Menstrual Cup Vs Tampons And Compresses -The Battle For A Healthy Environment

There is currently more awareness in the female world regarding the environmental damage generated by tampons and sanitary pads, as well as the risk of infections due to the materials used in the manufacture of these elements so necessary in our fertile life. In that sense, accessories have been created that are more beneficial and friendly to the female body, and are even cheaper.


Living the menstrual period more comfortably is a possibility for many women thanks to the menstrual cup, a device that has become very popular in recent times. This device is a container designed to contain the menstrual fluid that women excrete, being made with medical silicone, which does not generate adverse reactions for our body and has several advantages that we will highlight below.


Why is the menstrual cup cheaper?

Throughout the fertile life of women, we go through the menstruation process for a period of more than 30 years, depending on the time of your first period, until you enter the menopause phase, and during this time the woman You can menstruate 3 to 7 days per month. If we average the use of towels or tampons for the days of menstruation, we will probably use 4 devices during the day to use about 28 tampons or disposable towels for each period.

For its part, the menstrual cup has a lifespan of about 10 years, provided that the care is adequate, which means a considerable economic saving, because throughout your life you would use only four cups. In addition, the cup can be used by any woman, because it adapts perfectly to the vagina, does not affect your pH or your intimate area, and is made with a hypoallergenic material, without chemical additives, or bleaching or odor neutralizers, by What are safer.

Among the best brands of menstrual cups, we highlight the companies Intimina, Ladycup, Mooncup, NaturCup or MeLuna, which have years in the market marketing this product, which originated in the 1930s in the United States of America, but currently it is sold through the web and its price can be between 20 or 30 euros, so if you compare that value with what you would spend throughout your fertile life on sanitary pads and tampons, you will notice that the saving is enough.

Here are 5 advantages that will interest you and can help you decide on the use of this female device:




  1. Compatibility between the cup and your vaginal contraceptive methods

You are likely to be afraid of the size of the vaginal cups and if this will affect your contraceptive methods, but you should know that the vaginal cup measures the same as a tampon, and does not affect the location of the contraceptive devices at all, due to because there is enough space in the vagina to use the IUD or contraceptive ring, together with the cup. This is because the cup is placed at the entrance of the vaginal cavity, while the ring goes near the cervix and the IUD is inserted into the uterus, so there is no contact between them.


  1. You must practice until you place the cup correctly

At first, you will think that it is very complicated to place the cup in your vagina, but like everything else in life, you just have to practice until you insert it properly. But when you learn to do it, the placement will be in a few seconds.

If this is your first time, squat down and fold the cup by placing it in the vaginal cavity. You can practice when you are not on the days of menstruation to make placement easier.


  1. It favors the reduction of vaginal infections and reduces the risk of suffering from Toxic Shock Syndrome

Generally, the tampons and the feminine towels contain in their composition chemical bleaching and flavoring that alter the bacterial flora that is in the vagina, increasing the possibility of suffering infections during its use.

For its part, menstrual cups are designed with a hypoallergenic medical silicone material, being safe for our body, since it is natural, without additives, so it does not cause adverse effects, reducing even bleeding and menstrual cramps. But keep in mind that you should give this device good hygiene so that it is healthy for your body.

On the other hand, you should know that in our body we have a bacterium called staphylococcus aureus, which is the cause of the toxic shock syndrome, but due to the absorbent property that tampons have, that toxin is activated and produces a sepsis in our body , so it is advisable not to spend more than 6 hours with the tampon inside the vagina.

However, thanks to the manufacturing material of the menstrual cup you will not have to worry about that bacteria, because it does not cause any damage to the body, and you can use the cup for up to 12 hours.




  1. Goodbye to bad smells and unpleasant sensations

Probably, you have noticed that when using sanitary napkins, an unpleasant smell of decomposed blood is emitted, which is produced due to the oxidation process that passes the blood when touching the oxygen, together with the sweat generated by your own body. With the menstrual cup, you will see that during the first times of use it has a strong blood aroma, but as you detoxify, that aroma will be softer until it is almost imperceptible.


  1. Practice your sports in the usual way

If you practice some sport and you wonder what is the best menstrual cup , you will find a chord to these needs since there are cups designed especially for athletes, so if your favorite sport is swimming, cycling, yoga or kick boxing, than your period Do not be the one who stops you to practice it, since if you place the device properly, you will not have uncomfortable leaks, because the blood is collected inside the cup.



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