significantly reduce the styling time. In addition, it has an auto power-off function after 60 minutes without using.

This hair straightener for waves, curls, and smooth hair include a 360º swivel cable 2.5 meters long to add more comfort to the styling session. With a length of 31 cm, this iron is compatible with double voltage, so you can use it anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for a curling iron, keep in mind the characteristics of this model.


Heating: This iron heats up in just 15 seconds, reducing styling time.

Cable: The cable is rotatable 360º, which translates into greater freedom of movement and comfort during the process.

Temperature selector: Allows you to choose between five temperature levels in order to adapt it to all hair types.


Display: This model does not have an LCD screen, an aspect you should know before choosing it.

Corioliss C3

The most outstanding quality of this black Corioliss hair straightener is that it is equipped with professional titanium technology. This allows a glide without hardly any effort while the heat is transmitted to the hair in a homogeneous way and by infrared. The silver particle nanotechnology of the plates eliminates 99.9% of the bacteria.

With a length of 30.5 cm, this iron is especially suitable not only for straightening hair but for more defined curls, ringlets and waves, roots with volume, straight bangs and all kinds of fashionable hairstyles.

It offers four temperature settings, to choose between 135ºC, 180ºC, 210ºC, and 235ºC. It incorporates a digital control with LED so you know at all times what the selected temperature is. It also has a security mode that turns off the iron after 30 minutes of inactivity. This product is accompanied by a sheath and thermal finger.

If you are one of those who use the irons almost daily, it is best to opt for an ergonomic and versatile model, suitable for all hairstyles.


Technology: This iron enjoys professional titanium technology, designed to avoid static electricity and eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Security: It incorporates an automatic shutdown function after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Settings: This model offers four temperature settings. You can choose between 135ºC, 180ºC, 210ºC, and 235ºC.


Warranty: A couple of users have ensured that the product came without the warranty, which could be due to a shipping error.

Philips EssentialCare HP8321 / 00

This model is a good example that cheaper hair straighteners can perfectly meet your needs. From the Philips brand, it has longer plates (10 cm) for smoother and more smooth smoothing. In just 60 seconds it is ready to use at a temperature of 210ºC, considered the best by professionals.

Another noteworthy detail is that it has a 1.8 meter cable that is swivel, so you won’t have to worry about getting tangled up. The plates have ceramic coating with tourmaline. By emitting negative ions, the hair is brighter, less frizzy and without static electricity.

Universal voltage makes this Philips hair straightener the perfect travel companion. To store it without risk, it includes a locking mechanism located at the base of the iron.

Sometimes, there are cheap hair straighteners that surprise us for good, as is the case with this model of the renowned Philips brand.



Coating: The plates of this iron have a ceramic coating with tourmaline. This is responsible for making the hair look brighter and less frizz.

Temperature: This iron reaches a temperature of 210ºC in just 60 seconds.

Closure: There is a safety lock located at the base of the iron that avoids any risk when stored.



Passes: According to one user, several passes are necessary for the smoothing to be perfect.

Jinri 810

With a length of 22 cm, this mini hair straightener is ideal to take with you on a trip. The plates are titanium and have a length of 7 cm. They have been designed to conduct the heat in a homogeneous way and make the least possible passes necessary to prevent the hair from suffering. Being floating plates and having rounded edges, you can roll strands on them to get a very stylish curly look.

It reaches a temperature of 210ºC in 30 seconds, so you won’t have to wait long to use this product. Since it enjoys double voltage, it is suitable for use in any country in the world.

It incorporates a digital LED display and stands out for being an ultralight model, weighing only 238 grams. The cable measures 1.8 meters so you don’t have to depend on being near a plug. For safe storage, it is equipped with a locking handle.

Size does matter, hence, if you do not have much space, you may want to bet on a small size hair straightener.


Measures: With a length of 22 cm and a weight of about 238 grams, this iron is great for traveling.

