Menstrual Cup For Beginners

Best Menstrual Cup For Beginners Of 2020

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Menstrual cups have been a real revolution in the treatment of menstruation. These best menstrual cups for beginners rise as effective alternatives to compresses and tampons, gradually capturing more followers. If you are interested in purchasing one of these products, check out the Enna Cycle L model of Laboratorios Serra Pamies SL, which includes a set of two size L menstrual cups equipped with a special grip for easy removal. The Athena AthCupParent model is a cup made of high quality silicone. It is safe and fits the shape of each vagina. It can take up to 12 hours without problem. 

Comparison table of Best Menstrual Cup For Beginners Of 2020

Athena Menstrual Cup - The most recommended menstrual cup - Includes a gift bag - Size 2, Plain blue - Absence of losses guaranteed!

  • This cup is available in a good number of colors and two sizes to suit the flow of each user. It is made of the best materials and is totally safe. It has a useful life of about 15 years, so the savings are considerable.
  • One user encountered difficulties during the insertion of the menstrual cup, although it is a matter of practice. This can happen to the most inexperienced.
  • A product of very good quality and praised by numerous users. Its effectiveness is well proven and also has the support of international organizations such as the FDA.

ENNA CYCLE Menstrual Cup Size L 2 Cups + Sterilizer

  • This set includes two L-size menstrual cups with the capacity to hold up to 12 hours of fluid. As it has a thread, in the same way as a buffer, the extraction is much easier.
  • There are users who claim to have experienced some kind of complication during insertion.
  • An ideal model for those women who have a more abundant period, because with this they will feel safe for longer. Being made of biodegradable silicone, your health will not be compromised. Bring a box so you can take the cup anywhere.

ENNA CYCLE Menstrual Cup Size M 2 Cups + Applicator + Sterilizer

  • The best thing about this set is that it has an applicator, so that the insertion is easier. In addition, each cup is equipped with a thread of about 2 cm that allows an effortless extraction.
  • If the appropriate size is not chosen, the user may feel discomfort when wearing the cup. Also, you could suffer liquid losses.
  • Although you have to get used to its use, betting on this model of menstrual cup translates into greater savings and comfort. Due to its characteristics, it is a product designed for beginners. After trying it, they won’t want anything else.

The Best Menstrual Cup For Beginners Reviews Of 2020

If you are tired of always using the same methods during menstruation, it may be time to try something different. Here, we talk about some of the best menstrual cups of 2020. Read carefully its characteristics and choose the most appropriate model for your needs.

Enna Cycle L

This set of two menstrual cups size L is presented with the seal of the Laboratories Serra Pamies SL Each unit is made of biodegradable silicone and free of substances harmful to the body. It is a totally safe and safe product for women.

A detail that makes these special items is that they incorporate a silicone grip in the form of a thread, such as a tampon. In this way, the extraction of the Enna menstrual cup will be facilitated. This thread protrudes from the vagina about 2 cm.

Considered by many users the Best Menstrual Cup For Beginners Of 2019, it can retain up to 12 hours of liquid and is accompanied by a practical sterilizing box. This is ideal both for storing each unit and for sterilization in the microwave after each menstrual cycle.

Betting on the best brand of menstrual cups you will have the guarantee that you are in the best hands. You don’t play with an intimate hygiene product.


Size: This set includes two menstrual cups size L, ideal for those women with more menstrual flow. It has the capacity to retain liquid for up to 12 hours.

Material: Each cup is made of biodegradable silicone, absolutely safe material for the body and free of chemical substances.

Thread: Includes a 2 cm thread reminiscent of a tampon. In this way, the extraction of the cup is favored.


Insertion: Being a size L, it is possible that less experienced users may find some difficulty during insertion.

Athena AthCupParent

This model is available in endless colors (blue, black, red, pink, green …) and in two sizes. Size 1 is recommended for women with light to normal flow and size 2 for those who have abundant flow.

