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Best Straightening Brush For Curly Hair Reviews Of 2020

Combing hair is part of everyone’s daily beauty routine. However, don’t settle for a conventional brush, now you can wear professionally finished hair using a straightening brush. These electric and best straightening brush for curly hair face frizz and provide shine, softness and protection to your hair. Today we present two proposals with excellent reputation on the web, first we have the Ionic Technology Actopp , a brush with ceramic plate and 5 temperature levels. Another recommended model is the Babyliss 3D HSB100E , a model with 126 multifunctional bristles and a powerful rectangular format.

Comparison table of best straightening brush for curly hair

ACTOPP Ionic Hair Straightening Brush Electric Straightening Brush 2 In 1 MCH LCD Display Anti-static Ceramic Heating Self-extinguishing Anti-Static (Ionic Hair Straightening Brush)

  • This straightening brush stands out mainly for offering up to 5 temperature levels, which makes it ideal for different hair types. It also provides negative ions for optimal results and has an easy to handle design.
  • According to the comments of some demanding buyers, the spikes are very separate; So they don’t cover small strands of hair. However, for others it has been a successful purchase.
  • It is a model that enjoys an excellent reputation in the network, thanks to the positive comments of the buyers, who appreciate its high quality and its functional design.

BaByliss Liss Brush 3D HSB100E - Ceramic smoothing brush, 3 types of spikes, double anti-frizz ion generator

  • Something that stands out of this model is that it has 126 sows perfectly distributed and divided into 3 groups, in order to provide 3 different functions: detangles, combs and smooths easily. It also offers 3 levels of temperature and rapid heating.
  • Users say that, for best results, you should have perfectly dry hair before using this electric brush; which is a viable recommendation given by experts.
  • For people looking for practicality and efficiency, this model could be a good option to keep your hair fixed without wasting time.

Rowenta Power Straight Straightening Brush CF5820F0 - Special brush for frizzy hair, with ion generator and adjustable temperature up to 200º, high-grip spikes from the root

  • What most attracts the attention of this brush is its design, specially designed for curly and unruly hair; since it has multifunctional spikes, which hold, stretch and smooth each strand quickly and efficiently.
  • This is the most expensive model of our comparison. However, you will have a high-end, durable and very useful model to keep your hair tidy.
  • Many users appreciate the efficiency and ease with which this brush smoothes the hair, for which they recommend it as a good purchase option.

The best straightening brush for curly hairs reviews of 2020

Not all people have soft, straight and manageable hair; So having a good straightening brush could be an efficient and less invasive option than irons. Below, you will find some of the best straightening brush for curly hairs available in the market, with the idea of helping you chooses the one that best suits your hair.

MiroPure CS0504

If you want to improve the appearance of your hair and get a hair with a silky and natural look, this could be the best electric straightening brush you are looking for. It is a device equipped with the ionic function that reduces the appearance of damaged, frizzy, tangled and split ends. Likewise, it gives you an adequate heat setting with temperatures ranging from 150 to 230 ° C, depending on the type of hair you have. You will have straight hair with a more natural look, not crushed and burned hair.

It also has MCH technology that provides maximum efficiency by heating the board evenly, which helps you save energy, time and effort. Likewise, it is a smoothing brush that gives you security, since it offers you automatic shutdown and temperature lock. In addition, it is a lightweight model that you can carry everywhere and for this, you will receive a practical storage bag.

This straightening brush could be a recommended purchase, as it offers you beauty and protection for your hair. Read its pros and cons to learn more about the product.


Ionic technology: This advanced function balances hair with negative ions, seals moisture and restores the cuticle.

Ceramic plate (MCH): With this state-of-the-art technology you will have faster heating than the brushes with PTC.

Temperature levels: You can choose between 5 temperature modes, depending on the type of hair.

Portability: Its carrying bag and its compact and lightweight body favor its portability.


Straightening with keratin: According to users, it is not recommended to brush the hair with this device in cases of keratin straightening treatments.

