Best Soap For Intimate Areas of 2019

Best Soap For Intimate Areas of 2020

Soaps have existed for more than 2000 years; they have been our great allies in both personal and household hygiene. Currently, there is a wide range of options, where soaps offer properties, formats, and ingredients designed to meet every specific need; so you can easily find the best soap for intimate areas for you. Today we present you the Lynpha Vitale Aleppo , a tablet-shaped soap, handcrafted with natural ingredients and with several presentations to choose from. Another proposal of high quality is Babaria Aloe , a bar of liquid soap with a neutral PH, in a presentation of a boat with a practical dispenser and designed for intimate hygiene.

Comparison table of the best soap for intimate areas

Aleppo Soap - Olive Oil and Laurel Oil 16% - Traditional Method - Pure and Natural Aleppo, Original Recipe

Some people comment that when washing hair with this soap, the results are not as expected. However, it fulfills its mission when it comes to body hygiene.

It is a product that has a good reputation on the web since many satisfied users value it and recommend it as a successful purchase.

Something that stands out from this soap, is the careful and elaborate handmade manufacturing process that gives it fungicidal and emollient qualities. To do this, its formula has bay oil and olive oil, ingredients that protect and care for your skin.

Babaria - Aloe intimate soap - with neutral pH - 300 ml

This product offers you in its formula, aloe vera, and lactic acid; natural ingredients that favor the balance in the levels of PH and flora in the intimate area, in order to avoid infections

Because it is a product specially designed for intimate hygiene, both for men and women; It is not recommended as a body soap.

It is a soap designed for optimal hygiene of the genitals, thanks to its formula that offers you the right ingredients for it.

Glorex 6 1600 - Organic Glycerin Soap, Transparent, 500 g

There are many people who appreciate their ingredients and pill presentation, as it favors different users; as well as in the homemade preparation of other soaps.

According to the reviews left by some buyers, the packaging comes entirely in English, so the directions and content in Spanish are missed.

Since it is a high purity glycerin soap, it is compatible with all skin types and offers benefits to various skin problems. You can also choose between three sizes available and in its opaque or transparent presentation.

The best soap for intimate areas of 2020

We know that health is directly related to hygiene, so every day we are making use of the best soap for intimate areas for various tasks. Choosing a particular brand among so many available options is not a simple matter; That is why we bring to you a selection of some of the best soaps. The idea is that you find the one that suits your budget and your needs.

Lynpha Vitale Aleppo

Among the best soap for intimate areas of 2019, this Aleppo soap stands out from its congeners for its properties and ingredients. It is a handmade soap made for generations by a family of Aleppo. It is indicated for all skin types, including sensitive and delicate skin of children and is also recommended for shampooing hair.

It is a soap that has a formula that includes high-quality ingredients, such as olive oil, bay oil, water, and wood ash soap. Bay oil provides fungicidal and bactericidal properties, while olive oil provides nourishment and moisture to the skin.

It is available in different presentations, with a percentage of laurel oil concentration ranging from 2 to 70%, being more valued at higher concentrations. Also, you can choose between one to three units, according to your needs.

This could be the best soap at the moment, given the benefits it offers and its high quality. Know the pros and cons below.


Origin and popularity: It is a handmade soap made in Syria for more than 2000 years and thanks to it’s quality and manufacturing process, it has remained in force over time.

Utility: You can use it to wash your body, face, and hair; It is also recommended as a scrub, mask, shaving soap and also for hand washing clothes.

Vegan: Its prestigious formula does not include ingredients of animal origin, so it is a vegan product.


Cost: It is one of the most expensive soaps of our selection. However, it is recommended by many for its high quality

Babaria Aloe

If you are looking for an intimate soap that provides adequate hygiene to your genital area, it is best to bet on a reliable and high-quality product, given the delicate skin of this area. Therefore, we present this neutral soap, with an ideal PH and a formula specially designed to wash the intimate area of ​​both men and women. For this, it has ingredients such as aloe vera, glycerin, chamomile, lactic acid, and a mild surfactant base.

