The Best Professional Gel Nail Polish of 2020

In the same way that people look at your face, they also do it with your hands; so they could be the reflection of the care you give your body. Therefore, keeping them moist, soft, with clean, filthy and well-painted nails says a lot in your favor by best professional gel nail polish.

In this sense, enamels are the great allies in the care and beauty of your nails and today we present two excellent options. Starting with LoveCrazy LCSeries , a set of 6 pieces and a variety of beautiful permanent colors and Elite99 7 pieces , a high quality kit with gel enamels and long duration. 

Comparison table of 3 Best Professional Gel Nail Polishes

LOVECRAZY® Series Permanent / Semi-Permanent Gel Nail Polish for Manicure and Pedicure, 4 Colored Enamels, Top Coat and UV LED Base Coat (12,13,32,98)

  • What users appreciate most about this nail polish is the high quality and durability it provides. Thanks to this, the nails remain flawless for up to 20 days. In addition, you can choose between 8 kits of different shades.
  • According to comments from some demanding people, the thick texture of this enamel has not facilitated its application. However, for others it has been a successful purchase.
  • It is one of the best enamels and therefore enjoys high score on the net; So many people value their benefits.

Elite99 Semi-Permanent Nail Polish UV LED Nail Gel Manicure Kit 7pcs with Base Coat Glitter Top Coat and Matte Top Nail Polish Coat Soak off - Kit 001

  • The highlight of this product is that it offers a set of 7 pieces, so you have on hand what is necessary for a perfect manicure. You will receive 4 semi-permanent enamels, a coat base and two coat tops for different finishes.
  • According to the reviews left on the web, it is an enamel that takes longer to dry than expected. However, this could depend on the power of the LED / UV lamp.
  • It is a manicure set that enjoys excellent value for money, so many users recommend it as a successful purchase option.

OPI Nail Polish (Big Apple Red) - 15 ml.

  • This nail polish stands out among other similar products, for offering a format of up to 15 ml. Likewise, it is a high quality product that offers up to 20 collections of diverse tones and with professional finishes.
  • It is the most expensive product in our comparison chart. However, it is high-end enamel and has the support and guarantee of a recognized brand.
  • It is an enamel that enjoys the acceptance of many buyers worldwide, who recognize its high quality and value the prestige of the manufacturer.

Opinions about the best professional gel nail polish

Below, we present a selection with some of the best enamels on the market. Here you can meet different brands, colors, textures, finishes and prices; so that you find the product that best suits your preferences and your budget.

Permanent enamels

LoveCrazy LCSeries

Neat and attractive nails are your best cover letter, so having a polish that gives you beautiful colors and long duration is an excellent option. LoveCrazy presents a practical and versatile set of gel polishes, so you keep your manicure flawless for longer. Given the high quality of its products and for offering great diversity of shades, many consider it among the best nail polishes of 2019.

It is a set of 6 pieces that includes 4 permanent enamels, with great pigmentation for optimal coverage; You will also receive a base coat and a top coat. Also, for drying you will need a UV or LED lamp and you can choose the combination you like most among 8 sets of colors available. In addition, it is a recommended product both professionally and domestically, so you can use it at home without any inconvenience.

Because it is a product that offers you manicure and pedicure with professional finishes, many believe that it is the best nail polish of the moment. Know your pros and cons.



Pack: Your presentation is given in a pack of 6 boats, 4 colors, a base and a top coat.

Duration: Since it is a permanent and semi-permanent enamel, your nails will remain painted for up to 20 days.

Drying: Thanks to the use of LED or UV lamps, drying is quick and the manicure is maintained for longer.


Selection of colors: Since the colors come in a preset pack, it is not possible to choose different shades within the same combination.

Semi-permanent enamels

Elite99 7 pieces

Few cheap enamels available in the market, have the quality that this product gives you. It is a manicure kit with an affordable cost, which also offers you 7 pieces: 4 semi-permanent enamels, a base coat, a shiny top coat and a matte top coat; so that you choose the finish of your preference. It is a set that has colors rich in pigments, so it offers a professional and long-lasting manicure. For all this, many users think that it is the best price-quality nail polish of the moment.

They are enamels that you can use either at home or at a professional level and their duration reaches up to 20 days of impeccable manicure and without touch-ups. It also provides great coverage and you can easily remove it with a remover. In addition, you have to choose the combination of tones that you like, among four available color cards.

Being a high quality set and being one of the cheapest of the moment, this manicure kit could be what you are looking for. Keep reading its pros and cons.



Kit: You will receive a manicure kit containing 4 colored enamels, 2 top coat with different finish and a base coat for your nails.