This intimate menstrual cup is made of high-quality silicone and is endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is designed to pick up the flow naturally, without irritating or causing any discomfort. It is very soft and easy to insert and remove thanks to its ergonomic edge. It can take at least 12 hours.

According to the manufacturer, this model has a shelf life of about 15 years, so you will not have to worry about the price of this menstrual cup. Surely, it is profitable, since it allows savings of between 80 and 120 euros per year.

The Best Menstrual Cup For Beginners Of 2019 for beginners of the moment is one that does not irritate the skin and that you can carry safely and conveniently.


Size: This cup is available in two sizes. Size 1 is indicated for those women with the regular flow, while size 2 is aimed at those who have abundant flow.

Savings: With an average duration of 15 years, this model allows you to save on tampons and compresses from 80 to 120 euros per year.

Warranty: It is made of high-quality medical silicone and also has the guarantee of the Food and Drug Agency.


Leaks: A user claims to have experienced a leak. However, it could be due to bad placement.

Enna Cycle M 90337

With the seal of Laboratorios Serra Pamies SL, this set of 2 units is presented as the Best Menstrual Cup For Beginners Of 2019 for beginners, especially since it is accompanied by a practical applicator. Specifically, it incorporates a silicone thread (such as the cup) that facilitates the extraction of the cup. This detail reminds of conventional buffers.

The thread leaves the vagina about 2 cm, so no user will experience any difficulty in removing the cup. Each unit is made of biodegradable silicone free of chemical substances and absolutely suitable for the human body.

Pink, this menstrual cup with the applicator is also accompanied by a useful sterilizer so that it is always in optimal condition. This model is available in size S, M and L. The choice will depend on whether the menstruation is not abundant, normal or very abundant.

In case you do not know which menstrual cup to buy, but you are looking for simple insertion and extraction, this model interests you.


Applicator: This menstrual cup is accompanied by an applicator, a very useful instrument for the most beginner users.

Sterilizer: The batch also includes a sterilizer for optimal maintenance of menstrual cups after each cycle.

Thread: Each unit incorporates a silicone thread that protrudes 2 cm from the vagina that facilitates the removal of the cup.


Size: The manufacturer strongly recommends examining the characteristics of each size. Choosing an incorrect one could cause discomfort and losses.

MeLuna C-7502-0010

This Meluna menstrual cup is a great find for those users who are thinking of joining this type of product. Available in several models, colors and sizes, it offers totally safe protection of up to 12 hours both day and night. It is also a model compatible with any lifestyle, it is even suitable for most athletes.

It is made in Germany without chemicals or other toxic substances or latex. Of course, it does not include harmful components such as bisphenol. The cup has been made with plant materials safe for health.

In addition to the Classic model, such as this product, which is intended for most women, users can choose between the Soft model, indicated for those who suffer from excessive sensitivity and are prone to allergies and irritations; the Sport model, for the most athletes; or the Shorty model, the shortest version.

In the market, there are cheap menstrual cups like this model that are synonymous with quality, guarantee and, above all, trust.


Style: The Classic model has specific features that make it advisable for most women.

Protection: This cup provides protection for up to 12 hours both day and night and in all kinds of situations.

Materials: It is made of vegan materials free of chemicals and harmful substances. The product is endorsed by various international organizations.


Capacity: It is important to select the cup according to the expected capacity of it to avoid fluid loss.

Intimina Lily Cup One

Beginners will find in this model the Best Menstrual Cup For Beginners Of 2019. Being smaller, it is ideal for those teenagers and young people who want to start in these products. It has a double edge specially designed to prevent unforeseen leaks, but the best is its hoop-shaped stem, a detail that facilitates its extraction ostensibly.

Although the Intimina menstrual cup has a smaller size compared to conventional models, the reality is that it offers a large capacity (up to 12 hours). As it is reusable, it can last up to 10 years, which translates into greater savings, because at that time you will not have to buy tampons or compresses. For maintenance, it is enough to wash the cup well after each use.