It is a soap that offers you a liquid texture and a creamy consistency; Likewise, thanks to its formula it is able to maintain the natural balance of the skin. It is recommended for daily use, to wash the genitals after sexual intercourse and can even be used on the days of menstruation for optimal hygiene. In addition, it is presented in a 300 ml bottle.

The care of our intimate area is something that we cannot put aside, so this soap could be your best ally. Read more about this product.


Users: It is a soft and delicate soap, specially designed for the genital cleaning of men and women.

PH: Because it is a neutral soap, it does not alter the levels of PH present in the genital area, so it helps prevent infections.

Presentation: You will receive a plastic bottle with a practical and 300 ml liquid soap dispenser, so you will have enough for a long time.


Utility: Its use is limited for intimate hygiene, so it is not advisable to wash the face or body.

Glorex GmbH Glycerinseife Eco

It is difficult to know what the best soap is given the great diversity that the market offers you; However, this glycerin soap offers you a reliable alternative to keep your body’s skin clean and protected. We are facing a product that brings great benefits to the dermis since it is manufactured 100% based on high-quality pure glycerin. It can adapt to all skin types, removing impurities and trapping moisture to maintain hydration.

It is a soap labeled Vegan; that is, in its formula no components of animal origin are present. It is also a product that offers a PH that respects the balance of your skin without causing irritation or damage. In addition, it is also used as a basis for the manufacture of homemade soaps and you can select between its opaque or transparent presentation.

If you need a high purity product that cleans and takes care of your skin and you don’t know what best soap for intimate areas to buy, this could be an excellent option. Continue reading more about this soap.


Usefulness: It can be used in all skin types, especially in fatty ones with a tendency to acne. It is also useful in crafts and as a basis for making homemade soap.

Available sizes: You can choose between three available sizes: 250, 500 and 1500 grams; according to your needs

Presentation: It comes presented in a solid tablet easy to handle, either for hygiene or to prepare other soaps.


Weight: Some people comment that the 250g presentation has come with less weight than expected.

Grisi Sulfur

When it comes to cleaning oily skin with acne problems and blackheads, the best soap is one that provides a matte and healthy appearance, while helping to unclog pores. In this sense, we present this high-quality anti-seborrheic sulfur soap and specially formulated to treat these skin conditions. Its ingredients also include sulfur, lanolin; an element that prevents excessive dry skin.

It is a recommended soap for people with moderate acne and psoriasis since sulfur is a natural ingredient with astringent, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory qualities, which helps to improve the appearance of the skin. You will receive it in a practical presentation with a 100 g pill format and for best results, the manufacturer advises washing your face or the affected part 2 to 3 times per day.

We know how difficult it is to deal with acne, so you should look for the best brand of sulfur soaps that gives you confidence and results. Learn the pros and cons of this Grisi soap.


Efficiency: It is effective in improving the appearance of the complexion since it removes excess oil without causing dry skin.

Ingredients: Thanks to its formula containing sulfur and lanolin, your skin will not suffer damage or irritation.

Usefulness: It is indicated mainly in cases of oily skin, moderate acne, psoriasis, and other skin infections.


Odor: Since it is a product that contains sulfur, users comment that the smell remains in the skin for several hours.

Dr. Bronner Organic Castile

If you prefer a shower gel with multipurpose qualities and very useful for your home and your whole family, this castile soap could cover all your expectations. We are facing a high quality and best soap for intimate areas with a soft and jelly texture. It is presented in a plastic boat with a practical lid that is easy to open and has a capacity of 946 ml of product, so you will have a soap that yields for multiple uses.

Its formula combines natural ingredients, such as olive and coconut oil with the organic citrus oils of lime, orange, and lemon; So you will have a moisturizing and refreshing soap, with a pleasant smell that invigorates and stimulates the skin. Its usefulness goes beyond body hygiene since many users use it as a detergent in the washing machine or dishwasher and also to scrub the floor.