Presentation: It comes in glass bottles containing 7.3 ml; except for the matte top coat that provides up to 10 ml.

Texture: Since they are semi-permanent enamels, they offer long-lasting gel texture.


Thick consistency: Some demanding users comment that due to the thickness of the enamel, it is difficult to extend it on the nail.

OPI enamels

OPI Big Apple Red

The best nail polish is one that has a wide variety of colors to choose from and that at the same time, offers you the support of a prestigious brand; Such is the case of Opi enamels. Opi stands out for offering more than 20 collections of nail polishes: traditional, translucent, metallic, shiny and more; with shades for all tastes. For this, you can always find the color of your choice.

This particular tone, the Big apple red of the traditional enamels collection, offers you an attractive red color that combines with any type of skin and that favors its use on all occasions. It has a professional formula that provides silky finishes, a unique shine and does not require the use of lamps for drying. In addition, both its color and brightness, according to satisfied users, remain in optimal condition for up to a week.

Opi is a successful and prestigious firm in the world of beauty, which is why many consider it the best brand of nail polishes. We present below the pros and cons of this product.



Collections: You have up to 20 color collections to choose the tone of your preference.

Canister: The enamel is presented in a canister that offers you 15 ml of high quality color.

Awards: In 2015 it was selected as the best beauty brand.


Durability: As it is classic enamel that does not dry with a UV lamp, its durability does not correspond to that of permanent enamels.

GelLack Enamels

Depend GelLack French White

GelLack is a brand that offers professional permanent enamels to use in the comfort of your home. It is a recommended alternative to keep your nails always fixed, especially if you do not have the time to do your manicure every week. Therefore, today we present one of its high-end products, which offers beauty for your nails for longer.

It is an ideal enamel for people who prefer the elegance and simplicity offered by French manicure; since it is a white nail polish with a high concentration of pigments. Therefore, it is an easy to apply enamel and provides full coverage to the nail.

Its gel texture allows for drying the use of a UV or LED lamp; which brings greater durability to the manicure, so you will have your nails always arranged and attractive.

If you are one of the people who prefer to wear their nails decorated with a French manicure, Gellack enamels could be an excellent alternative to give a touch of elegance to your hands. 



Type: This is professional permanent enamel, which gives you durability and resistance for a long time.

Color: In addition to the white color, you can also choose any other shade of your preference.

Uses: You can use it not only for French manicure, but also for all types of decoration or to paint the entire nail; according to your tastes


Size: According to some users’ reviews, a boat with a larger capacity is missing.

Essie Enamels

Essie 006 Ballet slippers

If you are looking for the best professional gel nail polish, Essie enamels are an excellent choice. Essie is an American brand that offers you nail polishes in a wide range of colors and with professional quality; There are more than 250 shades for you to choose the enamel of your preference, which combines with your outfit and that best goes with the tone of your skin.

It is an enamel that presents you with vibrant colors and great beauty; and thanks to its nutritional formula, it is a product that hardens, strengthens and provides resistance to the nails against a mechanical break.

It is also acetone free and has a gel texture. On the other hand, it is easy to apply because it integrates a brush with a flat design, which favors manicure or pedicure. In addition, its duration offers you nails arranged for up to 7 days.

If you have not decided which nail polish to buy, this proposal could be an alternative to carry your flawless nails at all times. To learn more about this product, keep reading below.



Easy to remove: Since it is a traditional enamel, you can easily remove it with a remover.

Formula: It is an enamel that offers a formula that nourishes and hardens the nails, which prevents accidental breakage.

Brush: Its cover integrates a special brush with flat design, which facilitates the application of color.


Duration: Although it could be an isolated case, one person has commented that the enamel has not provided the expected duration.

Masglo enamels

Masglo Blood bull

Masglo enamels were born 25 years ago in Colombia and today this brand is present in more than 16 countries in the world. With a wide and diverse collection of colors that reaches 150 shades, Masglo offers high quality glazes, rich in nuances, a competitive cost and in a 13.5 ml glass canister. Likewise, in addition to its wide range of tones, it also offers bases and blotters.

Today we present you with a seductive and attractive enamel, the Sangre de toro, a color from the range of reds that never goes out of style and is ideal for any occasion; So it is the favorite of many people, both in Spain and Latin America. It is a nail polish that gives you a manicure full of color and shine for more than a week, for which the manufacturer advises the use of base and shine.

Your nails deserve the best manicure and without having to spend a fortune; So we offer you more information about this product. Continue reading its pros and cons.



