Menstrual Cup Vs Compresses And Tampons -What Is The Most Economical Product?

Every day there are more women who are encouraged to try the advantages of a menstrual cup for when they are in their days, because the cost of compresses and tampons has become quite high, and since menstruation comes every month, It is expensive for many women to have their menstrual period, so they are looking for cheaper alternatives for their budget.


This problem is accentuated when women are of limited resources and are forced to resort to social services to meet this need and use protection for their menstrual days. For these reasons, the menstrual cup has become more popular, appearing as an ecological and economic alternative to solve these urgent cases of women without much money.


Happy Period Movement

But in addition to economic, the cup is healthier and is a good alternative for women of limited economic resources, according to the opinion of Susana Fernández, who is the founder of Citycise, creator in Spain of the “#HappyPeriodMovement” movement, through which He advocates for women to have a happy menstruation.

This movement seeks to sensitize and educate people about the importance of making donations of hygiene products for women in shelters, centers and social organizations that support women who are in danger of being socially excluded.

He was inspired by many initiatives from other countries, where he intends to help women in street situations, who cannot pay for an intimate soap, for compresses or for the tampons required in each menstruation.


Give a menstrual cup

For the promoter of the #HappyPeriodMovement movement, Susana Fernández, it is hard to be a woman and not have to protect yourself during the days of menstruation, and noted that there are women of limited resources, who go to McDonald’s bathrooms, take napkins and that It’s what they use as a compress during those days.

Likewise, Fernández said that in 2016, a group of 25 women who were in the Llar de Pau center, in Gracia, became the first people who took advantage of the project and each one was given a menstrual cup.

Fernández also pointed out that during the search for donations, he contacted NGOs such as Cáritas Catalunya and some brands, seeking economic support, but was not very successful, regretting that in Spain certain organizations have not yet opened up to initiatives of Most innovative social character.




The menstrual cup is cheaper than tampons and compresses

Women who advocate the use of the menstruation cup, claim that the price of this is cheaper than that of tampons and compresses, since it costs around 30 euros, with a useful life of 10 years. In addition, its elaboration in silicone makes it an ecological and reusable product for each menstruation.

Its placement is very simple, as it is introduced into the vaginal cavity in the same way as a tampon, when you have your period, but unlike this device, the cup collects the menstrual fluid inside. Once it is full, you must remove it from the inside, empty it, wash it with water and put it back into the vaginal cavity, unlike the tampon that you must replace it with a new one and throw away the used one.

Another important difference is that in the case of tampons and compresses, they should be changed at least every four hours, while the cup can last put up to a maximum of 10 hours, there are even those who sleep with it on. When your period ends, you just have to boil the cup in water for disinfection and save it for your next period.

In this context, we can highlight that for Dr. Francesc Carmona, who is head of the Gynecology service, attached to the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona, although it is the best menstrual cup of the moment ( If you click here, you find several products to choose from ), is simply one more option, some preferences and tastes among women, adding, that there are women who prefer the cup for being more comfortable and that fits shapes and sizes, but can not be less clean than a compress or a tampon.

In addition to this, Carmona certified that because the cup is reusable, it is much cheaper than tampons and compresses, and these products are usually in the lists of feminine accessories that many women give to non-governmental organizations requesting collaboration.




International initiatives

However, there are international initiatives, where some entities began to promote projects that encourage the use of glasses for menstruation in the continent of Africa, since poverty and poor hygiene conditions are circumstances by which women see themselves prevented from spending their period with dignity.

This is because many women and girls do not have the products they need because they are limited and very expensive. In addition, they have as another impeding factor the scarcity of resources, which is why they use anything, exposing themselves to different types of infections and bacteria.

Among the Spanish non-governmental organizations that took part in this movement, we have Jatakendeya, which is made up of professional doctors, who during 2016, together with the Intimina products company, distributed 200 models of menstruation glasses among the residents.

On the other hand, Montse Mayor, gynecologist in Girona at the Giah Clinic, said that the cups used for menstruation are a highly recommended alternative for those women with limited resources, because they are easy to clean and conserve, because it is only enough to wash them using water and a little soap, and also do not represent any harm to hygiene and health, thanks to its manufacture in a material that does not cause alterations or allergies.


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