If you are looking for a soap that allows you to use it for different purposes, this alternative is offered by this product, thanks to its formula and texture. Keep reading a little more about this proposal.


Multifunction: It is an ideal soap for body and face hygiene and even for hair. It is also used to wash clothes, dishes and the floor; you just have to dilute a little and that’s it.

Large boat: You will receive it in a boat of 946 ml capacity, so you will have a yielding product.

Formula: Its concentrated formula includes coconut, olive, lime, orange, and lemon oil. 


Fragrance concentration: Some demanding people miss a greater concentration in the citrus fragrance.

Traditional Chimbo

It is difficult to find cheap soaps with the properties that chimbo soap offers you; a soap that dates from 1863 and offers solutions for home and skincare. Since it is a product that offers you an affordable cost and is made by expert soap makers with a formula rich in coconut oil, many consider it the best price-quality soap of the moment.

It is a soap that gives you multiple applications since it is not only efficient for treating bedsores and chafing of patients who are unable to move, but it is also suitable for the daily hygiene of any person. In addition, it is a powerful stain remover, when it comes to hand washing some delicate garment; Likewise, it leaves a pleasant smell and a soft touch on the clothes and on the skin.

Because it is one of the cheapest soaps and with various applications in the home, many satisfied buyers recommend it. We offer you more details of this soap below.


Remove stains: It is very useful to remove stains on delicate clothes and before machine washing.

Personal hygiene: It is an ideal soap for the skin of patients who remain in bed for a long time; as well as for the daily bath of any person.

Presentation: Your presentation is given in a cardboard box with the brand name and content of a 200 g soap bar.


Smell: For some demanding people, the smell of this soap has not turned out as expected.

La Corvette 270601

Another great ally of our personal hygiene and household cleaning is Marseille soap; a product made in France with the highest quality. It offers you among its benefits, hypoallergenic qualities; So it is recommended for sensitive skin. It is also a very useful soap when washing the delicate clothes of babies or any other garment that needs special care.

It is a soap that offers you a presentation with a bar format, which you can cut as you need; Its dimensions are 29.5 x 5.8 x 7.4 cm and its weight is 900 g. Users comment that it is a yielding product and thanks to its formula that has olive oil and coconut oil, it is effective in any of its uses. In addition, it does not include preservatives, fragrances, or artificial colors.

La Corvette is a French company that dates back to 1894 and is recognized in the soap market. If you want to know the pros and cons of one of their best products, read on below.


Presentation: It is a soap that boasts a sophisticated presentation in an attractive box wrapped with a decorative ribbon and inside, you can find a bar of soap weighing 900 g.

Ingredients: Its formula includes natural ingredients and is free of chemical additives.

Ecological: Thanks to its components, it is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly soap; It is also a vegan product.


Perfume: Do not expect a soap that leaves your skin scented, as it is a fragrance-free product.

Baylis & Harding Jasmine and Apple Blossom

Our hands are in permanent contact with countless objects and things that could contain bacteria and germs; So we are always exposed to any disease. Therefore, when it comes to keeping these pathogenic microorganisms away, nothing better than a hand soap with antibacterial properties, such as this proposal that we bring to you today.

It is a liquid soap specially formulated to neutralize odors and eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and thanks to its silk protein, the skin of your hands will not suffer from dryness, as with other similar products. On the other hand, the manufacturer offers you the option of choosing the quantity you need, from one unit to a three-soaps pack; Likewise, you can select the aroma of your preference, among several available fragrances.

This antibacterial soap could be what you are looking for to maintain proper hygiene in your hands. Here are more details about this product.


Presentation: It is a liquid soap presented in a practical 500 ml bottle and eligible between a unit or a pack of three units.

Available fragrances: You can select between the aroma of jasmine and apple blossom, strawberry and pear flowers, eucalyptus and mint and finally, the aroma of aloe, tea tree and lime.

Antibacterial: Thanks to its highly effective formula, it is able to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria.


