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Best Remington Hair Straightener -Buying Guide And Analysis In 2020

Hair straighteners have become an almost necessary instrument for many women today. The tendency today is to have very straight hair and for that reason products of this type arise. The best remington hair straightener brand has been very prominent by users in this area, for its quality products. Although it may not seem like it, hair irons have very specific categorizations that it is always important to know before making a purchase.

 If you do not have enough time to perform a search of this type, you can follow the recommendations of the buyers, which we have summarized in two more popular products. One of them is the Remington S95000 iron, which has five temperature levels indicated through an LCD screen. The heating is done very quickly, in just fifteen seconds after the ignition. The other option is the Remington S8590 plate , manufactured with two XL tourmaline ceramic plates, which provides the highest quality to achieve silkiness and shine.

Comparison table of the 3 best remington hair straightener

Remington Keratin Therapy Pro S8590 - Professional Hair Straightener, Ceramic, Digital, Keratin, Almond Oil, Rose Gold

  • It has a heat protection sensor that will be activated together with its safety system if it gets too hot. This safety system turns off the iron to prevent burning or unwanted accidents.
  • A user who has already used it has reported that it does not work on wet hair because it can burn it, without repair. However, it may be an isolated comment.
  • It is a safe product that offers a good value for money, since it has ceramic technology that provides greater precision in ironing.

Remington Pearl S9500 - Hair Iron, Advanced Pearl Ceramics, Digital, Professional Results, Black and White

  • It has plates with advanced ceramic coating with a real pearl, which makes ironing more resistant and softer for the person who will use it. It also comes with an elegant bag that resists heat to keep it and avoid discomfort.
  • A person who has already used it has indicated that it is too large to travel and that the cable is very tangled in the iron for that cause and causes unnecessary discomfort.
  • For offering resistance to heat, quality and being one of the best products on the market, it is both in our list of recommendations, as in the list of users.

Remington Ceramic Slim S3500 - Hair Iron, Anti-static Ceramics, Protection and Gloss, Extra Long Plates, Black

  • It has a rotating cable to make it more comfortable when moving and thus avoid accidents and unwanted discomfort. It also has an indicator light that fulfills the function of warning when it is heating.
  • A person who has already bought it has indicated that it can get very hot and when it happens, there may be a burning smell that can cause discomfort to certain people.
  • It offers you a good quality and that, in addition, will be comfortable when using it. It is in our list of recommended products and users suggest buying it.

What is the best Remington hair straightener of 2020?

 Sometimes, it is very difficult to get a hair as we want. There are very difficult mane to tame, hence hair straighteners play a very important role. Gradually, they have become indispensable beauty accessories for many women. You can then check this guide to buy the best Remington hair straightener. Pay attention to the details you should keep in mind.

Remington S95000

Remington S95000 hair straighteners have dimensions – weight ratio stipulated in 15.9 x 16.5 x. 36.2 centimeters and 599 grams respectively. As for the temperature offered, this can vary from 150 to 235 ° C providing maximum adaptability to the needs of each of the users.

For its part, it is necessary to indicate that the device handles a universal type voltage, which is located at 120, 220, 240 volts for a frequency of 60 and 50 Hz. Power supplied through a power cable with a length of 3 meters and a rotating system preventing its deterioration.

Emphasizing the ironing plates, the manufacturer house implemented ceramic with advanced pearl treatment, which gives more smoothness and durability to each straightened strand. In addition, as a safety measure, the device has an automatic shutdown mechanism, thus preventing overheating.

Remington could be the best brand of hair straighteners because they have varied equipment that can meet specific needs.


Plates: the most striking advantage of this option is that its ironing plates are 110 millimeters wide, which makes them useful for working with thin hair and curls. Thanks to this, it will be easier to iron the root so that your appearance has a more professional finish.

Materials: the entire length of the plate area has a ceramic coating very characteristic of the brand. This material helps the plates to slide smoothly through the hair to avoid pulling, in addition, so you will get a natural and attractive shine.

