Prevent Your Hair From Burning By Using Appropriate Temperatures

Ironing your hair is a fairly popular activity, however, poor ironing and not knowing how to properly use a hair straightener can cause serious damage to your hair. For that reason, it is necessary to take precautions when using this appliance.


Few are women who have not ironed their hair at least once in their life. Many men also shape their long hair using this artifact. However, despite the fame of this activity and how common it has become, the lack of information should not be taken lightly and how to use a hair straightener correctly should be something that everyone knows before attempting to straighten or Shape the strands. Otherwise, it is possible to get very bad results.

There are extremes, and there are those who say that neurons can be burned by the constant use of the iron, but this, in addition to being impossible, has no other basis than simply causing panic. There are also people who claim that using the iron does not cause damage of any kind, but this is also not entirely true.


Are there any damages?

Yes of course. Frequent use of the iron at excessive temperatures can cause damage. The problem occurs when the cortex is exposed, next to the inner layers of each strand of hair. This causes the breakdown of the protective surface that the hair naturally possesses.

This risk, unlike certain concerns that people have, has been demonstrated by specialized institutes.




What do people and experts say?

People through surveys of all kinds have shown on several occasions that their greatest concern is the health of the hair when doing a hair ironing, while others worry about more banal things such as the duration of the hairstyle, for example.

So why not look for more information about it? Well, many times, people trust that buying professional irons or well-known brands, the damages do not occur. However, no matter you buy the best hair straightener of the moment you will always be exposed to certain risks, unless you know how to prevent them.

This is confirmed by the IDM of Madrid, who in explaining how an iron works has stated that the hair becomes more manageable because the heat of the device breaks the internal structure of the hair. That’s when the iron really does its job, and by applying pressure and moving it, you can get specific shapes such as curls or straight hair.

But beyond the appearance of the hair, the hair loses nutrients, vitamins and proteins by the breakdown of the structure of the strands, who lose their protective seal. This can be noticed after ironing.

Do you notice how, most of the time, boots enough hair after using the iron? And even though you have an amazing hairstyle, ironing makes your hair look a little more dull? For these things together with the dry texture and the weakness of the strands are the indicators of damage.

José Carlos Moreno, a member of the AEDV, comes to warn that chronic hair loss, known as alopecia, can be caused by excessive use of these artifacts. And, if you are already prone to baldness and hair loss, this can anticipate its appearance.


Can the damage be avoided?

Well, it is quite possible to reduce the damage caused by the hair straightener and reverse the negative effects as well, as long as ironing your hair is not an activity you do daily and with extremely high temperatures.

Keep in mind that, no matter what you do to try to save your hair, if you submit your hair to this process every day, there will come a time when I can no longer endure; and paying dermatological and hair treatments can be quite expensive. For that reason, prevention is better, but what can you do?


Before ironing

Use moisturizing shampoo and wash your hair very well. This will revitalize your hair and have it strong and ready for ironing.

When washing your hair, be sure to get rid of all product residue and remove sebum from the scalp. If the hair is very clean, it will be easier for the iron to do its job, so less passes and lower temperatures will be needed.

In addition to that, dry your hair well, either with a towel or in the air. It is possible to use a dryer, but it is not advisable to expose the hair to heat if you will then iron it. Do not use the iron on wet hair, you could burn it and crack it faster.




During ironing

Use preferably plates of tourmaline or titanium plates. These irons are considered professional and will give you the smoothing you are looking for with fewer passes. The first is especially recommended for fine and delicate hairs, so care for your hair will be greater.

Regulate the temperature as low as you really need to fulfill your purpose. If it is not necessary to reach a very high temperature, do not do it, your hair will thank you. Besides that, you regulate the heat and try not to use irons in which you cannot control the temperature.

Grab sections of hair not very large, so you should not pass the iron again and again. Try to make the amount of hair you get smooth with very few passes. A touch-up will always be needed but, to do so, wait for the strands to cool, giving them time to rest.


After ironing

When you’re ready, then just take care of your hair. How will you do it? It is very simple.

At the time when the ironing is lost after hours or days, wash your hair again with moisturizing shampoo and apply repair products such as serums, blisters and masks. Look for revitalizing, strengthening and moisturizing items.

On top of that, wait a reasonable time before ironing your hair again. The more natural your hair is, the healthier it will be. However, it is not necessary for you to ever step on a hairdressing salon, it is enough just not to get to the extremes and know that ironing should be occasional and not daily.


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