Humidification: The level of humidification offered in the hands could be improved.

PraNaturals African Black

If you are looking for a natural handmade soap with a completely organic origin, this product is designed for you. It is a soap originally from Ghana, made with select natural antioxidant and detoxifying ingredients that improve the skin condition. Its formula contains natural healing and anti-aging properties and combines coconut oil, shea butter and other ingredients such as palm oil and coconut ashes.

It is a 100% natural product, compatible with all skin types and is presented in a 200 g pill. It is indicated to treat dry skin and also to deal with the signs of aging, such as expression lines, wrinkles, dull skin and age spots. Likewise, it promotes hydration, cleansing, and smoothness of the skin. In addition, you can use it comfortably both in the bathtub and in the shower.

This organic soap is a favorite of many people, given its great benefits for the skin of the skin and body. We present your pros and cons to help you with your purchase decision.


Utility: It is a recommended soap to remove skin blemishes, it also attenuates and prevents wrinkles and expression lines. In addition, it moisturizes and improves the skin.

Composition: Its formula is composed of 100% natural and organic ingredients, free of ingredients of animal origin.

Anti-aging: It is a soap rich in minerals and antioxidants, which promotes smoothness and youth in the skin.


Palm oil: For some users with environmental ideals, the presence of palm oil in this soap has not been pleasant.

 Bella Aurora Serenité


If you have some spots on the face that dull your natural beauty, Bella Aurora soap could be the solution to restore the desired skin tone to your complexion. It is a cleansing soap that provides your face with a deep cleansing and eliminates the impurities that accumulate during the day and at the same time, favors the rinsing of the spots present on the skin, thanks to its depigmenting properties.

It is a soap that respects the hydrolipidic mantle of your face, so it does not cause dryness or irritation. For this, it is formulated with ingredients of high natural value, such as glycerin and coconut oil. Its use goes beyond face cleaning, so you can use it for daily body bathing and also for hand washing. In addition, you can get all the beauty and care for the complexion offered by the brand.

With a brand dating back more than 100 years, this toilet soap has earned the trust of many people around the world. Learn more about this product.


Makeup remover: It is a soap that thoroughly cleans all traces of makeup, while helping to soften skin blemishes, returning the natural tone and freshness.

Presentation: You will receive a toilet soap with a round table format and weighing 100 g

Eligible products: In addition to this soap, the brand offers you the anti-stain micellar tonic, anti-stain tonic, cleansing milk, and the double-acting gel.


Stain remover: To obtain the desired results, it is advisable to record the use of this product.

 Soap accessories

 Soap dispenser

Anself Double

When it comes to hand hygiene and practicality, nothing better than having a soap dispenser that provides you with the exact amount you need of the product. Therefore, today we present this model of great utility not only for the home but also for the office, hotels, restaurants and any other public place.

It is a double dispenser for wall mounting, which offers you a capacity of 100 ml per compartment. Its manual mechanism is easily accessible and just presses a button so that you have liquid soap or bath gel in your hands.

In addition, you can choose between three different colors, depending on the decoration of your bathroom.

How to choose the best soap for intimate areas

In this guide to buy the best soap, we offer you in a clear and simple way some relevant factors that you should consider when choosing this product. Therefore, it is advisable not to let yourself be carried away only by aspects such as fragrance, color or form; The idea is that first of all, analyze and value its benefits and benefits for your skin and for your home.

Shopping guide


Since ancient times, soaps have always been present to help remove dirt from our skin and from our home. Soaps can be manufactured in three different ways; They can be made at home, with ingredients customized to our tastes, with the size, fragrance, and shape that best suits us.

They can also be made by hand and as a form of commerce; In this sense, there are soaps that come from family businesses of several generations, with natural properties and high-quality qualities. Finally, you can find soaps that are massively manufactured by large industries. These soaps also offer great benefits, while reducing effort and cost in their preparation.