Type: It is a traditional enamel that offers a comfortable application and fast drying. In addition, you can remove it with remover easily.

Formula: Masglo enamels contain a formula rich in pigments, which provides excellent coverage on the first pass.

Presentation: Its presentation is given in a 13.5 ml bottle and each enamel has its own, unique and distinctive brand name.


Resolution: Depending on the resolution you have on your monitor, the color of the enamel may vary slightly.

CND enamels

CND Shellac Rouge Rite

To achieve a manicure at home with professional finishes, you need to have good quality enamels. Just like CND enamels, a recognized brand in the field of nail beauty; Since not only does it help you save time and money in a beauty center, but it also offers you an impeccable color for up to two weeks.

It is a semi-permanent enamel, which you can apply on your nails easily and for drying, you can use an LED or UV lamp. The manufacturer advises for best results, use a base coat, then a color coat and to finish a top coat coat; letting each one dry with a lamp.

Likewise, it is a product that unlike other semi-permanent enamels, you can remove without scratching or sanding, gently using a remover and without causing any damage to the nail.

When it comes to looking for perfect nails and flawless manicure for 14 days, this could be the most suitable polish. We present a summary of its pros and cons.



Ease of use: It is a product that is easy to apply as an enamel and offers the benefits of a gel. In addition, it is removed without damaging and without weakening the nail.

Options: You can choose from a wide variety of colors, tones and finishes (pearl, matte and gloss).

Duration: Your nails will remain painted as the first day for two weeks.


Allergy: As reported on the network, the components of this enamel could cause allergy in people susceptible to its components.

Kiko enamels

Kiko Pearly Mexican Rosa

If you are one of the people who prefer cosmetic products free of animal cruelty, Kiko enamels could be what you are looking for. Kiko Milano is an Italian brand of great prestige, which offers enamels with a high quality formula, in which animals are not used to test the respective toxicity tests.

Likewise, its enamels with colors of great beauty guarantee you perfect nails at all times and its wide collection of shades, allows you to choose the color of your preference. In the same way, you can also select the finish that you like most among the pearl, fluorine, clear, metallic and more.

It is an enamel that you can use both professionally and at home; In addition, it is recommended for both manicure and pedicure. On the other hand, its presentation offers you an elegant boat with a lid that gives you a comfortable grip.

Kiko Milano is a beauty brand that offers innovative products that adapt to the new times. Learn a little more about one of his best nail polishes.



Color : The Mexican Rosa is one of the most attractive colors available in the extensive color chart offered by this brand.

Compatibility : It is a color that adapts perfectly to any skin tone and can be used at any time of the year.

Drying: It is an enamel that offers quick drying and without having to use UV lamps.


Cost: This is one of the most expensive enamels of the moment. However, its high quality deserves the investment

Orly Enamels

Orly Bare Rose

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Orly is another of the firms that set a trend in the field of beauty, as it offers high quality makeup products and also offers Orly enamels; Products considered by many as one of the best options to achieve a perfect manicure.

It is an enamel that not only offers colors and tones for all tastes, but also has a formula that provides protection and health for the nails. To do this, among its ingredients highlights vitamin A and E, antioxidants and pro-vitamin B; elements that promote the growth and strength of the nail structure.

Likewise, the color we offer you today is only a sample of the great diversity of shades available that you can choose, according to your style and your preferences. In addition, it is a gel polish whose quality gives you manicure for up to three weeks.

If you are looking for quality for your manicure at a low cost, this nail polish could be a good purchase option. Learn more about the product in question.



Formula: It is an enamel that has a formula enriched with colored pigments and at the same time, includes ingredients that nourish and strengthen your nails.

Cruelty-free: It is not tested on animals, so it is a cruelty-free product.

Finish: Offers a beautiful glossy finish, which is maintained for a long time.


Transparency of the boat: Since it is a boat that is not transparent, the color inside cannot be visualized.

Enamels Thuya

Thuya On-Off Pure Fire

With a modern and sophisticated high-tech laboratory located in Barcelona, ​​Thuya enamels give you quality in all its products. To this end, the Thuya brand complies with the most demanding regulations established by the European Union regarding cosmetics; So their enamels are reliable and guaranteed.

In this particular, we present a red tone belonging to the long-lasting on-off collection, which could be the perfect ally of the beauty of your hands. It is a nail polish that offers a permanent formula that does not damage your nails, as it can be easily removed.

Its presentation offers you a format in a 14 ml bottle and its high intensity pigments guarantee you a manicure for longer and without touch-ups. In addition, you can choose the tone of your choice from more than 100 colors.

