Get The Wavy Hair You Want With These Devices

The trend of the waves is maintained, after some seasons, and is that its versatility for all types of hair, including shorter ones, allows to achieve a casual and useful look for different occasions, depending on the chosen style. Here we show you the products designed to help you create different types of waves without leaving home.


The most popular curling irons

For a few years the innovation in the use of straightening irons and hair curlers has reached millions of women in the world, making them more independent to change their look every day and always look good. In this sense, there are currently some products considered the best hair curlers of 2019 that are easy to use and leave a professional finish on the hair. So read on to learn more about these indispensable devices in your dresser.


Good quality and low price of Abody

With a rapid heating in 60 seconds, this professional tong has a tourmaline ceramic coating to reduce the damage to the hair by the action of heat, while the negative ions provide more shine and softness.

This curling iron has a 360 ° rotating cable that makes handling much easier, as well as including an LCD screen and buttons to set the temperature level between 60 ° and 220 ° C.

In addition, thinking about the protection of the users, it incorporates a thermal glove that will allow you to touch the hair while you make the waves without risking to burn yourself. This product is available at Amazon for 20 euros, and it may well be the best quality price curling iron .


Versatility of Inkint and the 5-in-1 kit

Hair curlers with interchangeable curlers are a smart investment, because with a single device you have the possibility to create different wave styles for any occasion. In this sense, the Inkint 5-in-1 Hair curler offers a temperature setting between 180 ° and 210 ° C and a heating process in a short time, thanks to tourmaline ceramic technology.

On the other hand, the interchangeable accessories allow to make well-defined curlers up to casual waves, since they are 5 totally different styles that you can obtain with each of the plates, easy to assemble and disassemble.

Like the previous model, this curling iron includes a protective glove to protect the hand that is in contact with the hair during the waving process. This product is available for 30 euros.




Rowenta Elite CF2112F0

Another of the models that shows us that it is not necessary to spend a fortune to have good quality products for the care of our hair, is this Rowenta curling iron, which has been designed to create defined curls thanks to the 16 mm diameter barrel . For its part, the ionic ceramic coating leaves a shine effect highly appreciated by any woman.

To ensure safe use, the tip of the tong is cold, so you can touch it during the process without any risk of burning. Additionally, the power cable is 1.80 meters and fully rotating to maximize comfort during use. Finally, you can store the curling iron hanging thanks to the built-in handle.


Bellissima My Pro Beach Waves and its natural waves

This device combines the design of the straightening iron with the function of curling without much effort, since it allows you to take tufts, of the thickness you prefer, to achieve different styles of waves, adjusting the temperature in three levels: 160 °, 180 ° and 200 ° C.

It should be noted that the ceramic coating of the plates favors a uniform distribution of heat throughout the tuft, for a well-defined result, without damaging the hair.

It is necessary to mention that this curling iron is suitable for medium and long hair, because for the short ones it does not achieve the expected effect, and has an approximate value of 50 euros.


Automatic curls with iFanze

With a more professional design, this steam curler works automatically to generate waves in just 8 seconds, by the action of nano atomization inside the ceramic chamber. Its handling is very simple, because you only have to take a strand of hair and press it with the curling iron, automatically the hair will be collected in the internal chamber. After eight seconds the alarm will indicate that it is time to release the clamp and the defined wave will be ready.

With the timer and temperature setting, you can get three different styles of curls: loose, medium and tight, while the direction setting will allow you to choose the orientation of the curl for a more natural effect. To purchase this device, you will only have to invest 50 euros.




The secrets of BaByliss

A high-end model that represents BaByliss in the category of automatic curling irons is the Curl Secret Ionic C1050E, a team with ceramic coating and ionic function that reduces static electricity in the hair to reduce the frizz effect that we dislike so much.

For its part, the temperature setting between 210 ° and 230 ° C, combined with the duration of 8, 10 and 12 seconds allows different types of waves to be made.

One of the advantages of this equipment is that it has an anti-tangle system that makes it easier to make waves for those who do not have much experience. The price of this curling iron is around 60 euros on Amazon.


Tips for surf waves in a short time

Even if you use a specialized curling iron or a curling iron, the key is to take locks of hair of approximately 3 cm for a looser effect and roll them up to the height of the ears, never higher.

After waving each section of hair, bend your head and throw your hair forward. With your fingers start combing the waves as if you wanted to untangle them

You can use a protective oil or a serum to brighten your hair and you will be ready to wear surf waves for any occasion without having to go to the beach.



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