Meet The Most Popular Feminine Perfumes In The Market For This Season

With the arrival of autumn, it is very common to find new proposals for perfumes with aromas according to the season, which evokes the freshness and warmth of nature through woody and floral ingredients, carefully mixed to meet the olfactory needs of the buyers More demanding.

The selection of perfume cannot be taken lightly, since it is an aroma that, when reacting with the chemistry of our skin, will create a kind of olfactory identity that everyone around us will begin to recognize. There is a wide variety of smells among which citrus, warm, sweet, fresh, among others. Likewise, there are many iconic brands that have achieved a long history in the market and many other emerging manufacturers. With so many options, the purchase decision can get complicated, so when you review the recommended products for this season you could feel a bit disoriented and not know what the best perfume is.

Joy, Dior

This perfume of the Dior house is quite emblematic because in the last 20 years all the releases had been reissues and Joy de Francois Demachy, arrives this season with a feminine, fresh and jovial proposal that will activate your olfactory senses.

AttrapeReves Louis Vuitton

AttrapeReves or in Spanish “catches dreams” is a captivating fragrance capable of activating all your senses. Jacques CavallierBelletrud made use of the African cocoa flower, which has a strong aroma and appeased it with peonies and patchouli, thus creating a magical composition.

Bloom, Gucci

Nettare di Fiori is the name given by Alessandro Michele to the third edition of Bloom, which stands out as a completely feminine fragrance. On this occasion, ingredients such as osmanthus and rose are added to the original tuberose composition, which has been used with a higher concentration percentage and the Rangoon vine in conjunction with jasmine.

34 Boulevard Saint Germain, Diptyque

Olivier Pescheux and the chemist Roman Kaiser, are responsible for this perfume that is part of the Diptyque collection. It is a fragrance that was born nine years ago and that due to its exquisite aroma, this year returns to position itself with great strength as one of the favorites.

Among the components of the perfume, we can refer to wood, resin from incense, moss, and violet, which together give the mixture an acid and quite deep note.

Fleur d´Argent, MiuMiu

Daniela Andrier’s hand, this season appears a perfume with a quite fresh, youthful and romantic floral composition, for which the designer used the well-known Akigala wood, musk and as a central ingredient the tuberous flower stands out.

Women, Calvin Klein

Another iconic brand that you can not miss among your repertoire of perfumes is Calvin Klein, which for this season offers us a feminine scent with a lot of personality for today’s independent women. The formula combines floral and woody ingredients such as orange blossom, eolith berries, and Alaskan cedar.

Tiffany & Co.

This new version of Tiffany & Co. promises its followers a much more imposing aroma than its predecessor, offering a concentration that combines strength and delicacy, thanks to the presence of benzoin, amber, and iris.

Koena, Ovéh

This is a feminine fragrance and capable of providing great freshness, due to the subtlety of its aroma, which has been created based on white musk, tuberose, sandalwood, bergamot, tangerine, and neroli. In short, a fragrance that combines the best of wood, floral and citrus.

Sandalwood, Acqua di Parma

This colony combines the tradition of other editions but with a greater concentration of sandalwood from India, which is accompanied by citrus notes of lemon, bergamot, and orange. Also, the ingredients include amber and tonka beans, being essences that are characterized by their warmth. The result is a fresh colony.

Flower by Kenzo

This perfume by Alberto Morillas made 19 years ago, is still valid today. Its enigmatic aroma is a cult to the fragility of the poppy flower, whose essence is mixed with musks, vanilla, and rose peppers.

For Her Oil Musc, Narciso Rodriguez

This is a luxury edition, with which Narciso Rodríguez wanted to publicize another way to enjoy perfumery, but this time through an oil. This is an Egyptian musk formula, which is the designer’s emblem ingredient.

Sparkling Blush, Michael Kors

Michael Kors presents a fragrance that we can not resist since it combines woody and floral oriental tune, whose chemistry combines cassis, rose petals, pink pepper, and lilies. This is a fragrance aimed at modern and daring women.

The Only One, Dolce & Gabbana

With this perfume, Dolce & Gabbana present a sophisticated, elegant and captivating aroma. The ingredients used are varied, starting with the floral mixture of the petals of violet, bergamot, and lily, to which coffee is added for a strong contrast. Also, this tune is wrapped by vanilla and patchouli.

Kenzo World

On this occasion, Kenzo World enters the market “Eau de Parfum Intense”, a perfume created by Francis Kurkdjian that manages to reinvent the olfactory standards to which this manufacturer house used to us. The concentration of vanilla and black plums manages to magnify the aroma giving it intensity and delicacy.

Paris Venise, Chanel

For the realization of this freshwater from the renowned Chanel house, a combination of warm ingredients such as amber and fresh ingredients such as neroli has been used. To them, the tonka bean and the vanilla are added for the enjoyment of a feminine aroma, fresh and discreet.

L-Interdit, Givenchy

This is a reissue made in 2018 based on the fragrance created in 1957. Fanny Bal, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion made use of patchouli and vetiver, to provide a woody tone, contrasted with the sweetness and femininity of ingredients of some flowers such as jasmine, orange blossom, and tuberose.

Afternoons, Carner Barcelona

The aroma transmitted through this perfume evokes the warmth of nature, offering a concentrate of woody ingredients such as rosewood, Tonka bean, Virginia cedar, Egyptian geranium and a touch of musk.

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