Made of Ziggy medical silicone and free of bisphenol A and phthalates, it is hypoallergenic, does not irritate and is endorsed by the FDA.

Are you wondering what is the Best Menstrual Cup For Beginners Of 2019 for beginner women? Choose one that is easy to put on and take off, like this model.


Size: This menstrual cup has a smaller size for easy insertion, making it ideal for beginners.

Capacity: Despite its size, it surprises with its great capacity, being able to collect up to 12 hours of liquid.

Edge: It has a double edge specially designed to avoid uncomfortable leaks.

Hoop: At its base, it has a very practical hoop in order to facilitate extraction.


Thickness: One user argues that she expected a much thinner material for better insertion.


 This ecological menstrual cup has been made of medical-grade silicone, absolutely safe material for both your body and the environment. It draws attention for its simple design and stems with protrusions so that removing the cup is as simple as possible.

Being a reusable product, it represents a considerable saving and, in addition, is respectful of the planet. It is available in two sizes. Size A is indicated for women under 30 who have not been mothers. For its part, size B is aimed at those women over 30 years of age and who have been mothers.

The cup is presented in a packaging made with materials manufactured together with an instruction manual and a small cotton bag for storage.

If you are evaluating the possibility of starting in the menstrual cups, you will have to take into account the size and how is the handling of the model in question.


Ecological: This is a glass made of medical-grade silicone, totally safe for health and also respectful of the environment.

Sizes: It is available in two sizes. Size A is indicated for women under 30 who have not been mothers, while size B is aimed at those who have given birth.

Bag: It is accompanied by a practical cotton bag so you can keep the cup when you do not use it.


Packaging: A user found defects in the product’s packaging, although it could be a case in point.

Iriscup Rosa

The best thing about this pink Iriscup menstrual cup is that it is suitable for all types of women because it is made of quality material such as platinum silicone. This is totally safe for the body and chemically inert.

Considered the best price-quality menstrual cup, it is available in two sizes. Size S is indicated for women under 25 who are not mothers, while size L is aimed at those over this age and who have given birth.

By design, it has two application methods. In this way, it will be the user herself who chooses which one is most convenient for her. This cup is compatible with other contraceptives such as the IUD or the ring, is hypoallergenic, does not irritate and is not cytotoxic. It is certified with ISO 10993 Biocompatibility.

Whatever your situation, there is a menstrual cup specially indicated for you. Rate the specifications of this model and select the most appropriate size.


Biocompatible: This product is made of platinum silicone, a biocompatible material that does not irritate or produce allergies.

Sizes: It is available in two sizes. Size S is for women under 25 who have not given birth and size L is for those who are mothers.

Application: This model offers two modes of application with the aim of the user deciding which one is most effective for her.


Extraction: A user claims to have encountered some difficulty in removing this menstrual cup. However, this could be normal for the first few times.

Intimina Lily Cup Compact

Women who have given birth or have somewhat weak pelvic floor will not find a better option than this Lily Cup menstrual cup of size B. This model has been specifically designed to collect the menstrual flow with total safety.

It is made of medical-grade silicone, a resistant material, but at the same time very soft, ideal for this type of product. It is a cup that adapts to all lifestyles, so you can always take it with you. Thus, menstruation will never catch you by surprise.

Pink, it has a design with folds for better absorption. When you don’t use it, just fold this article so it doesn’t take up any space. In its base, it incorporates a small stick so that you do not find any difficulty when removing the cup.

If you have been a mom, you should take this fact into account when choosing a menstrual cup. Opt for a model like this so you always feel safe.


Size: This model is size B, indicated for those women who have already been mothers or who have weakened the pelvic floor.

Material: It is made of medical-grade silicone. It is a completely harmless material for the body.

Folding: When you do not use the cup, you can fold it to occupy the minimum space.


Size: It is a cup of a certain size perhaps not suitable for beginners. It is possible that, until getting used, it costs a little to place it.