Babyliss 3D HSB100E

The best straightening brush is one that, in addition to straightening, also untangles and combs you with total comfort and without annoying pulls. Thinking about this, today we present this Babyliss straightening brush, as an efficient alternative to attractive hair. It has 126 3-dimensional spikes and designed with 3 different materials (ceramic, silicone and plastic). They are barbed designed to offer a triple function for the benefit of your hair: detangling, combing and straightening, all in one step.

Likewise, it is a model that generates double charges of negative ions in order to eliminate static, frizz and thus be able to offer softer and brighter hair. On the other hand, its rectangular format favors people with medium and long hair and its rotating cable, prevents it from becoming entangled. In addition, you can choose between three heat levels, from 160 to 200 ° C depending on the nature of your hair fiber.

Babyliss could be the best brand of straightening brushes, since it is a manufacturer with a recognized track record in the field of hair care. Learn more about this model below.


Design of the spikes: Its 34 plastic spikes untangle you, the 50 spikes of silicone comb you and with the 42 ceramic ones you will have a silky smooth.

Temperatures: It has a temperature selector that offers 3 levels of heat: 160, 180 and 200 ° C.

Format: It is a brush with rectangular format and suitable for medium and long hair.

Lights: In its handle it has lights that indicate the heat level.


Mat: Some people miss a mat to put the hot brush.

Actopp Ionic Technology

This electric straightening brush could be your best ally if you are looking for a device that does not mistreat your hair and gives you a smooth and soft hair. It is a model considered by many as one of the best straightening brush for curly hairs of 2019, given its high performance to straighten different types of hair. To do this, it offers you up to 5 temperature levels ranging from 150 to 230 ° C.

It is a model equipped with technology that releases 6 million negative ions, which copes with frizz and allows the cuticle to be sealed, leaving hair softer and brighter. Also, you will not waste time straightening your hair, since in just 30 seconds you will have a rapid warm-up and for this, it has MCH technology in its ceramic plate. Similarly, you can distribute the heat evenly without burning the scalp and if you forget to turn it off, it will automatically switch off after 25 minutes.

This model could be the best smoothing brush of the moment, given its high-end features. We invite you to learn more about this product by reading its pros and cons.


Versatility: It is a brush designed with dense spikes, which in addition to brushing and smoothing, also provide a massage that promotes blood circulation in the scalp.

Design: It has a comfortable grip handle and an LCD screen that indicates the temperature.

Cable: Its cable is 2 meters long and can rotate 360 °.

Accessories: You will receive a protective bag, 4 tweezers, a thermal glove and a user manual.


Beep: For some people sensitive to noise, the beep that warns some of its functions has been annoying.

Babyliss AS140E

For those looking for a hair straightening brush that, in addition to its straightening functions, also provides high-end features, this model is an excellent option. It is a 3D brush that offers you a natural look since it has different types of spikes: 40 to provide an efficient detangling, 27 to comb any hair and 44 ceramic spikes that smooth your hair effortlessly. It also has an air button that cools your hair while fixing the hairstyle.

This Babyliss straightening brush offers you a power of 600 watts, which favors the efficiency and speed of straightening and its two temperature settings to adapt to both the finest and thickest hair. Similarly, thanks to ionic technology, you can eliminate static electricity and have soft, shiny and rough hair.

If you have frizzy hair and do not know which straightening brush to buy, this model could be a good alternative to hair straighteners. Know your pros and cons.


Cold air button: Thanks to this function you can remove excess moisture from your hair and also fix the hairstyle.

Spikes: With more than 110 spikes on its plate, it is a brush that offers a natural look to your hair.

Power: It offers 600 W of power, so it fulfills its mission without loss of time and effort.

Warranty: Given its high quality, the manufacturer gives you up to 3 years warranty. 


Handle: According to the comments of some users, a hook or handle is missing in its design that allows the brush to hang easily.

