Makeup Is Not A Nightmare When You Have Easy-To-Use Eyeliners

The type of eyeliner you use can determine the result of your makeup. Knowing the options will allow you to choose the perfect eyeliner for your type of eyes and, with a little time, make up professionally and will be part of your skills.


One of the most fun and difficult parts of the face are the eyes. They say that these are the window of the soul and are also the areas that stand out the most in the face, so people pay close attention to keeping their eyes looking amazing. However, although using shadows on the eyelids is relatively simple, applying the eyeliner is a more complicated task that causes many to give up makeup to avoid damaging the rest.

The eyeliner made to highlight the edge of the eyes is one of the details that stands out, however, in order to achieve a perfect result, it is necessary to take into account the details that you must take care to properly make up and the different features that differentiate One eyeliner of another.


What should you perfect to have the best outlined?

One of the reasons why people get frustrated more quickly when they put on makeup is because they can’t make the eyelids finish of both eyes the same. This may be due to different things and perfecting them can save you from many moments of anger and frustration.



The eyeliner or, in certain models, the applicator should be gripped in the same way you would hold a pencil when writing. Imagine that your skin is paper and you are going to draw. Do not add too much pressure on your fingers, because stiffness will make you have little fluid lines.

Also do not hold it lightly, since, in that way, you will not have good control of the product.



The bad pulse is the cause of many accidents. Hold the item firmly and try to stabilize your pulse before staining your skin. Practice lines on paper, as you would delineate your eyes, until the movement comes naturally by custom.





The details in the corner of the eye give an exceptional touch, but leaving them as the last step can make the eyelid lines do not match the corner. For that reason, it is better to start with the details and continue towards the eyelid to finish the line.


Eyeliner types

There are various types of eyeliners and, although they all give an excellent result, some may be more suitable for you because of their ease of use.

The liquid eyeliner is perfect for those looking for intense colors, but they require a good pulse, since it is difficult to erase it if there is an error. Down or pencil eyeliners give you a better grip, as they do not need an applicator, although you must, on certain occasions, pass them several times. The gel eyeliner stands out for its long duration and good color, however, a good application is required to avoid sections with lumps.

As you will notice, everyone has pros and cons. Therefore, only using them will determine which is the best eyeliner ( Here you can find some options to buy ) for you.


What are the easiest to use eyeliners?



One of the most revolutionary models that has reached the market is the eyeliner with a wheel applicator. The rolling disk that is part of the small object makes the movement of the slide on the eyelid smooth and quite precise.

Ideal for fast lines and to use it comfortably. This mechanism is becoming increasingly famous, as the wheel manages to fill with the necessary amount of eyeliner so that only one pass on the skin is necessary. It is recommended for beginners for this reason. The eyeliner Roll’n Go Liner, of the Flormar brand, is one of the most famous of this type, as is the Gold Waves Rolling Eyeliner model, by Kiko Milano, which offers different colors to choose from.


Beveled tip

Beveled eyeliners are also a great addition to the eyeliner market. These products are the same as a marker, so the grip they offer is superb. It will be easy to hold them and make the stroke and, because the tip is diagonal, making the corner of the eyes will be a little easier. The elongated cut that this type of models usually have gives more freedom of movement, which will make sliding the eyeliner a less complicated process.

Dior is a brand that has decided to add this type of eyeliner to its portfolio, with models such as the Diorshow Pro Liner, a product that, in addition to providing intense and long-lasting colors, also offers more than 10 different shades for you to choose the one that Complement your outfit better day or night.

On the other hand, another model that you should not miss is the eyeliner They’re Real! Push-up, from the Benefit brand. It is thickly textured to be easy to hold and provides a neat matte black finish that can last 24 hours without being damaged.





Finally, one of the most sought after alternatives are the eyeliners that come with a seal. These products stand out for their distinct structure, since they have a double end: one for the eyeliner and the other for the seal. This “extra” part that differentiates them from other products serves for the details of the corner of the eye, because, instead of making a line, you only need to stamp it in a single movement, minimizing the risk of distortions. With just pressing the seal, your skin will be marked with the same intensity as the rest of the eyeliner.

They do not have an applicator, so the eyeliner is used directly on the eye. The Eyestamp, of the Primor brand, is one of the most sought after options in the market for its quality. It comes in two sizes and is not tested on animals, making it a great option for vegans.

The eyeliner Vavavoom Stamp, The Vampstamp brand, is not far behind for its qualities. It offers a seal in three sizes and a long-lasting, water-resistant and optimum consistency eyeliner for a professional finish.

If you start in this art, any of these three types of eyeliners can help you improve since your makeup looks amazing from day one.


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