Transparent Cup

This foldable menstrual cup is one size, which means that, in principle, it is suitable for all types of women.  It is a transparent and simple design model. One of the qualities that users value most is that it folds easily, so just insert it in the accompanying sterilizer (also serves as a transport box) to always carry it with you.

It has been manufactured in top quality medical silicone. It is a product, in fact, free of fragrances, chemicals, and dyes. It is absolutely respectful of the vaginal environment.

It incorporates a short stem, but that facilitates the grip. As it adapts very well to the intimacy of women, it is possible to make a normal life with the cup on. It has a capacity of 25 ml, so it can be used up to 12 hours without emptying it, depending on the flow of each woman. The shelf life of this product is around 10 years.

Identifying the cheapest and, at the same time, safe and effective menstrual cups is not an impossible mission. This model is a good example.


Folding: This is a foldable menstrual cup, a feature that significantly facilitates storage when not in use.

Sterilizer: It is accompanied by a pink sterilizer also foldable. This also acts as a transport box.

One size: It is a transparent and unique size menstrual cup. It incorporates a short stem for easier removal. It has a capacity of 25 ml.


Placement: A user warns that, if the menstrual cup is not well placed, it could fold inside the vagina and not perform its function properly.

Sileu Cup Tulip

In a flirtatious purple color, this Sileu menstrual cup stands out for its 5 degrees of flexibility and ability to adapt perfectly to the vaginal walls. This translates into a lower risk of leaks. In addition to the Tulip model, the brand markets others such as the Soft model (flexibility grade 8) or the Sport (flexibility 1). The higher the value, the more flexible.

All of them are available in two sizes: S (for women under 25 without children) and L (for women over 25 with children). Whatever the size, it is a product that assures you 12 hours of total protection. It has a lifespan of about 10 years.

As for the manufacturing materials, the cup is made of 100% hypoallergenic and biocompatible surgical silicone. It does not contain bleach. It is accompanied by a practical bag.

It is important to make sure that the menstrual cup in question does not irritate or produce allergies. Ideally, it is certified.


Flexibility: This model has a degree 5 flexibility on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most flexible level. It translates into standard flexibility.

Size: The cup is available in size S (indicated for women under 25 without children) and L (for women over 25 who have given birth).

Hypoallergenic: Being made of medical-grade silicone, it is a hypoallergenic cup that does not irritate or harm the body.


Rigidity: The degree of flexibility of this model must be taken into account, as there are users who might consider it somewhat rigid.

Accessories for the Best Menstrual Cup For Beginners Of 2020

Sterilizer for the menstrual cup

Sileu ESTBL1

If the menstrual cup does not include it, it would be optimal if you bet on a sterilizer. This model is blue and is designed to sterilize the cup in just 3 minutes in the microwave. It stands out for its compact and foldable design, which will allow you to store it comfortably in any space.

This sterilizer for the menstrual cup is made of medical-grade silicone. It does not contain any toxic components for health.

Being reusable, not only your pocket will thank you, but also the environment. It is accompanied by a lid to store the cup when you do not use it.

How to choose the Best Menstrual Cup For Beginners Of 2020?

Menstrual cups are increasingly popular in feminine hygiene products. Given the diversity of brands, sizes, and models, it is convenient to take into account certain aspects to select the appropriate model. We encourage you to consult the following guide to buy the Best Menstrual Cup For Beginners Of 2019 for beginners. All you have to do is consider the following aspects.

Shopping guide

Menstrual cup size

 The size of the menstrual cup is related to its capacity. As in the case of tampons and compresses, the choice of the menstrual cup will be determined by the amount of flow. This would mean that the greater the menstrual flow, the larger the model would have to be chosen.

But it is not the only detail linked to the size of the menstrual cup. This quality is also linked to aspects such as whether the user has had a vaginal birth. Hence, many brands distinguish between sizes depending on whether the user is over 25 or 30 years old and has had a vaginal birth or not.