Temperature: it has a thermostat that you can adjust to your liking. The minimum operating temperature is 150 ° C in case you need to touch up or work with delicate hair. The maximum is 235 ° C for when you are in a hurry or work with an abundant scalp.

Screen: through its LCD screen you can observe the state of the iron, that is, if it is on or off, the temperature level that you have activated or if the equipment has already reached the temperature or is still heating.

Transport: it is quite comfortable to take on a trip, it has dimensions of 15.9 x 16.5 x 36.2 centimeters and a weight of 599 grams. It does not take up too much space in the suitcase and also includes a carrying bag for comfort.

Remington S95000

Main Advantage:

The ceramic coating with pearl system offers a smoother glide on the hair while having greater durability and wear resistance.

Main Disadvantage:

Among the few negative comments that this product has, one that occurs occasionally refers to the temperature that the product acquires in case you work for a long time, which can make it difficult to use.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

The Remington S95000 hair straightener is a very popular product that makes it easier to straighten your hair without too many complications, offering, in addition, a smooth and quality surface that makes the process more efficient.

Main Features Explained

Smoothing surface

The Remington S95000 model stands out in any comparison of hair straighteners for its Pearl technology, present in the straightening area. This technology combines the conventional ceramic system, common in other plates, with a pearl coating that makes the sliding easier and lasts longer.

These plates are approximately 11 cm long, so you can work effectively and spend less time leaving your perfect hair. An efficient process that obviously also prevents your hair from suffering as much as it does with other models.

Power and temperature control

Another highlight of this product is its good power level and its high efficiency when it comes to straightening your hair. A power that allows us to establish an operating temperature that ranges from 150 to 235 degrees in an efficient way. In fact, you hardly need ten seconds to start straightening your hair.

This temperature is easy to control and is easily displayed on the LCD screen included in the product handle. And as an extra, a turbo function is included that allows reaching 240 degrees of temperature, which is very necessary before the most rebellious and thick hair at the time of being straightened.


Another aspect that stands out of the Remington S9500 Pearl model compared to other hair straighteners is easy handling. Not only in the aspect of the temperature that we have already commented but also when using the iron. Something that helps us with the three-meter long cable that makes it easier to reach any part of the hair without fighting with the cable.

This cable also has a free spin system, so it does not get stuck or tangled too much when using it, giving better comfort. The same that offers us the handle and support area, to properly hold the iron during the straightening process and therefore to be able to take care of what matters, which is to leave your straight hair quickly and without difficulty.

Remington S7710 Pro Ion

The main feature of this model is that it has triple ionic technology, which translates into softer and brighter hair because it reduces frizz and static electricity. This iron is made of ceramic and tourmaline, materials designed to damage the hair as little as possible.

It includes a digital display with 9 temperature selector up to a maximum of 230ºC. This means that, in addition to being the best price-quality Remington hair straightener, it is a suitable model for all types of hair.

The plates of this article have a length of 11 cm in order to facilitate hairstyles. It also offers rapid heating, so in only 15 seconds the iron will be ready to be used. It has turbo function, automatic shutdown, swivel cable, and memory function.

The cheapest Remington hair straighteners, on many occasions, maybe the most suitable for your needs. A good example is this model.


Ionic Technology: This article draws attention to its triple ionic technology. This allows the hair to be softer and brighter, minimizing frizz.

Manufacturing materials: It is made of ceramic and tourmaline. Both materials are very respectful of the hair and are responsible for damaging it as little as possible.

Digital display: The iron incorporates a practical digital display with 9 temperature selector. Thus, the user can choose the most appropriate up to 230ºC.

Warm-up: This model heats up in just 15 seconds, so you don’t have to wait to start using it.


Exterior: According to some users, this hair straightener heats up more than they expected, which could be uncomfortable.

Remington S9100 PROluxe

This hair straightener is a beautiful pink and has a ceramic coating for a better result. Thanks to OPTIHeat technology, with a single pass it is possible to obtain the desired hairstyle. One of its most outstanding features is that it incorporates a digital display that indicates the selected temperature.