Plates: The plates are 7 cm long and are coated with titanium, an excellent heat conductor that also prevents frizz.

Temperature: In just 30 seconds, this model is able to reach a temperature of 210ºC to begin shaping the hair right away.


Noise: A user has commented that, when plugging the iron, he heard a strange noise, although it could be a case in point.

Rowenta CF4512

One of the most obvious aspects of this Rowenta hair curling iron is that it is equipped with 3D plates that result in a much more satisfactory result. It is a 3-in-1 model because it allows you to mold, straighten or curl your hair in just a few minutes. The 360º swivel cable makes handling easy.

Its two integrated combs make it possible for the smoothing to be very polished, while its huge diameter of 35 mm is designed to make the curls perfect. It is worth mentioning that it is a device that reduces frizz and static electricity, thanks to its innovative ion generator. The ceramic coating of this iron also makes the sliding smoother.

It offers two temperature settings (170 and 200ºC) so that the user can adapt it to their hair type. In just 45 seconds this iron is ready to use.

If you want to look perfect curls, try to select an easy-to-use hair straightener that will make your hair softer and silky.


Plates: The 3D plates incorporate two combs and have a diameter of 35 mm, hence it is an ideal iron for straightening, curling and shaping the hair.

Settings: It incorporates two temperature settings to suit each type of hair: 170 and 200ºC.

Cable: The 360º swivel cable allows the handling of the iron to be much easier.

Ions: The ion generator of this model prevents frizz and static electricity.


Wait: According to one user, hair shaping may require some patience until an optimal result is achieved.


With floating plates of 4.5 cm, this hair iron stands out for offering a large area for styling, which translates into a reduction of tangles and pulls. It is a titanium model that softens and adds greater shine to the hair.

It consists of an ergonomic handle with rounded edges and resistant character for better handling. It incorporates a temperature selector to choose in a range between 80 and 230ºC. The selected temperature is easily visible through the LCD screen that has this iron.

By having a double voltage and accompanied by a practical travel bag, it is a perfect model to take with you anywhere in the world. It has a 2.5-meter swivel cable and automatic shutdown after 90 minutes of inactivity for added security. You only need to wait 30 seconds for this best hair straighteners on the market to be hot enough to use.

If you are looking for travel hair irons to take with you on your vacation, bet on a compact and easy-to-handle model.


Handle: This iron features a sturdy ergonomic handle with rounded edges for easier handling.

Screen: It has an LCD screen to display the chosen temperature, to choose between 80 and 230ºC.

Bag: It is an ideal model to take on a trip and, in fact, is accompanied by a practical bag to store it.


Noises: A couple of users ensure that, after a few months of use, the iron began to emit somewhat strange noises.

How to choose the best hair straighteners on the market

The hair straightener has become a must in the beauty routine of many people. Whether for straightening, curling or shaping your hair, if you are looking for a model that fits your needs, we encourage you to take a look at this guide to buy the best hair straightener. Here are the aspects that you should consider before opting for one option or another.

Shopping guide

Plate size

A first factor to consider in this comparison of hair straighteners is the size of the plates. This detail should be assessed according to the user’s hair, that is, if it has more or less volume if it is curly, smooth, etc. The size of the plates of a hair straightener will decisively influence the time it will take to comb our hair.

First, we find models that enjoy normal plates. These are the most popular, as they are indicated for both straight and wavy hair. They are suitable for those users who have long hair.

In the second instance, there are hair straighteners with narrow plates. These are mostly aimed at the shorter man. They are very useful for bangs or to add some creative touch to the hair, although they are not entirely recommended to straighten or curl the entire hair because it would take a long time.

Finally, the plates with wide plates are perfect for those abundant and difficult to straighten hair. Thanks to the measurements of each plate (more than 5 cm wide), they reduce the combing time by allowing a larger lock to be caught.