Utility and ingredients

Soaps are products designed primarily for personal hygiene. They contribute to the skin in addition to cleansing, protection, hydration and even some add rejuvenating properties and others are able to effectively fight skin diseases, such as psoriasis, fungi, and acne.

You can find in your comparison of soaps, that there are products for each type of skin and for each skin need since they have formulas made with ingredients rigorously selected for each case. They generally include vegetable or animal oil, which is then combined with fragrances and other active elements, such as sulfur, glycerin, aloe vera, and others.

Likewise, there are soaps whose usefulness goes beyond personal care, since they are products that also provide cleaning in the home. For this reason, you can find soaps prepared to hand wash delicate clothes, also to scrub dirty floors and even some products are suitable for use in the dishwasher and in the washing machine.

In addition, soaps are also the great allies to keep pathogenic microorganisms that cause disease away from our hands. In this sense, the market offers antibacterial soaps, designed for hand hygiene and given its effectiveness, they can be used at home, office, business, etc.

Skin diseases and properties

To provide our skin with the best care, it is not enough to know what our type is, whether it is normal, oily or mixed; It is also essential to identify whether or not we have any disease in it. Conditions such as allergies, fungi, acne or psoriasis, are things that we must attack in time and give it the necessary attention. Therefore, if you suffer from some of these conditions and use the best soap for intimate areas without proper properties, you could make your situation worse.

In cases of acne, the recommended soaps are those that contain ingredients such as lemon, aloe, sulfur, benzoyl peroxide or olive oil. To cope with psoriasis, the best are those products made with aloe, honey, clay, oatmeal or coconut oil.

Presentation and format

Today the soap market is diversified with a vast amount of products; However, when talking about the presentation we have that there are bar and bar soaps, others with liquid texture and also handmade ones. Starting with pill soaps, these are still the best sellers in the world and can be obtained at any store; they are products with a solid texture and have an oval, round or square format. It is usually an economical product and in contact with water, it disintegrates.

Liquid soaps, on the other hand, have gained popularity in recent times since they yield more than the tablets, they are kept clean all the time and their presence is usually that of a plastic canister with dispenser. Finally, we have handmade soaps; they are natural products manufactured individually and not massively like industrial ones. Given the work involved in its elaboration, they are more a bit more expensive than the previous ones.

Also, when it comes to knowing how much a certain soap costs, you must select the presentation that best suits you since there are brands that offer their products in packages of one unit, while others offer a content pack of several pieces.

 Frequently asked questions

Q1: Why does the soap foam?

Soaps are organic salts formed by molecules, which when in contact with the oxygen present in the water interact with each other; which results in the dissolution process that allows the cleaning agent to solubilize in water and activate its surfactants. Therefore, a decrease in the surface tension of the water is generated and the ideal medium for foaming is encouraged. In this sense, as the volume of water and friction increases, foam production increases.

Q2: Which intimate soap is better?

The intimate area tends to accumulate sweat and dirt product of physiological and biological agents. Therefore, you must perform adequate hygiene to keep any infection away. However, given how delicate this area of the body is, it is convenient to look for a soap with a neutral PH and that its formula contains lactic acid. This ingredient is present in the skin naturally and helps maintain the correct levels of acidity in the intimate area. In this sense, soaps with chamomile extract or aloe vera are the most recommended.

Q3: How to make soap with the used oil?

In stainless steel, container pours 2.5 liters of water and slowly add half a kilo of caustic soda, since it produces a chemical reaction (temperature increase) that releases irritating vapors. Therefore, you should do this preparation in a ventilated place and wear gloves, mask, and goggles. Once it is cold, pour it over the previously cast oil, stirring constantly until a uniform mixture is obtained. Add the dyes and aromatic oils of your choice, pour it into a mold until it sets and finally cut as you wish.

Q4: Which is better, soap or antibacterial gel?

The best way to wash your hands is with soap and water in any of your presentations, either solid, liquid or powder; since this routine is vital to prevent infections. However, the use of antibacterial gel is a viable alternative when soap and water are not available at the moment. Therefore, for greater efficiency of this product, it is recommended that it contains at least 60% alcohol.