It is equipped with floating plates of extra-long character, specifically, 11 cm each in length. For this reason, it is a product suitable for all types of hair. We could be, without any doubt, before one of the best Remington hair straighteners of 2019.

Another interesting extra is that it offers 9 temperature settings (up to a maximum of 230ºC). The heating is immediate, in just 15 seconds. It has the function of the automatic shutdown and consists of a very practical rotating cable. The product is accompanied by a heat resistant bag.

If you are looking for the best Remington hair straightener of the moment, be sure to consider this model.


Plates: This product has floating plates with ceramic coating. They stand out for their extra-long character since they have a length of 11 cm.

Digital display: One of the most striking features of this model is that it incorporates an integrated digital display with 9 temperature settings up to a maximum of 230ºC.

Design: This hair straightener is pink and incorporates OPTIHeat technology, which offers more durable hairstyles in a single pass. It also has a useful rotating cable.

Auto power off One of the essential functions of iron is that it includes the auto power-off function when it is no longer used, and this model has it.


Fine hair: Some users mention that it is a not very advisable model for fine hair since the plates do not hold them well.

Remington S8590

This model of Remington plates has been provided with a total of 5 temperature levels, which are between 160 and 230 ° C, data to be observed through the LCD screen incorporated into the body of the product. It is best that once the iron is turned on, it will only take 15 seconds to enjoy the selected heat range depending on the kind of hair the person possesses.

On the other hand, we have the theme of the plates, which have ceramic elaboration and have been designed to cover abundant and even long hair, due to the size XL of these surfaces, equivalent to 110 millimeters.

In addition, this S8590 model has several features such as the fact of having a universal voltage, auto-off as a safety measure and a practical closing mechanism for the plates. Similarly, the product has been equipped with a rotating cable, with the purpose of preventing it from deteriorating with constant use.

When you don’t know what Remington hair straightener to buy, try to consider your hair type, the style of your preference and the time you have free to iron it.


Plates: If you need an iron to straighten thick and abundant hair, the S8590 is equipped with XL size plates. This way it will be easier and faster to get rid of waves and curls.

Temperature: it can reach a maximum temperature of 230 ° C, although it also has a thermostat that allows you to choose among others of the lower level: 160 ° C, 180 ° C, 200 ° C and 220 ° C.

Off: It also has a built-in security system that is responsible for turning off the iron when it detects a certain amount of time without use. Thanks to this, accidents or overheating of the iron itself will be avoided.

Cable: and the power cable is rotatable, so you will not have to worry about tangles or pulls and, in addition, it will give you greater freedom of movement.


Thickness: However, you should keep in mind that this is an XL model and may be very aggressive if your hair is thin and not very abundant.

Remington S3500

Remington always offering great quality in its products, this time it has provided the S3500 model of hair straighteners with two XL plates in tourmaline ceramics so that people can enjoy an extra silkiness and shine in each straightened strand.

As for the housing, the manufacturer used Teflon, resistant material and with its respective cold touch treatment so as not to mistreat the hands of the users. Similarly, the equipment is complemented by a rotating cable for power supply with a maximum length stipulated in 1.8 meters, being able to reach the outlet without limiting the ironing process.

However, a particular feature in this product is its range of 100 ° C heat in the first 15 seconds of operation, it is important to indicate that its maximum temperature is stipulated at 230 ° C. Additionally, with the purchase of this iron they will also carry a storage bag.

If you do not want to miss the opportunity to invest in a product with good value for money, the S3500 is perhaps the best Remington hair straightener for 30 euros.


Ceramics: The S3500 has a ceramic coating on its extra-long plates to avoid damaging your hair and giving it a more natural look.

Dimensions: it has dimensions of 32.8 x 6 x 13.1 centimeters and a weight of 272 grams, being one of the lightest in this list.

Time: it is quite fast to heat, reaching a temperature of 100 ° C in just about 15 seconds.


Smell: a couple of buyers indicated that, when heated, the iron can give off a bit of burning smell.

Bag: others commented that the transport bag that is included is just a simple case that is not heat resistant.