If you want your hands to be the center of attention, you must have a high quality enamel. Continue reading so you know more about this product that beautifies your nails.



Collection: The brand offers you a great variety of shades within its collection that includes more than 100 colors to choose from.

Format and duration: You will receive a 14 ml canister containing long-lasting permanent enamel.

Formula: Its formula offers intense colors, unsurpassed brightness, easy application and removal without causing damage to the nail.



Color chart: Some users miss the color chart in advertising.

How to choose the best professional gel nail polish

Deciding on a nail polish might seem simple, since it is an option that generally depends on the style and particular tastes of each person; however, it is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Therefore, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best nail polish, so that you know the aspects that you should consider to make your investment as successful as possible.

Shopping guide



Nail painting is a custom that dates back to the origins of humanity. From ancient times the queens like Cleopatra and Nefertiti, painted their nails dark red or ruby ​​tones, to make the beauty of their hands look. Likewise, both in Rome and in Greece, women of high society painted their nails as a reflection of their social status.

Today the picture is different and the use of nail polishes has become popular among the entire population, regardless of social class, race or age. For this, you can see from older ladies to girls, with their nails painted and wearing beautiful colored enamels.

The enamel not only provides an aesthetic component to the nails, whether you paint those of the hands or feet, but also favors brittle or fragile nails before any mechanical breakage.


Color and style

When we think of nail polishes, the first thing that comes to our mind is the immense range of colors that the market offers. There are matt, bright, frosty colors, sunflowers, glitters, etc. in order to cover all tastes, styles, ages and for any outfit or special event. We have from the black colors for the most daring people, to the blue, yellow or green tones, very fashionable in the youth population.

As well as, you can choose the red classics that have always been present or the discreet pink tones that bring elegance and discretion; so you can always find the color you are looking for and that best makes your hands look.

However, it is important before choosing a special tone, that values ​​its compatibility with the tone of your skin, with the clothes that you are going to use and also, according to the occasion; since it is not the same to paint your nails for a night party, than to go to work every day.



You should not ignore the importance of a reliable brand, since as important as it is to choose the best color for our nails, it is also important to know how to choose a good brand. A brand that guarantees products of easy application and durable, so that your nails remain flawless with the passage of days. Therefore, regardless of how much it costs, it is best to bet on a brand recognized in the market, which gives you high quality enamels and guaranteed satisfaction to the user.



In the early twentieth century, nail polish formulas used ingredients derived from car paint, which (according to studies) proved to be toxic to the body. In this sense, the European Union has ruled a rule to avoid all those people who have these carcinogenic ingredients.

For this reason, the majority of nail polishes of European origin, indicate on their label 3-free; that is, they are free of the toxic trio: toluene, dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde. Likewise, the Food and Drug Administration of the United States has also banned the use of nail polish containing these components.

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid those enamels with these ingredients. In this sense, there is as an alternative the ecological nail polish, manufactured with a formula that does not include ingredients that cause allergic reactions; In addition, they are reliable and environmentally friendly products.


Types and drying

In the market there are several types of enamels, we have permanent, semi-permanent and classic enamels. Likewise, you can find products such as Top Coat and Coat Bases, which provide duration and brightness to the color. On the other hand, we have permanent and semi-permanent enamels; they need the use of a UV or LED lamp for drying. While the classic or traditional, they dry naturally outdoors.


In a comparison of nail polishes, the duration offered by the product is an aspect that is directly related to the quality of its pigmentation and its cost; So generally an economic enamel, could offer less time in the nail than another product with a higher price. However, this is not a standard norm; since there are cheap permanent nail polishes that fulfill their mission and keep your nails impeccable for up to three weeks. 


Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to remove nail polish from clothes?

First, remove the excess enamel carefully if it is still fresh with the help of a swab or a spatula, in case the stain is solid. Then, apply a little dry solvent or acetone, covering the area with absorbent paper and leave on for 15 minutes. Remove the remains with dry paper and finally, wash your garment as usual. If the stain persists repeat again; This technique goes very well in cotton, nylon, linen or polyester garments. In the case of more delicate fibers such as silk or wool, you should apply an acetone-free solvent.

Q2: How to dry the nail polish?

Once you apply paint on your nails, proceed to cover it with a quick-drying polish or lacquer to seal the manicure. These, in addition to having that effect, bring shine to your nails and durability to the enamel; Finally, wash your hands with plenty of cold water. It is important that you take into account that to achieve a much faster drying you should avoid applying a thick layer of varnish.

Q3: How to remove permanent nail polish?