Asavea smoothing brush Ceramic Handle

This straightening brush of Asavea could be a good purchase option since it is a model with an improved version, which offers you a straightener with ionic technology and a brush with an efficient heating system that does not burn or damage your mane. To do this, it has a PTC ceramic plate, which helps you save time in the morning since with just plug and wait for 1 to 2 minutes, you will have the brush ready for use.

It also has ceramic-wrapped bristles, designed for different types of hair, especially for difficult thick, long and curly hair. On the other hand, ionic technology favors hair care, sealing the cuticle and improving split ends. In addition, it has an LCD screen for temperature control and for your safety, it has an automatic disconnection after 60 minutes of inactivity.

If you have not decided on a particular model, here are some details so you can learn more about this brush through its pros and cons.


LCD screen: Its design includes a practical and useful LCD screen, where you can view the selected temperature.

Portability and use: It is a brush with size and weight that favors its manipulation and portability, so you can take it on a trip comfortably.

Colors: The manufacturer offers two colors available to choose from silver and rose gold.


Plug: According to buyers, this model comes with an English type plug; so you must buy the corresponding adapter.

Short hair: Users do not recommend it in cases of short hair.

Italian Design ID 1288-49503

If what you are looking for is one of the cheap models, but that at the same time gives you optimal performance, this could be the best quality-price smoothing brush available in the market. The Italian design straightening brush is a model with professional quality and at an affordable cost, so you will not only be saving money but also time and effort when efficiently straightening your hair.

It has ceramic plates that favor not only the care of your hair but also better heating. It is designed to offer a temperature that ranges from 80 to 230 ° C, so it is recommended for all hair types. It is also equipped with infrared heat technology, in order to offer better results and its cable allows you better maneuverability since it is capable of rotating at 360 °. In addition, the manufacturer grants a warranty for 2 years, given its quality.

In addition to being one of the cheapest straightening brushes, it is also a reliable product. It Analyzes of the pros and cons are given below.


Value for money: Not only does it have a competitive cost, but it also offers you high performance.

Size: It is easy to handle and portable electric brush, so you can take it with you everywhere.

Design: It is elegant, has a temperature indicator and its ergonomic design favors a comfortable grip.


Buttons: The location of the buttons on your handle could be improved, as users accidentally turn it off or change the temperature while combing.

Rowenta Power Straight CF5820

We know that given so many options that the market offers you, it is difficult to know which is the best smoothing brush. However, when it comes to unruly, frizzy or frizzy hair, this Rowenta straightening brush could be the most ideal solution to give new life to your hair.

It is a brush specially designed to treat the most difficult hair since it has two types of barbs that act in three steps to achieve optimal results; On the one hand, they hold the hair from the root, then stretch it and finally smooth it to the ends.

It has a ceramic plate that quickly heats and protects your hair, while its ion technology ensures static balance and copes with rough edges. In addition, thanks to its three levels of heat, it can be used on various types of hair.

If you want frizz-free, soft and natural hair, this brush could be your best companion. Read its pros and cons to learn more about the product.


Triple action: Its bristles offer you triple-action since they are able to catch the strand, stretch it and smooth it in one step.

Thermo-control technology: Thanks to this, heat is distributed consistently and homogeneously, which favors smoothing.

Time-saving: According to the results of a clinical trial, this brush saves up to 28% of the time compared to conventional irons.


Residual heat: Once the brush is turned off, its residual heat takes a few minutes to disappear; so you should be careful when handling it.

How to choose the best straightening brush for curly hair

If you are one of the people who have little time to keep your hair fixed, a straightening brush could be an excellent option. Thinking of helping you choose the model that best suits the needs of your hair, we have prepared the following guide to buy the best straightening brush; Here you can find the aspects you should consider before making your purchase.

Shopping guide


The best straightening brush for curly hair, unlike the plates that are most used in cases of very frizzy hairs, is a recommended product for all hair types; from those who are thin and bodyless, to those who are thick and curly. For this reason, it is a suitable product for people who do not like to wear their hair very crushed, since it confers volume and body. In addition, it is an apparatus that when using a temperature lower than that used by the plates, does not damage the hair due to excess heat.