Q5: What to do when homemade soap does not curdle?

If you notice that the soap does not harden over time, even after following the instructions correctly, the solution is to pour the entire contents of the molds back into a large container. Then, add a tablespoon of wheat flour for every liter of water you used and move with a mixer at minimum speed. As the flour is incorporated, you will notice that it returns to its thick consistency and finally, pour into the molds and let dry.

Q6: Which soap is good for acne?

Artisanal and natural soaps are an excellent alternative to help relieve acne. Soaps that have ingredients such as aloe vera and lemon can be a great alternative since aloe acts as a healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory and will receive as an extra benefit, the astringency of the lemon. Another recommended soap is the one based on sulfur and with anti-seborrheic properties since it controls excess fat and grains.

Q7: What to do when soap gets in your eyes?

The first thing you should do is keep calm and avoid rubbing your eyes as much as possible since what you will get is to make the burning sensation worse and cause a really serious eye injury. First of all, you should wash your eyes with plenty of clean water, separating the eyelids well until the burning stops and you can apply a drop of some anti-inflammatory eye drops, in order to reduce the subsequent discomfort or irritation that may remain.

Q8: Which is better, soap or micellar water?

Facial cleansing is an essential daily routine for the good appearance of the face. With it, you will be removing not only makeup but also dead cells, dirt and excess fatty content. Traditionally this cleaning is done with water and a soap appropriate to the skin type; However, the micellar water has gained ground in front of the soaps, given its practicality and efficiency to remove makeup. It can be used on any type of skin without causing irritation or adverse effects and is easy to use. Just simply moisten a cotton pad and run it over your face and then carefully dry with a towel.

How to use soap

Daily grooming is a healthy habit that allows us to eliminate bad body odors, avoid infections and some health problems; as long as it is done properly. In this sense, if you maintain poorly recommended or incorrect toilet habits, hygiene could be an enemy and reduce the body’s defenses.

Use soap moderately on your body

In regions where it is hot and perspiration is frequent, daily showering is advisable. However, although showering is not harmful, experts recommend not to overdo it with the use of soap. In this sense, if you have already bathed and soaped and need to shower again the same day, doing so with water alone will be enough. This is because you could remove the fatty mantle that protects the skin, so the use of a glove (without soap) to remove sweat and minimal dirt, is a good option. In addition, use soaps with a moderate PH.

Don’t overdo it with cleaning your hair

As with the body, the scalp should be cleaned discreetly and lightly for avoiding aggressive cleansing and repeated lathering.  Just once to leave your hair and scalp clean. In the case of presenting pathologies such as dandruff, use soaps for 3 minutes. In any case, the use of hair soaps must be specifically recommended by the manufacturer; since there are products specially formulated for this purpose.

Face infections with your clean hands

According to many health campaigns and hygiene experts, our hands may contain germs, viruses, bacteria and any pathogenic microorganism that can make us sick; So it is essential to use soap to eliminate these infectious agents. It is best to wash with a disinfectant or antibacterial soap before each meal, when handling food, after touching an animal or a dirty object, after going to the toilet or blowing your nose. For correct handwashing, it is not enough that you let the water run, you should take off your rings, use warm water and lather for a minute and then dry properly.

Pay attention to your nails and fungus

Both the feet and the nails are vulnerable to fungal infections. Therefore, you should pay attention to any symptoms and get a good soap that attacks this unpleasant infection. It is advisable in these cases to maintain proper hygiene, washing your feet daily with soap and drying them very well, in order to avoid any moisture between the fingers.

Do not neglect the care of your intimate area

The genitals of both men and women should be washed with neutral soaps and specially designed for this delicate area of ​​the body; however, you should not abuse its use and you should not become obsessed with cleaning. Try to perform daily cleaning in a reasonable and measured manner; Likewise, it is advisable to repeat the cleaning of your intimate area, every time you have sex.

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