How to use a Remington hair straightener

A Remington hair straightener is all you need to straighten your hair and take control of it, giving it the look you like best without affecting your health or appearance. A product that you can use almost like a professional with some practice and following the guide of use that we offer below.

Prepare the hair

Before starting to treat hair, it must meet certain conditions. Among them, there is the need for the hair to be dry, since if it is wet while using the iron it can deteriorate and the vapors produced can burn it.

Precisely to avoid this deterioration it is also necessary to use a heat protector on the hair. This product maintains the structure of the hair, thus preventing the straightening from affecting it more than it should.

Prepare the iron

Once our hair is ready it is time to prepare our Remington iron to begin straightening. For this, we must check the structure of the plates to eliminate any residue that it has, also choosing the temperature we need for smoothing.

This temperature should be as low as possible within what we need since thicker hair has a greater need for temperature. The first uses should start with low temperatures until you find the optimum, which will be the reference when we have several uses of the iron.


When the iron is at the necessary temperature it is time to start smoothing. To do this we place the hair inside the iron, in the area of the plates, closing it tightly.

This work should be done on strands so that we do not have problems passing the iron through areas at the same time or pulling too much hair during the process. At the time of pulling do not do it too hard, it is better to do it gently so that the hair slides on the plates properly.

Be patient

Depending on the amount of hair you have, this process will take you more or less time. In any case, it is important that you take the process calmly, especially at the beginning or if you do not have much handling with the iron.

Take the time to treat each strand carefully, without haste and without repeating zones. For this, many users recommend distributing the work between different areas of the head (lateral, frontal, nape, crown) thus having greater discipline in the process.

Wait to repeat the ironing

Once you have completed the process and your hair has the image you want, it is time to let it rest. It is not recommended to use the iron on a daily basis since the temperatures it uses can affect your hair. For small day-to-day smoothing, you can use the smoothing brush, which is less aggressive in terms of temperature and damage.

Remington brand

The personal image begins with hair care and for this, you must have the appropriate tools that allow you to keep your hair with an excellent presentation. In the market, you can find the hair straighteners of various brands and models, but if recommendations are, we show you one of the best that sells this product below.

Remington is an American company subsidiary of the company Spectrum Brands, whose labor market is personal care and hair, being one of the leading companies in the world that manufactures and sells this type of product.

The company develops the products it markets through six major divisions: epilators, shavers and hair clippers, facial and body beauty, hair care, oral care and accessories, and spare parts.

The origins of this company go back when, in 1937, a company called Remington Rand, which was responsible for the manufacture of typewriters, decides to expand the product range by creating a new division for the production of razors and razors electric.

In 1979, the entrepreneur Victor Kiam acquires said the division of the Remington Rand company and turns it into Remington Products Company, since this company had succeeded with respect to the sales of the products, being immediately accepted in the market.

In 2001, Victor Kiam dies and the business is in the hands of the family and it was when, in 2003, the Kiam family decided to sell the company to the company Rayovac, now known as Spectrum Brands.

This acquisition gave Remington an important evolution, in which the product range is diversified by creating electric shavers for both men and women, as well as devices for cutting the hair on the nose, mustache, beard, and ear, massagers, hair straighteners, dryers, curling irons, and many others.

Currently, Remington is positioned as one of the brands that offer quality hair straighteners, meeting the needs of users worldwide.

Shopping guide

Dimensions and weight

In the case of the Remington brand, it is logical to find hair irons of different sizes, so that the product in question meets the needs of the user. Remington hair straighteners with larger plates can be very practical for those with a lot of hair. Thus, the ironing process will not be so tedious, since it will be possible to take substantial strands of hair.

At the other extreme, we find those smaller models, ideal for traveling. They may not be the most useful, but the great advantage is that you can take them with you anywhere since they hardly take up space.

The most common plates are those of intermediate size, whose plates have dimensions between 2 and 3 cm wide and about 9 or 10 cm in length.

As for the weight of the iron, it is essential that it is a light article. Do not forget that, in certain situations, you should work with him for a long time, so you will get tired right away if it is too heavy. Around 500 grams could be an adequate weight.


