Get Inspired To Be Fashionable With These Trends Of Hairstyles For Summer

Summer arrived, the most anticipated date for many to give us a well-deserved vacation, after so much work. If your plans are to travel or spend vacations in your city, you should always look good, and what better way to stand out with hairstyles that are simple, comfortable and beautiful for every occasion. Here we are to help you, for this reason, we bring you the best summer hairstyles for women in this 2019.


Nowadays women want to be in trend as far as fashion and hairstyles are concerned. Today a range of cuts and colors is shown, and each one chooses the one that pleases him most, thus qualifying individualism and femininity. Some prefer to have short hair and others want it long, the latter being a good option if you want to practice several of the different hairstyles that we suggest for this summer.


Semi picked up with two braids

Braids never go out of style, in addition to being simple to make, they are usually very comfortable and add texture to the hairstyle. You just have to make braids on each side of your head and join them on the back so they don’t come off. Also, you can twist a strand of your hair and it will have a similar effect. It is important to clarify that for this hairstyle you must leave the rest of the hair loose.


The infallible high ponytail

It is a very classic look and you can use it at any time of the day, being a wise option. To this ponytail you can give the texture of your preference, you can also add accessories such as ribbons, appliques and others. You can also make bangs for a more elaborate hairstyle if you want to impress, always keep in mind the shape of your face to cut the bangs.


Looking different with very short hair

If you want a different and daring style, short hair can be an option for you, you will get ready in minutes, and you will not worry because you can look careless. Go to your trusted stylist and guide you which cut goes well with your face shape. Nowadays very short hair is in trend and more and more girls are making this decision to have a very comfortable look.


Elegance with a high bun

The high bun is a very versatile hairstyle that lends itself to use both during the day and at night, it all depends on how you want to wear it. The best ally of this hairstyle is the donut, but if you want a more natural style, you can do it without this accessory. On the other hand, you can add a braid on the back of the hairstyle and release several bangs on the face, making a simple hairstyle very elegant.




Natural curls

If your hair is curly, show it with pride, so it would be a good idea to leave it natural. Nothing can be better for summer than wearing loose hair and with those natural curls. We suggest you use a cleansing treatment with natural ingredients that protect your hair and moisturize it, to keep the curls soft and manageable for longer. But, if your hair is straight, a curling iron can be your ally this summer to get the style you are looking for, especially the tongs with interchangeable barrels to choose different types of curls.


Wavy hair naturally or with help

A very easy look that you can use is loose hair with light waves that will give you a very youthful style and make you look good, both day and night. You can place them behind the ears or in front of your cheeks, that’s what you decide. As a natural technique you can make braids all over the hair one night before, the size of the braid will define the wave, the next day you can release them, comb them with your fingers and apply some fixative.

But, if you want something faster and more elaborate, you can search among the best hair curlers of 2019 ( In this link you can find some purchase options )  and, surely, you will find the most suitable device to achieve the style you want.


The versatility of the Bob cut

This hairstyle is characterized in that the hair reaches only shoulder height, that is, it is a short hair that you can enhance with various textures. If you prefer it to be completely smooth, you can use the iron for that finish. However, that is not the only way to wear this look, you can also choose a more relaxed style so that the hair does not have so much stiffness.




Side braid

If you like braids, you will love this style, just form a braid from the top to the bottom that is tightly fastened so that it looks well defined. At the end, pick up your hair, and wrap it with a lock to make it look better. You can do it in any direction, as long as you feel comfortable.

Another way to use a side braid is to make the braid of spikes or fish. This hairstyle, in addition to simple, is very beautiful. Start making the fabric from one side and culminates at the other end and when all your braid is done, you can stretch it for a careless, but sophisticated style, ideal for any occasion.


Picked up with braids

This hairstyle is for braids lovers. You only have to make two braids, one on each side of your head, you can cross them to form a natural headband or make a line in the middle and fasten the braids with a bun at the back. This, without a doubt, is a very original and beautiful style, which looks great if you leave it a little careless.


The fun of the “Bobby Pin”

If you like accessories to take center stage, this simple hairstyle can be liked. It is a style with loose hair and that you can divide with a stripe, at the end you should only place the hairpins on one side or both to collect the hair. It’s that easy, a fashionable hairstyle in a few steps.

In addition to trendy hairstyles, remember that in summer you should protect your hair more from the damage of the sun, chlorine from the pools and salt from the beach. So do not forget to apply restorative treatments, moisturizing serums and other oils specially formulated to use at this time of year and keep your hair radiant and healthy.



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