Hair straightener material

Very important is to take into account the material in which the iron has been made. This aspect will not only be decisive when it comes to finding out how much hair straightener costs, but also from the point of view of your well-being. It is essential, then, to bet on materials that facilitate the sliding of the hair, that does not dry it out or curl it.

The most popular material in this kind of gadget is pottery. Its advantages include the ability to maintain a homogeneous and stable temperature and reduce friction and static electricity. Ceramics, in fact, is a material that allows the hair to slide smoothly through the plates.

It is very common to identify models of ceramic and tourmaline plates. The combination of both elements results in a more silky mane and less damaged by the action of heat.

A final possibility is to opt for a good and economical hair straightener that is made of titanium, an increasingly common material. Titanium has the advantage that it enjoys greater durability than ceramics and reaches the optimum temperature in less time. This means that it is possible to achieve the desired hairstyle in fewer passes.

Temperature settings

You will also have to look at the temperature selector of the model in question. There are irons that offer various settings so that you can select the temperature suitable for each type of hair. The maximum temperature at which the plates usually work is around 230ºC, although this may not be advisable for the finest or damaged hair. Hence, there are more and more models that admit choosing lower temperatures.

As for the time it takes for the iron to reach that temperature, it is normal that it does not exceed the minute. The newest models stand out for the speed in this regard, being able to reach the maximum temperature in less than 30 seconds.

Ionic technology

Ionic technology has been cast in the field of hair straighteners to stay. To understand this concept it is essential to indicate that most hair instruments have positive charges. Then, the presence of ionic technology means that negative ions are incorporated, which translates into optimal ion compensation and, therefore, greater adhesion and hair care.

An ionic iron stands out for allowing the results to be achieved in less time so that the hair suffers less. Also, ionic technology effectively combats static electricity caused by positive ions.

Additional characteristics

Finally, you might consider that the iron includes other additional features of interest. For example, it can be a great help to have an LCD screen where you can control the temperature at all times, a rotating cable for easier handling, which can be used both in dry and wet hair or that offers automatic shutdown, among other extras.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 What improvement includes a hair straightener with ionic function?

The ionic function of iron allows eliminating static electricity from the hair, which is produced by positive ions. These are present in most articles aimed at hair care. As ionic technology emits negative ions, it compensates for the charge and reduces the dreaded frizz of the hair. Also, the ionic function favors the adhesion of the iron itself in the hair, so the styling time is reduced considerably and, therefore, the hair suffers much less.

Q2 Which hair straightener is better: Babyliss or Remington?

Both Babyliss and Remington are leading brands in the field of hair straighteners. Rather than answering which one is better, we should know what the characteristics of the specific model are. It is also important that you know what your needs are and what requirements you need to meet them. For example, if your goal is to curl your hair, ceramic plates of the Remington brand are some of the most recommended. The reason is that they are equipped with rounded design plates, so it facilitates this function. However, if your idea is to use the iron even with wet hair, you should take a look at certain models of Babyliss.

Q3 Is it necessary to wear gloves with a hair straightener?

In general, hair irons are made of thermally insulating materials, which means that, even if they reach high temperatures, the user will not suffer any damage. It is possible to feel the contraption at some times hotter than usual, but normally it does not involve any risk. In the case of hair curling irons, there are those who prefer to wear gloves, since it is necessary to roll strand by strand on them and, therefore, the contact is greater. In the end, it will be the user himself who decides whether or not to wear gloves. 

Q4 Which hair straightener is better: ceramic or titanium?

Ceramic coated plates are known to distribute heat evenly and evenly on their plates. Because of their composition, they allow hair strands to slide smoothly through them, minimizing the risk of pulling or entangling. These plates are usually the most common and are suitable for all types of hair, from the finest to the curliest. For its part, titanium models also conduct heat with great effectiveness. Of course, they are much more resistant than the previous ones, being this a more robust material. As against, we could mention that they are not recommended for dyed or dry hair.