Fabrication material

Another of the fundamental aspects to consider is the manufacturing material of the plates. This is an essential detail to be valued in every comparison of Remington hair straighteners. As a general recommendation, it is essential to opt for a material that is respectful of the hair and slips well for it. Remember that the plates of the iron will be in direct contact with the hair, so it is vital to select an appropriate material.

In the market, the options are numerous: ceramic, titanium, tourmaline, ions, etc. If you want to know how much a Remington hair straightener costs, you should know that its price will depend a lot on this factor.

Experts usually recommend ceramic plates, as it is one of the most benevolent materials with hair. Also, the ceramic slides well through the hair and reduces friction and static electricity.

From a time to this part, it is very common to identify models made of ceramics and tourmaline, a material known to be a little harmful to the hair. Due to its characteristics, tourmaline allows the final result to be softer hair.


Temperature levels

Each hair is a world, which means that the temperature of the hair straightener will have to be adjusted depending on whether it is thinner, thicker, wavy, smooth, etc. For this reason, it is important that the model is equipped with a temperature selector.

In general, in the market, you can find plates whose temperature ranges between 80 and 230ºC. Depending on your type of hair, perhaps the minimum is low and the maximum is too high, hence the need for the model to provide the opportunity to select between several temperatures.

If your hair is very thin, the temperature should never be higher than 150ºC, while if it is normal, between 150 and 170ºC it could be right. On the other hand, frizzy and/or frizzy hair will require a higher temperature, between 170 and 200ºC.


Auto power off and other extras

It is clear that everyone wants a good and economical Remington hair straightener, so you should consider including certain extras to make it a more complete model. For example, the automatic power-off function on iron is highly recommended, as it may happen that we forget to turn it off due to haste or another reason. In this way, we will be certain that, after a while, it will shut down alone.

Another desirable feature is that the cable is long and swivel enough to move freely.


Frequently asked questions

Q1 What is the best brand of hair straightener: Remington or Babyliss?

Both brands have gained fame in the area of hairdressing due to their high-quality hair products. Most clients are satisfied with the devices of both companies, therefore, it is quite difficult to choose the best one, as this often depends on the tastes of each person.

Remington has a wide variety of products, therefore, finding an ideal iron for you will be quite easy. However, although BaByLiss does not have such a large portfolio, it has managed to create devices that stand out for their professional finishes.

It is practically impossible to objectively mark one brand over the other, as the plates of which these brands are manufacturers have very similar characteristics and are around the same amount of euros. Therefore, the decision on which one is best depends only on the buyers.

Q2 How to clean Remington hair straightener?

Keeping your hair iron clean is what will allow you to keep it in good condition despite taking time with it. Because of that, after using your hair straightener, disconnect it and wait a few minutes for it to cool completely so you can start cleaning it.

If the plates have left a bit of oil or remains of a hair product, then you should only pass a damp handkerchief to be able to get rid of those things, as it is common for them to remain thereafter using the device.

If despite using the wet handkerchief, you still see the residue, you should not stop trying, because, when using the iron again, you could burn your hair. Add some mild soap and get rid of dirt. After finishing, another handkerchief filled with water returns to remove the soap residue.

For the most difficult corners, you can use swabs with some mild soap or

Alcohol, so you will prevent dirt from accumulating. At the end of the process, pass another swab with water only and then wait for it to dry in order to use it again.

Q3 How to know if a Remington hair straightener is original?

It is difficult to know this, as many people create imitations quite similar to real hair irons that can fool more than one buyer. However, you should doubt any iron that has a suspiciously low price, because, despite the fact that Remington plates are not very expensive, their quality and fame gives them a fairly reasonable price and a little higher than common plates.

Also, make sure it comes with the brand name at the top. In addition to that, swivel cables are characteristic of this product.

Q4 How to light a Remington hair straightener?

It all depends on the model of the Remington hair straightener that you have in your hands, because, between one product and another, this process can change. However, it is usually quite simple to perform, because, most of the time, it will only be necessary to press a power button found on the bottom of the iron, near the temperature regulating buttons.

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