Everything You Need To Mold Your Hair Like A Stylist

To see us radiant at all times there are implements that help to advance in this sense, investing less time and achieving efficient and lasting results. If you want to know each one of them, pay attention to the information that we leave below and start completing your dressing table as a professional stylist.


Hair is perhaps the most important accessory that women have and their care goes through various processes. The truth of the matter is that none likes to always look the same and the styling industry knows it, so it has been responsible for designing easy-to-use products, so you can change your look as many times as you want, without leaving home.

Going to the hairdresser would always be ideal, but the hectic of the day to day plus the cost that these services demand do not allow us to attend with the desired regularity. Hence it is useful and even mandatory to have our own artifacts. So get comfortable and take advantage of this information to prepare your checklist.


Babyliss conical pincer

If you are thinking of acquiring an economic hair curler, of good quality and easy to use; This conical pincer presented by Babyliss should be part of your main alternatives.

Thanks to its shape, it is an instrument that allows curls and waves of all kinds, leaving an excellent definition in each of them, due to the homogeneous application of heat and providing brightness to the final result.


Dyson Airwrap

If you really want to have different looks in a short time, you need to have this shaper within your most valuable possessions. The equipment has different accessories that perform varied functions without causing major problems in its settings. This means that its use is easy and fast.

The most interesting thing about the technology implemented by Dyson is that it does not use extreme heat, but the application of air flow, which is obviously causing much less damage to the hair. And, although this is so, the quality of the final result of the hairstyle is not diminished in any way.

In short, you can have your hair full of curls on Monday and change to a perfect straightening two days later without mistreating your hair.


India Dry nutritional oil

It is a product manufactured by the renowned ICON brand. Its main mission is to protect the hair from the constant damages that affect it regarding its contact with the environment.

But they are not the only benefits that hide after their constant use and then we leave you a summary with the contributions that India Dry brings to you:

– Add shine and lots of light when used on dry hair.

– When used wet, it facilitates the smoothing of the cuticle and also helps to dry the hair much faster.

Regarding its ingredients, it is necessary to mention that it contains a pleasant aroma of amber and with active ingredients from moringa and argan oils.




ICON India Oil

Another representation of this good brand is the India Oil version. If you include it in your most valuable possessions, you will get several benefits for your hair:

– It is very useful to give a more stylized touch to the hair, acting very well on frizzy hair.

– Provides brightness that is very easy to notice after finishing the drying or curling work.

– Facilitates the hair detangling process, providing softness.

– Strengthens the strands.


Rowenta for Elite

This is another valuable version of conical pincer that makes the job much easier when what you want is very small curls. Among its main features we can mention:

– Variable temperature range from 120 ° to 200 °. This condition is adjustable through an LCD screen that makes work much easier.

– It is also adjustable around the type of hair you are working with, which is valuable after having gone through general equipment.

– The results are not standardized, but adjust to the tastes of each user.


Babyliss oval pincer

You can use different styles of waves in your hair for each day, if you want, with this oval pincer that generates very different results than we can commonly see with the use of other models.

The results you will get will give much to talk about, because they are the versions known as broken waves, surfing or braid waves that so well come to accompany the look of today’s women.


GHD Platinum

It is a state-of-the-art hair straightener, where the predictive ultra-zone features have been included. Today this is a very valuable aspect in this type of equipment because they ensure that each part of the hair will receive the correct amount of heat and thus it is largely avoided that it is mistreated so much due to exposure to high temperatures.

In addition to that, it should be noted that it acts to reinforce the positive points of the hair, ensuring that it remains soft to the touch, very bright and healthy at all times.




Babyliss Curl Secret

It is one of the best hair curlers of 2019 , first for being part of one of the most recognized brands in products of this category and second, for the amount of functionalities to fit the needs of each user. They include:

– Direction:Gives the possibility of defining the direction towards which the curl will be directed.

– Temperature:You can work with 6 different temperatures, depending on what is necessary.

– Time:There are 3 options to control this feature and thus facilitate each use.

Hair care is not only to look good and have the perfect environment for each selfie, it also represents a health issue and for that the most appropriate thing is to use products that are of good quality, that provide benefits to the hair and are very easy to use. In fact, the idea is that you yourself be the owner of the changes you make to your hair, although do not forget that visiting the stylist eventually is also very beneficial for you and your hair.



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