Q5 What is a hair straightener with interchangeable plates for?

Hair straighteners with interchangeable plates have been designed to adapt to each type of hairstyle. They are models that have different accessories, depending on the style that is intended to give the hair. Depending on whether you want to get a curly look, a smoother or wavy one, you will have to use a plate or another. The idea is to have all the possibilities of combing the same tool.

Q6 How can a man iron his short hair?

Contrary to what is usually thought, plates are also suitable instruments for short hair, as is the case with men. In this case, the process would be similar to that which would be followed when shaping a woman’s hair, although more care should be taken with possible burns. The idea is to take each strand and insert it between the plates, just as it would be done with female hair. As for the movements and turns of the iron, it will be necessary to decide if you want to curl your hair slightly or bet on a smooth mane. Men’s short hair is perfectly compatible with an iron.

Q7 How to iron synthetic hair?

Wigs or synthetic hair can be ironed in the same way as natural hair. Of course, remember that, depending on the material, you may not resist as much temperature as natural hair. This means that it is best not to put the iron at full power. The first thing is to place the wig on a dummy to make the process easier. Divide the mane into three parts and start with the lower strands. Detangle each strand with a comb and then carefully pass the iron. Continue with the side strands until you have ironed all the synthetic hair.

Q8 How to iron the hair without damaging it?

The continued use of the plates could cause irreparable damage to the hair, hence it is advisable to follow certain tips. In the first place and unless the model is special for wet hair, under no circumstances iron your hair if it is a little wet. Before using the iron, it would be convenient for you to apply some thermal protector so that the damage is much less. Of course, watch that the temperature is not too high and, very importantly, try not to spend the iron too many times on the same lock.

How to use a hair straightener

Hair straighteners fulfill an essential mission for many people. They are gadgets without which they cannot pass, since, thanks to them, they can wear the main they always dreamed of. Their great advantage is that they offer professional results without going to the hairdresser and in just a few minutes, whether they are smoothed, curly or wavy. If you feel like trying its benefits, we tell you how to use a hair straightener step by step.

Make sure your hair is completely dry

For the result to be satisfactory and, above all, not to mistreat your hair, it is very important that it is completely dry. To do this, you can use a dryer or let it air dry. In the market, there are models of irons that admit wet hair, but you should make sure that the one you are going to use is in this small group.

Apply thermal protector on your hair

Frequent use of the plates could damage your hair and make it more fragile, brittle and dull. If you want your hair not to lose the softness and texture that characterizes it, do not forget to apply the thermal protector before each session.

Detangle your hair

Apart from starting the ironing process with 100% dry hair, it is essential that it be untangled. Then, the next thing is to take your usual comb or brush and begin to untangle the hair carefully and at your own pace, so as to avoid splitting. The idea is that, when you pass the iron, there is not a single knot in your mane. 

Plug in the iron and select the temperature

The newest models on the market have significantly reduced the waiting time. Thus, the usual thing is that once plugged in, they heat up in a few seconds. To start, plug the iron into the current and wait until it has reached the desired temperature. You will have to assess how your hair is in order to select the temperature. Thinner and brittle hair will need temperatures below those of curly hair, for example. It is best, in any case, to consult the instruction manual.

Divide the hair into zones

To facilitate the ironing process, you can divide your hair by zones and pick it up with tweezers. Let lose the tufts of the lower part of the head, since it is for them that you will begin.

Slide the iron through the hair

Catch each strand with the plates of the iron and slide gently from the root to the tips. Never make many passes through the same strand to reduce damage to the hair. Repeat this process strand by strand all the hair until you achieve the desired straightening. If you want a curly or wavy look, you should roll each strand on the plates.

Apply an anti-frizz product

When your best hair straighteners on the market are to your liking, you can apply some anti-frizz product to keep it in optimal conditions for longer. Spray all the hair to make sure that the product reaches every corner.

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