Dyson Says Goodbye To Excessive Heat And Welcome The Flow Of Air Into The Shapers

With the arrival of hair dryers, irons and curling irons, styling turned 180 degrees in terms of the ease of executing these processes. However, everyone keeps in common the use of high temperatures to achieve the results, something to which Dyson has said goodbye with this new molder that uses air flow.


Dyson has demarcated his own space within the world of hair aesthetics, loyalty customers around the world and always giving them new care alternatives that seek to get out of the ordinary. In addition, they have made innovation an important part of their work philosophy and are increasingly surprising with the products that leave their operating room.

First with cordless vacuum cleaners and now with this hair modeler that works with high speed air flow, through which it manages to give each strand the shape that the user has decided without major complications. The company has named it Dyson Airwrap.


Dyson Airwrap Shaper Features

At the moment you decide to buy a hair dryer, an iron or a curling iron , you do not decide to pay for the first one you find in the store, the most usual is that you first make a comparison of hair curlers, with a very research specific to its characteristics and, based on what you need, you decide on one of the options seen.

In the case of innovation in this product, Dyson has recognized that the heat is quite harmful to the hair and that for that reason they decided to vary that source of molding for something that produces a similar effect, but with a much smaller impact and, after several studies, managed to design the Dyson Airwrap.

Its main characteristics are oriented to the variety of shapers that each model has, because they have not been left alone in one version but have opted for three different versions so that each person has the opportunity to acquire the one that suits them.

In fact, two of the models are proposed for an amount of 449 euros, which could be considered by some as the best price-quality hair curling iron , since 30 or 40 mm shapers are included for use.




However, there is a version that could be called Premium, because it includes a greater variety of brushes and other accessories, which will open the range of possibilities to give a resounding yes to beauty sessions. This team, of course, has a higher price and still does not exceed 500 euros. Among the utensils that are included are mentioned:

– A leather case to store all the accessories and that is easy to transport.

– Round brush to give volume to the hair.

– Soft straightening brush for slightly unruly hair and delicate scalp.

– Rigid straightening brush to work the most rebellious hair, reducing the static that is usually generated when the drying is finished.

– 40 mm shapers to create wide waves or loose curls.

– 30 mm shapers that help design smaller curls with volume.

– Pre-molded dryer that facilitates drying the hair and then giving it some waves. Ideal to become more professional hairstyles.

This equipment has a temperature sensor that is responsible for verifying that the heat emitted by the equipment is not excessive and its measurement does not apply at very open time intervals, but does so about 40 times per second for greater reliability. This data is transmitted internally to the microprocessor, so that it can register and perform the corresponding functions in each case.

For its part, the power supply cable is more than 2 and a half meters, which ensures proper and comfortable mobility. As for the air flow, it can reach 41 liters per second and has a power of 1600 watts.




This is how the Dyson Airwrap shaper works

For students of the subject (and what they are not so much) it is quite striking to know how this shaper works with its air flow. Well, the secret lies in the Coanda effect in which fluids tend to adopt the curved shape of a solid object when they come into contact with it at high speed. In this case, the hair is the fluid and the solid body is the Dyson Airwrap.

Of course, this does not mean that heat is absolutely neglected, but that direct contact with the hair is achieved through the air, thus providing a much friendlier treatment. And, also, it should be noted that both well-structured curls and a smooth surface will be achieved, according to the tastes of each person.

The key to this entire successful system is closely related to the engine known as Dyson V9. This activates the high pressure in the internal system that is extrapolated to the outside with a powerful air flow. And, as valuable additional information is the fact that it contributes to the weight of the molder is quite low, reaching just a little more than 600 grams.

As the shaper works with brushes that are the ones that make direct contact with the hair, these are capable of bringing shine and malleability to the entire hairstyle. Additionally, it is also worth noting that it helps the air to enter the strands and achieve better hairstyles, which not only look good but are lasting over time.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Dyson Airwrap shaper is not intended only for dry hair, as is common with other hot-working shapers. Therefore, you will not have to wait long after washing your hair, but in the wet state you can already work.

If we review the products that have best priced the brand throughout its history, it is necessary to stop to look at the Dyson Supersonic. This hair dryer with an advanced working system is now part of the Dyson Airwrap family.


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