These brushes are very easy to use and their results are obtained in a short time. They are suitable for all who do not want to subject their hair to continuous thermal stress, such as that generated by the heat of the irons or the dryer; since it can be used every day as if it were a conventional brush. You can straighten your hair in approximately 15 or 20 minutes, which makes it a very useful beauty tool for people who have a busy life and do not have much time to go out.

They are devices that allow heat to be distributed homogeneously throughout the hair while allowing you to choose the most suitable temperature according to the type of hair, which favors them to be useful for a large number of users.

Special functions

When choosing a straightening brush, look for a model that offers great benefits and do not stop thinking about how much it costs, since these products are usually cheaper than a hairdryer or a hair straightener. Among the special functions you should look for, is the temperature setting; Thanks to which you can select the power and heat according to your hair type.

Also, for greater security, it is important that the chosen model has an automatic shutdown, especially in cases when you leave the device on by default. Also, consider the function that prevents overheating.

The ionizing function is another aspect that you should evaluate in your comparison of smoothing brushes. This function helps to avoid frizzy hair, as a consequence of the removal of negative ions when we dry the moisture with a towel. A brush with ionizing function injects these ions and favors the restoration of balance with positive ions, making you wear a smooth and shiny mane.

Barbed material

Usually, the straightening brushes are made of plastic, ceramic and silicone spikes. Plastic bristles are the most recommended for thick hair or for those that get tangled easily, ceramic tines on their side, are suitable for optimal heat distribution. While silicone bristles are specially designed to comb the finest hair and those that break easily.

Plate material

Depending on the material with which the plates are made, it will be the temperature distribution. For this reason, many manufacturers prefer to use materials such as ceramics, since this favors rapid heating and optimum heat distribution throughout the hair. However, high-end brushes include titanium plates, a material that withstands high temperatures.

Also, you can also find models that have a tourmaline coating, which prevents friction that can be generated between the brush and the hair; In addition, this coating protects the hair from excessive heat and offers a silky and soft mane that copes with frizz.

Brand and Design

When making a purchase decision, you should not neglect the importance of looking for a recognized brand, which gives you confidence and support with its high-quality products. Therefore, in the market of smoothing brushes, you can find different prestigious manufacturers that offer their experience and experience in the field of personal care.

As for the design, look for a model that gives you an ergonomic grip, which is lightweight, portable and manageable in size. You should also evaluate a luminous screen that indicates the temperature and as for the cable, consider its length and rotation, so that you can have greater freedom of movement.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Is a straightening brush for frizzy hair enough?

The straightening brushes promise a smoothing through the heat, as a non-invasive alternative if we compare them with the hair irons. Thanks to the heating of its plate and its bristles, with just combing you will be achieving a straightening that does not damage your hair. However, in the case of people with frizzy, unruly or frizzy hair, experts recommend the use of good iron, with enough power to make this type of hair straight. For this job you will need more time and the help of another person; You could also use the iron one pass and then reaffirm the smoothing using the electric brush.

Q2: What is a smoothing brush with ions?

The ionic function is a fundamental aspect that you should consider when buying a smoothing brush. Thanks to this technology you can forget about the roughness and the unsightly frizz since the brushes equipped with this function are able to avoid static electricity and restore the balance of negative ions in your hair. For this, you can wear a silky, shiny and healthy mane, as ions can straighten, seal and soften the hair cuticle.

Q3: How to clean the best straightening brush for curly hair?

Before cleaning, make sure the brush is disconnected and cold. There are models that are easier to clean since they have a removable pad that can be washed with warm water and a mild detergent. In any case, and regardless of the model, look for a long and thin tool, such as closed scissors or a tail comb, then slide under the bristles where the hair is tangled and gently pull up until everything is completely removed. Finally, proceed to carefully store the brush in its case.

Q4: Is the straightening brush good for hair?