With the help of a hard file carefully rub the enamel, until its shine is removed to make it more permeable; then, cover the skin around your nails with petroleum jelly and place on them cotton impregnated with pure acetone, wrap aluminum foil around your fingers and let it act. After 15 minutes, remove the aluminum one by one and slide the cotton from the base of your nail to completely remove the enamel, if there are still residues, use an orange stick to remove them and, finally, apply nourishing oil or moisturizer to restore damage caused by the solvent.

Q4: What to do when nail polish thickens?

Use a specific diluent following the manufacturer’s recommendations, in order to recover and maintain the properties of your enamel. But if you do not have a suitable commercial solvent, you can help by submerging the tightly closed canister to the lid, in a pot with water and heat it over low heat until you get the desired consistency. This homemade trick is very practical and economical to renew the varnishes that you already thought were lost.

Q5: How does nail polish that changes colorwork?

It works with body heat since in its composition they contain a pigment that produces the variation towards a darker tone if the temperature drops and lighter if it increases; taking as reference 36 ° C that corresponds to the normal temperature of a person. Therefore, these types of products are called “enamel in the mood”, because when changes occur in our mood, we experience low or high temperatures in our body. This causes the enamel to vary its coloration and may become darker or lighter, depending on the situation.

Q6: How to make eco-friendly nail polish?

To make an organic enamel mix in a bowl, white clay powder with olive oil and stir until it forms a smooth and homogeneous paste. Then, add henna of the color of your choice and in the right amount to give it the shade you like best; that is, use more quantity if you want a darker shade. At this point, if you wish you can add a few drops of vitamin E and mix until everything is well integrated.

Q7: How to remove permanent nail polish on gel nails?

In these cases, experts recommend not using pure acetone or any other type of solvent-based on this compound, since these can weaken, remove, soften or remove the gel nail as such. Therefore, the idea is that you go to a specialist in a beauty center, to remove it professionally. However, you could use a hard file and gently scrape off the nail polish until it is completely removed, then wash your hands well to remove enamel residue, dry and polish each nail with gentle movements and finally apply moisturizing oil.

Q8: How to recover a dry nail polish?

Add a few drops of a specific commercial solvent for best professional gel nail polish or burning alcohol to your dry varnish. Close the container tightly and shake vigorously, continuously checking and repeating the procedure until it has the right consistency. If it is the case that the enamel has more than two years of use, it is time to discard it since it could have reached its expiration date.

How to use the best professional gel nail polish

Show well-groomed hands to others; talk a lot about you; of your appearance and your personal care. But if you also wear your perfectly painted nails, your hands could be the focus of attention to attract looks. Therefore, we offer you some simple tips to correctly use nail polish.

Prepare your hands or feet

It is essential before applying the enamel, that you do a proper cleaning. You will have to clean the remains of accumulated skin in the cuticle of the nails and in the case of the feet, eliminate the dead cells in the heels and the sole of the foot. Also, you must cut the excess nail and sand properly. Once you have cleaned and sanded, it is advisable to apply a moisturizing lotion (both on the hands and feet) so that the skin softens and the nail is ready for painting.

Consider the use of lamps for drying

If your enamel is of the permanent or semi-permanent gel type, you must have a UV or LED drying lamp, as the case may be. The important thing is that you know its operation and follow the recommendations of use given by the manufacturer, in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Apply correctly according to the enamel

First of all, shake the canister of the enamel in order to agitate the color and compact all its pigments to achieve a uniform tone. For permanent or semi-permanent gel enamels, you must first apply a coat of base coat and allow the time indicated by the mark to dry under the lamp.

Then you apply a layer of color and repeat the drying; Depending on the coverage, you can apply another layer of color and re-dry with a lamp. Finally, the use of the Top Coat is recommended, which seals and provides a longer color duration.

When it comes to traditional enamels, it is also recommended to first apply a base, then the color (one or two layers) and finish with the finish of your choice. For these glazes you do not need a lamp, it is already a paint that dries outdoors.

Clean the excess and take precautions

So that the manicure is perfect it is not enough to apply the color correctly, you will have to clean the entire contour of the nail of some surplus of paint; this you can do with a nail polish remover and an orange stick with cotton. In addition, it is important that you avoid contact of the enamel with the skin or eyes and if you notice any redness, you should stop using the best professional gel nail polish immediately.

 Be careful of constant color changes

Experts advise not to change color constantly. This is because the enamels use pigments that color the nail and could weaken it. Therefore, if you see your yellow nails leave them a few days without paint and keep them hydrated. In addition, the color change involves the use of nail polish remover and many of these products contain acetone in their components, which could cause burns and pigmentation in the nail. Therefore, use a free remover of this compound.

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