Know The Most Common Mistakes That Prevent Your Perfume From Lasting All Day

You may think that the use of a perfume is an intuitive procedure that does not deserve further guidance, but you are wrong. There are several mistakes that we make when applying a perfume on our body, which is why the aroma fails to accompany us all day despite the fact that we acquire a designer product.


Perfumes are essences used by thousands of people worldwide that we apply in different parts of our body in order to smell good and, in a way, stand out in our environment. There are those who like to use different aromas during the week, while others select a fragrance and can use it daily for the rest of their lives, making it a kind of personal seal.

If something is true, it is that the use of perfumes can vary radically depending on the country in which you are. In this sense, the climate of the region where you live can significantly influence, as there are perfumes with a warm aroma and others much fresher. Likewise, depending on the continent, there may be some well-established customs regarding the amount to be applied.

For example, in Asia it is customary to use little perfume and preferably sweet and quite mild aromas, because it is a very conservative culture. However, in Europe it is not surprising to pass by the side of a person and perceive a warm and intense aroma from the early hours of the morning. As we can perceive, there are many factors that influence when using a perfume, so more than a globalized marketing, we could say that it is a matter of personal taste, but focused on the culture of the buyer.

It is a fact that there are many differences regarding the type of aroma or quantity to apply. However, there is one aspect in which all users agree and it is that of extending the aroma of the fragrance so that it lasts all day.


Are you applying your perfume correctly?

When people acquire a perfume, they want that when applying this product, its aroma will last as long as possible. However, lack of knowledge about how to use it can be a limitation to achieve that goal. In this sense, there are many factors that can influence, being the case of some common mistakes that we make unconsciously and that we will try to clarify.




Acquire a perfume without trying it

It is important that you keep in mind that the chemistry of your skin is unique and defines you as an individual, so when combined with the applied perfume it will generate a variation in the aroma of the product. So it is advisable to try the fragrance before acquiring it, since the package will have a different aroma than when it comes into contact with the skin.

This same theory applies when we perceive a pleasant aroma in another person and decide to buy that product to smell the same. We must keep in mind that due to the chemical reaction explained above, what smells good in others will not necessarily smell good in you. For this reason, it is necessary to be careful during the selection process in which you determine which is the best perfume ( In this link you can find some purchase options ) for you.


Less is more

For the aroma to last all day there are those who apply large amounts of perfume in different areas of their body, but this is a serious mistake. By doing so, they will be able to intensify the aroma for a few hours, which can be annoying to others, which may perceive your fragrance in the distance.

So, if you want your perfume not to go unnoticed and everyone notices, but in a moderate way, there is a trick that will be of great help. You just have to hydrate with your usual lotion and apply the perfume on it. It is proven that in this way the duration of the fragrance is extended.


Rub the perfume

Usually people when applying the perfume, for example, in the area of the dolls they usually rub it with the purpose of spreading the product better through the skin. This is incorrect. When performing the action of rubbing we are breaking the chemical construction of the perfume and therefore, subtracting time from its aroma.


Not all sites are suitable for storing perfume

To store our perfumes it is important to take into consideration some factors that can influence the composition structure with which the fragrance has been manufactured. We refer to the temperature of the room, which should not be very high, as well as exposure to sunlight, avoiding as much as possible that the sun’s rays come into direct contact with the container.




A smell for every occasion

Changing fragrance daily can be a very risky option, since there are those who think that once a product that really suits your body chemistry has been found, the ideal is to continue using it to personalize your aroma.

Similarly, other people are in favor of changing perfume with the start of each season, which is a fairly conservative concept, according to current marketing guidelines. In this sense, the perfume industry is committed to the use of a different aroma for each occasion, encouraging users to smell different when they wish. So the decision is completely personal, as long as you respect the correct use of the perfume so that the aroma lasts.


The duration of the fragrance is standard, not eternal

You need to keep in mind that the duration of the aroma will vary depending on the level of concentration of the product formula. For example, if you apply perfume the permanence of it will be a maximum of 16 hours due to its intensity. For its part, the smell of cologne will accompany you for three hours, while perfume water has an average of six hours.




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