Protect The Contour Of Your Eyes Against The Sun

When it comes to moisturizing the face or using makeup, we forget how important the eye contour area is. Therefore, we also put aside the sun protection of this delicate skin, which is one of the first areas affected by the signs of aging, accelerated in turn by sun exposure.


If you have already incorporated a sunscreen into your daily routine, we congratulate you for that, especially if you are using a product designed for facial skin. Now, surely you have wondered if that sunscreen is suitable for the eye contour, and therefore you have come here. So, to talk about the importance of taking care of this delicate skin from sun exposure, we present a concise material based on the testimonies of dermatologists, the most suitable professionals to deal with this issue.


Summer protection?

Many dermatologists affirm that one of the most popular reasons in their consultations is about the care of the eye contour and they explain that the delicate skin in this area differs from the rest of the face, therefore a sunscreen is needed that meets your needs of hydration and photoprotection. Also, specialists are emphatic in stating that such care should not be limited to the summer season, trips to the beach or the field, but should be applied throughout the year, every day when leaving home.


Special ingredients

The skin around the eyes is thinner and does not have an abundance of sebaceous glands, nor elastin and collagen fibers. For this reason, it is more fragile and prone to show the first signs of aging. That is why, using a specific product to hydrate this area is a good start, but it is necessary to deepen the care using a sunscreen designed for this delicate skin.

Dermatologists recommend that the chosen product contain physical filters, to reduce the risk of irritation in this area. Many athletes use these products to protect their eyes because they are designed not to generate burning, even when the area has sweat and it can splash the eye.

Another ingredient that favors the fixation of the sun cream on the eye contour is ceramide, a fatty acid that prevents the migration of the product into the eye socket.

Currently, you can get many eye contour cosmetics that already include sunscreen, and it is very important to check the SPF level to know how many times a day you should touch up the application, especially when you are outdoors for a long time. But, it is worth remembering that the minimum recommended SPF for this area is 30.




Correct application

As already mentioned, hydration in the eye contour is vital to curb the signs of aging, of which most are caused by lack of sun protection. That is why it is recommended to use retinoid-based creams to fill the thinnest wrinkles in the contour, but if these expression lines are deeper, it will be better to use a product with hyaluronic acid.

It should be noted that this area needs the stimulation of skin cells to produce more collagen, in addition to antioxidants and regenerators, so using formulas that include vitamin C and E will be beneficial for the health of this area, reducing expression lines and bags under the eyes.

Now, you must create your routine of care so that every morning you apply the specialized moisturizer for the contour first using your fingertips to give slight touches, and never drag because this deepens the wrinkles of this area. After allowing this product to absorb for a few minutes, it will be time to apply the sunscreen for the eye contour, using the same application technique. The area to be treated includes the upper eyelid and the edges of the eyes, always taking care that cream does not penetrate inside them.


Additional care

The truth is that, when we talk about sunrays, we should always be cautious and strengthen protection, even if you are sure to use the best sunscreen . In this way, it is necessary to take other measures and in the case of the eyes, the use of sunglasses of good quality and approved serve to protect the sense of sight internally and externally, since they take care of the eyelids and the retina of the UVA and UVB rays.

Similarly, if you are going to have direct exposure to the sun for a certain time, you should wear a hat or cap that will help protect the entire face, reinforcing the effect of the sunscreen used on the face and around the eyes.

In this sense, it is worth remembering that you should avoid exposure to the sun in the central hours of the day and that on cloudy days you also need sunscreen, because the sun’s radiation crosses these climatic barriers without any difficulty.




Protective cosmetics

For those who enjoy daily makeup to go shopping, have fun or go to work, the cosmetic industry has introduced sunscreen in most face products. That is why, you can get sunscreen makeup bases, as well as dark circles concealers, shadows and even first that already include SPF.

Consequently, it is important to verify that the products have been dermatologically tested, that the brands are recognized for the quality of their cosmetics and if you have any questions, do not forget to check with your trusted dermatologist, to know which products are the most suitable for your skin type

Remember that the health of the skin is very important for your physical and psychological well-being, since every year the cases of skin diseases and cancer lesions continue to increase due to inadequate exposure to the sun, so it is better to start preventive care early of our skin and that of the whole family.



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