Generally, brands classify their products into three sizes: A, B or C. These are equivalent to S, M or L respectively, much more common. Beginners, meanwhile, should bet on the smallest menstrual cups to get used to them. It is possible that both its insertion and extraction, during the first moments, entail some kind of difficulty.

The shape of the menstrual cup

Menstrual cups have this denomination for something: for its cup shape. However, in the market, it is possible to identify various designs: some more oval, others wider, etc.

A first possibility would be the bell-shaped menstrual cups. These, in general terms, enjoy a greater capacity, having the rounded base. Of course, perhaps its insertion is somewhat complicated at first.

It is also worth mentioning in this comparison of menstrual cups those models with a conical shape. These are more appropriate for those women of short stature or for those who have a vaginal cavity of short length.

At this point, we should refer to those menstrual cups whose shape and design allow folding. This feature is especially interesting to be able to store without taking up much space when they are not being used. Wondering how much a menstrual cup cost is important, but it is also important if it is a model whose design fits perfectly with what you are looking for.

The flexibility of the menstrual cup

Flexibility is a decisive factor when selecting the Best Menstrual Cup For Beginners Of 2019 for beginners. Most brands offer models not only of different sizes but also of different firmnesses. It is an aspect linked to the vaginal strengthening of women and their lifestyles.

For example, the most rigid models are aimed at women with the most strengthened pelvic floor. Also to those who practice sports or have a more dynamic lifestyle. These types of cups will provide them with greater protection.

For their part, more flexible models require less effort when introducing them, as they are softer. In this case, they would be indicated for those women with a weaker pelvic floor or for those who have had several births.

Whether it is a Naturcup menstrual cup or any other brand recognized in the market, it is most likely to offer products of different strengths.

Menstrual Cup Puller

Finally, another highlight that could be decisive in choosing a menstrual cup is the model’s shooter. The manufacturers of these products have been inspired by other feminine hygiene items such as tampons to make cups increasingly easy to use.

It is clear that a good and economical menstrual cup is what any user would like, but it is also essential that its manipulation be simple. There are models that incorporate a stick in the base so that the user will only have to pull it to remove the cap from the inside. Moreover, inspired by tampons, certain models enjoy a handle that protrudes from the vagina a few centimeters for optimal access.

Other menstrual cups have a small ball that does the same function, while there are others that incorporate a ring-shaped handle. The mission of each of these elements is to facilitate the extraction of the menstrual cup, especially to those users who are starting to use this type of feminine products.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 How to sterilize a menstrual cup in the microwave?

Ideally, sterilize the menstrual cup with a sterilizer indicated for this purpose. In this case, it is enough to fill it with water with the menstrual cup inside and microwave it for 2 or 3 minutes. This time will be enough for the water to start to boil and, therefore, the cup is properly sterilized. If the sterilizer incorporates a lid, remember to remove it before putting it in the microwave.

Q2 When to change the menstrual cup?

The shelf life of a menstrual cup is extremely long, which translates into a product that offers huge economic savings. Depending on the model, it could last between 10 or 15 years before having to be replaced by another. However, it may deteriorate earlier if maintenance is not appropriate. In the event that you notice any fissure in the cup or that the texture of it has become sticky, perhaps it is time to change it for another.

Q3 Where to store the menstrual cup?

There are menstrual cups that are accompanied by a sterilizer, an item that also serves as a storage function. If you have a sterilizer, you can store the cup there when you’re not using it. Another option is to store it in a clean cloth bag or, in general, in any space that enjoys good hygiene. Remember that it is an article that during menstruation is inserted inside the vagina, so it must be unpolluted.

Q4 Does the menstrual cup for the pool serve?

The menstrual cup is an intimate hygiene item indicated for all types of situations. No matter how active the user’s life is, there will always be a model specially designed for her. Of course, the cup allows you to enjoy the pool or any aquatic environment as if you were not having menstruation. The protection and security it offers during bath time will make the user forget about her period.

