How To Turn A Normal Lipstick Into A Long-Lasting Lipstick?

Having attractive lips with a striking lipstick is a matter that many women like, and if it is a lipstick that lasts several hours without running it is everyone’s dream, but there are some tricks for a normal lipstick to become in a long lasting lipstick without touch-ups.


Nowadays, it is important for many women to wear a makeup adapted to each occasion, especially having beautiful lips and that plus gives it a good lipstick, which combined with a casual or elegant outfit will make you look sensual and attractive, but if united To this, the lipstick is long lasting, you will have your look secured for many hours.

In the market there are numerous lipsticks with different shades and finishes that you can choose according to your preferences, from a pink tone, a cherry red or the modern metallic tones that are trend these days, so it is necessary to know what lipstick to buy to be fit our style.

However, not all of these lipsticks offer 24 hours of duration and the ones that are most commercialized are normal lipsticks that disappear with a kiss, at a meal or with a drink at any meeting, so you have to constantly touch up the lipstick and does not let you fully enjoy your departure.

However, there are some tricks that you can learn to use, which help your normal lipstick last a little longer than usual, despite not having a permanent effect. Keep reading our article so that you know how you can do so that your normal lipstick becomes a long-lasting lipstick, even with the advice used by some celebrities of the show. 


  1. Apply two layers of lipstick

According to the American artist Taylor Swift, her trick for a longer lasting lipstick effect is to give herself two layers of color. With the first layer use a paper napkin to remove excess product, giving soft touches to the lips. Then, apply a second layer of color to give volume to the lips and have a hydrated appearance.




  1. Exfoliate lips to use long-lasting lipsticks

For the professional makeup artist Ana Albiol, it is important to make correct use of long-lasting lipsticks so that the finish is permanent, but that does not cause dryness of the lips and those annoying skin peels appear. In this sense, Albiol recommends including in our beauty routine the exfoliation of the lips the night before, as well as the use of moisturizing products, such as nourishing oils, shea butter, among others.

If you comply with this hydration routine every night, you can use the best long-lasting lipstick during the day, without your lips suffering the consequences. You can also use homemade scrubs for this routine, and in that sense, the same professional makeup artist made her recommendations, explaining that products such as sugar or poppy seeds, as well as the use of a soft lip brush, can help activation of the microcirculation on the lips, to have a finish with more volume every time you apply your lipstick.

Another home remedy that you can use to exfoliate your lips, and that is quite economical, is the use of petroleum jelly during the nights. Apply a layer of petroleum jelly on your lips every night before bed, so that the next day your lips are perfectly hydrated and free of scales.


  1. The use of the profiler

Another trick that Ana Albiol recommends in case of not wanting to comply with the hydration routine, is the use of the profiler to make a simple lipstick have a lasting effect. First, with the profiler an outline is made around the lips, then the lip is filled and by helping you with a special brush you can blur the profiling to completely fill the mouth, the movement can be done in the direction of the lines of the mouths and on the contrary, so that no cracks remain. You can also apply a second layer of the lipstick of the same shade of the profiler to improve the finish.


  1. Seal the lipstick

After you have painted your lips, you can apply a thin layer of translucent powder that serves as a tone sealer and then place a last layer of color to fix it even more. To speed up the process, the professional make-up artist recommends buying some lip prebase, to fix the color of the lipstick more quickly.




  1. Use makeup base

While we use the makeup base on our face to cover all imperfections and that the products we apply are perfect, we must also use a base for our lips that helps cover possible cracks or imperfections that we may have on them, so that when applying The lipstick finish is perfect and durable. But for the effect to be more natural, it is recommended to first apply the base, wait a few seconds to dry and then paint the lips regularly.


  1. Do not use gloss

Many times after applying the lipstick we can use a gloss layer, but it usually happens that the color disappears faster and the lips dry out, so we believe that the use of these two products simultaneously is not compatible, it is advisable to look lipstick that includes shine as an additional effect.

After learning to use all these tricks and follow our advice, without a doubt the lasting effect of your lipstick will improve significantly, but in addition to this, you can seek to acquire the best lipstick, that is, those that are considered as good products Quality and recognized brands. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on makeup, but it is necessary to invest a little more to get the best results and show off spectacular lips. Keep in mind that this area is one of the sensual ones of our face and we should take advantage of it to feel sexy and beautiful.



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