Unlike conventional hair straighteners that trap strands between your two hot plates, the straightening brush only brushes one layer of hair per pass. Its temperature is lower than that of the plates, so it does not burn or break the hair structure. They are recommended brushes for different types of hair, from thin to thick; Likewise, there is no risk of burns on the skin or scalp. In addition, some high-end models have the ionic function that brings greater benefit.

Q5: What improvement does a ceramic smoothing brush bring?

Ceramic is a material that resists high temperatures, also favors rapid heating and brushes with this type of plate, offer a long service life. When it comes to straightening thin, normal or soft curly hair, the ceramic straightening brush could eliminate frizz, seal the cuticles and provide a silky and shiny finish. However, if it is a more rebellious hair, a brush with the ionic function will be necessary.

Q6: Which is better: the straightening brush or the iron?

Choosing one or the other device will essentially depend on the type of hair you have and the final result you want. If you have enough time and what you are looking for is a look with a completely straight and straight hair, the most advisable is the use of the iron. However, some straightening brushes have the power and technology to deal with unruly and curly hairs, so if you need a product that smooths quickly, comfortably and safely, this could be a good option. On the other hand, they can also contribute volume and body to very fine hair.

Q7: Can I use the straightening brush with wet hair?

Hair experts recommend using the straightening brush with completely dry and untangled hair. Therefore, it is best to remove excess moisture with a towel and use the dryer with a mild temperature. However, if you are in a hurry and cannot dry it completely, you can use the brush with slightly damp hair (never being too wet, as you could damage the cuticle).

Q8: Is a straightening brush with keratin worth it?

Keratin helps maximize the benefits of the straightening brush since this product protects the hair fiber and reduces thermal stress while coping with the friction and heat generated by these devices. Likewise, keratin is an ally against frizz, so a smoothing brush that offers this quality could offer you a healthier, smoother and ready hair to comb as you want.

How to use a straightening brush

Hair is the frame of the face and going outside with frizzy hair is not an advisable option, since you could give a negative image of your appearance. In this sense, a smoothing brush that combs and smoothes at the same time could be your great ally to keep your hair flawless in a quick and easy way.

Wash your hair and dry it well

It is important that you wash your hair and remove all the grease and dirt you may have. To do this, use a product that does not alter the ph of your hair and that leaves it, in addition, to clean, also soft; then proceed to untangle it and dry it well. Although there are models of brushes that work with damp hair, it is best to remove moisture to avoid pulling that could break it or break it during straightening.

Prepare your hair before straightening

Although these brushes do not have extremely high temperatures, it is advisable that you use a thermal protector in your hair before straightening, this in order to protect the hair fiber from heat. In the market, you can find protective lotions with gel or cream format, according to your particular tastes. Once you have chosen the thermal protector of your choice, spread it evenly throughout the hair, not forgetting the tips.

Control the temperature according to your hair

If you want to avoid damaging your hair, you should control the temperature of the brush. In this sense, it is best to keep it below 180 ° C; In this way, your hair will not be damaged, nor will it lose its vitality. However, if you have very curly and unruly hair, you could increase a few degrees to achieve optimal results. This temperature control can be easily displayed on the digital screen of the brush.

Pass the brush in sections

When the plate and the bristles have been sufficiently heated, you should proceed to divide your hair into small sections, so that each strand of hair is in contact with the plate and the bristles of the brush. Then, take the strand by the tips and gently slide the brush through your hair, in the same way as if you were combing it, starting from the crown. In most cases with a second pass is enough; However, if you notice that your hair resists and is not quite straight, you could raise the temperature a little and comb your hair again.

Always keep your brush clean

In order to prolong its useful life and obtain the best results, it is advisable to keep your straightening brush clean. In this sense, you must remove any hair that has been left in the bristles, as well as any trace of chemicals that you use for the hair. To do this, first, turn off the brush and wait for it to cool and then, with a tail comb removes hairs that may be present on the spikes and with a damp towel remove the dirt.

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