Q5 Which is better: the menstrual cup or the tampon?

Menstrual cups work differently than tampons, even though they are both methods for the period. While the former pick up the flow, the latter absorb it. The cups are, therefore, mere gatherers, hence they are aimed at all types of women. Being manufactured in harmless materials, such as medical-grade silicone, they do not represent any harm to the body. In addition, they offer considerable savings at the expense of tampons. Buffers, as you know, are to use and throw away. However, the menstrual cup has a shelf life of several years.

Q6 Who can use the menstrual cup?

The menstrual cup is indicated for women of all ages. Its use would cover, then, from teenage girls who just had their first period to those women at the gates of menopause. Of course, it is convenient to take into account the age of the user and if she has had a vaginal birth or not. These two factors are what will determine the size and firmness of the optimal cup for each user.

Q7 How to know if the menstrual cup is well placed?

A well placed menstrual cup does not bother at all. This means that you can make any movement and you will not notice that you are wearing it, so much that you will forget about it. Of course, you will not suffer flow losses either. However, if you have noticed that you are having losses, this is a sign that it has not been placed correctly. It is likely that it may not have opened completely inside the vagina. You can slide your finger to finish placing it or take it out and put it on again.

Q8 What happens if the menstrual cup is full?

A full menstrual cup could overflow and thus lead to uncomfortable losses. Most models are usually suitable for 8 to 12 hours in total safety. Of course, it will depend on the capacity of each cup and the amount of flow expelled. Hence, it is also recommended to empty it less frequently during the first few times to gradually know the frequency itself. The idea is that the menstrual cup does not get completely filled so that the flow does not go out, but it is taken full advantage. If you notice, for example, that at the beginning 5 hours are not enough for it to fill, take the cup for longer.

How to use a menstrual cup

The menstrual cup is an excellent alternative to compresses and tampons. Its use only requires a little practice, although at the beginning it can be a bit complicated. If this is your first time, the idea is that you opt for smaller and more flexible sizes for better insertion. Next, we tell you how to use a menstrual cup in simple steps so you don’t have any difficulties.

Consult the instruction manual

All menstrual cups are accompanied by an instruction manual. In this, you will be able to observe the best techniques so that the placement is ideal. Spend a few minutes of your time reading the instructions and inspecting the cup, checking its flexibility and texture.

Relax and find the ideal posture

The first few times, it is important that you are relaxed so that the insertion of the menstrual cup does not involve more than a few seconds. Each person has a specific ideal posture to put the cup in the simplest way. Until you find yours, try squatting so that the vagina offers the optimal opening.

Wash your hands

Before handling the menstrual cup, it is advisable to wash your hands. Do not forget that it is a product that must always be in conditions of maximum hygiene. Wash your hands well with soap.

Fold the menstrual cup

To enter, the menstrual cup must bend. Depending on the model, one way of folding or another may be advised. One of the most popular formulas is type ‘C’, so that the widest part of the cup is the first thing that enters the vagina. Also very widespread is the Punch-Down fold. With practice, you will identify the most appropriate formula for you.

Push the cup into the vagina

With the cup folded, it’s time to put it in the vagina. Push slightly into it, taking into account how your vaginal cavity is (if it is, for example, slightly curved, you should make the route doing this shape). When the cup is in place, it will open naturally.

Make sure the cup is placed correctly

The base of the cup should not have any crease if it is placed correctly. To make sure, it is enough that you slide a finger inwards and feel the cup. You can move it slightly if you notice that it has not opened at all or should be turned. All this information will be told by your own body. If you feel comfortable with it, you have placed it properly. 

Wait between 8 and 12 hours to empty it

After a reasonable time (between 8 and 12 hours), it is time to remove the menstrual cup. Hold the handle to remove it, making sure that the cup is vertical. Once outside, empty the contents into the toilet.

Wash the cup

Once emptied, rinse the menstrual cup thoroughly with a little antibacterial soap. When it is clean, you can reinsert it into the vagina.

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