Take Advantage Of The Properties Of Micellar Water For Your Hair

Micellar water is a make-up remover product that has reached a great boom in recent times, because it is a treatment that attracts and encapsulates the impurities that are present in the face to subsequently eliminate them. But, something interesting is that it does not only serve to perform facial cleansing, but can also be used to improve the appearance of hair. Discover here which the best micellar water in this category is.

For some time, micellar waters became the favorite of many women as cleansers and cleansing solutions, since they provide multiple benefits for the face, so much so that its use is being applied to the hair, giving positive results such as Deep cleansing and moisturizing it, leaving hair strong and silky.

Maybe until now you only know the specialized products for facial cleansing, but do you know what the products of micelles for hair are? Well, here we summarize the most popular. 

Kérastase Bain micellaire riche

This shampoo provides a gentle wash, thanks to its naturally occurring coconut and argan oils that nourish each strand. This formula promises up to 48 hours of nutrition and 3 times more shine on the hair. It is important to highlight that this product is free of silicones and sulfates, in addition to having a composition of 97% natural essences, leaving a pleasant and lasting fragrance after use.

Redken Clean Maniac Clean-Touch 

Clean Maniac Clean-Touch offers us a hair treatment that contains micellar technology to act as a magnet against impurities and residues, thus generating a deep and at the same time delicate cleaning, so much that you can wash your hair daily, if so you want, without being abrasive. In addition, this product has Neofresh, a technology that neutralizes odors and maintains a feeling of freshness for longer.


Pantene shows us its new product range that contains micelles technology, combined of course with PRO-V nutrients, to develop an ideal formula that cleanses and nourishes the hair fiber, with a neutral Ph that maintains the natural properties of the hair. In addition to not having silicones, this product can be found in two presentations: cream and foam, both provide the same benefits and ease of use.


Nívea proposes a new line of shampoo that contains micellar water, designed for all types of hair and with different aromas and pleasant textures. This formula is silicone free, thus avoiding irritating and depriving your scalp of its natural nutrients, always guaranteeing effective cleaning, and revitalizing the hair to increase freshness for a longer time.

As you can see, in the market there are many products that offer micellar technology for the care of your hair, just encourage yourself to try some so that you know which one suits you best. 

Now that we know the products, it is important to know how you should apply them, so reading the manufacturer’s instructions is the first step to proper use and take advantage of all the benefits in your hair, without wasting the specialized product. Anyway, here we generalize information that will be very useful for the application of micellar formulas in the hair.

How to apply it on hair?

Currently, there are many cosmetic manufacturers that use micelles in products such as shampoo, conditioner or after shower sprays, thanks to the advantages they offer to hair.

So that applying any of them in your washing routine does not involve so much effort, you just have to wash with the cleaning product of your choice and follow the instructions.

On the other hand, if you do not have any of the hair washing products that contain the active component of micelles, you can add only a little of the micellar water that you have as a make-up remover in the shampoo you use. 

You can also place the micellar water in an atomizer to spray directly on your hair, and then proceed to rinse it. In these two ways you can also clean and protect your hair.

Now, it is important to know what the benefits are offered by micelles technology in the scalp. For this reason, we show you a list so you do not hesitate to buy and use this product.

Benefits of micellar water in your hair

All the advantages that micellar water offers to the skin are already widely known, but we know little about the effects that hair has. Therefore, we summarize the benefits that can be generated below:

– The actions of the particular micelles are usually soft and slightly invasive, so they can deeply clean the hair without damaging the hair fiber.

– The micelles attract and encapsulate the impurities and fat present in the hair, thus offering a complete cleaning. 

– The formula with micelles also moisturizes and gives strength and shine to the hair, taking care of it in an integral way.

– Micellar water maintains the natural pH of your hair. This product does not remove the natural oils that make up the hair strands, so they keep hair healthy and dry.

– People with mixed hair type, specifically those with oily scalp and brittle tips, may feel hair straighter and without the oily sensation.

– Products with micellar technology usually do not contain sulfates or silicones and most of its composition is with natural ingredients.

In short, treatments with micellar technology are here to stay and become an indispensable element in our daily skin and hair care routine. As an important fact, you should consider making a comparison of micellar waters for hair, choosing the one that has been dermatologically tested, and whose evaluation by the users is positive. In this way, you can make an investment relying on the benefits of the product.

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