The Most Expensive Sun Screen Are Not Always The Best

Marketing aims to develop customer loyalty with the product offered and this is a concept that the great cosmetic lines know very well, so many times we sell products at high prices whose quality does not correspond to the value that is pay, and sun creams are no stranger to this reality. 


The Organization of Consumers and Users is an autonomous entity made up of more than 300 thousand people who have joined this initiative to defend consumer rights by promoting a culture of transparent consumption by offering specialized information on products and services. 

To fulfill its mission, this non-governmental organization receives complaints from users and consumers to evaluate products, advertisements and offers. In this way they provide legal advice and useful information to their readers and associates that favor saving money. 

However, given the wide range of products for summer and specialized sun creams, increasingly expensive, the OCU decided to analyze the most popular items in this category to see if the price paid corresponds to what was offered and vice versa. To have proven information, these analyzes have been carried out in certified laboratories, whose identity is kept anonymous, in addition to surveying consumers to know their perception of these products.

It should be noted that the studies were carried out under the “double blind” format in order to maintain the veracity during the whole procedure, because the packages are covered with an opaque label so that users, laboratory technicians or analysts cannot know what Product is about.

However, the results are often not expected by users, as there are sun creams that they have classified as good for having a pleasant texture and smell, while laboratories have given negative ratings for being poor or ineffective formulas. 


The most negative

After reviewing more than 20 products in the Spanish market, one of the most discouraging results is that of the Hawaiian Tropic brand that, despite having thrown 85% receptivity among users for its fragrance and texture, in the laboratory has obtained Very low scores, concluding that the products studied are of poor quality.

This list also shares the well-known Piz Buin cream and BiosolisLaitSolaire, whose prices are among the highest, ranging between 13 and 17 euros respectively for a 100 ml bottle, even when the chemical analysis is negative.

 Comparing quality and price

We know that it is not easy to define the best price-quality sunscreen, however OCU tries to bring users closer to this concept by offering shopping guides that help distinguish the main aspects that a sunscreen should have. 

Also, part of the study conducted by OCU was aimed at comparing the price and quality of the best-selling products, including white goods. In this sense, the Aptonia line of Decathlon factor 30 protective creams obtained the best score in the laboratory, thus demonstrating that it is not necessary to be a very expensive product to offer good quality and effectiveness to users. 

In this category, Nivea Sun Protege&Broncea, Babaria Sun Milk Spray and Ecran Sun Lemonoil Spray were also favored. All these products have in common that their presentations of 100 ml do not exceed 6 euros, with the Ecran spray being the one that achieved the best rating with respect to the value for money, having a value of approximately 12 euros the canister of 300 ml. 


Advertising vs. Reality

Among the objectives of OCU as an independent entity is to verify that the quality of the products coincides with what is offered in advertising, which is why one of the aspects analyzed with great expertise in solar creams was to contrast the real factor of the formula with the one advertised in the product.

In this category the Aptonia spray was again the winner, because it obtained the best score in the laboratory because the level of protection announced is the same as it truly possesses. In addition, it has an affordable cost, since the presentation of 150 ml does not exceed 9 euros.

Now, honoring the title of this post, we reaffirm that the most expensive sun creams are not always the best, however we also recognize that there are products whose value is high, but their quality and level of protection more than compensate for the price paid. Specifically, we talk about some items such as milk and spray belonging to GarnierDelialAmbreSolaire, as well as ApivitaSuncare milk, SolaotherLacté Spray from Biotherm and the spray and cream presentations of La Roche PosayAnthelios.

All these products are from specialized laboratories, with very wide lines for skin care, which adapt to the needs of each user and whose prices are also the highest in the market, reaching values ​​of 20 euros for a boat of 200 ml.


In this classification the Eucerin brand and its transparent aerosol could not be left out, with a good score inside the laboratories and a value of 18.35 euros for a 200 ml bottle. 

Surely you will be wondering what does OCU do with all these results ?, because the policy of this organization is based on sharing with the manufacturers the conclusions of their analysis, accompanied by the methodology applied, and giving them a reasonable period of time for their own Laboratories carry out the corresponding studies and give a satisfactory response to consumers or make the necessary adjustments to the formulas of their products. 

In this way, OCU aims to stimulate a culture of responsible consumption not only in users, but to invite companies and manufacturers to commit to offering high quality products so as not to disappoint consumers, especially when it comes to items related to protection solar, body care and general health. If you want to know more about the analyzes we have talked about, you can visit the official website of the Organization of Consumers and Users.


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