Techniques To Make Up Droopy Eyes Until They Are Perfect

Although many people give up applying makeup when they see that their eyes have become droopy, this should not necessarily be an impossible challenge. With just using appropriate techniques and small professional tricks it is possible to give them an amazing appearance and fill them with life so that the looks impact.


When someone asks you to describe someone’s face, it is very likely that your first thought about them will focus on their eyes. This is not a coincidence, since the eyes, par excellence, are the most prominent part of our face and, for that reason, it is very likely that it is the first thing that people remember about us.

This part of the body is not only remembered for standing out at all times, but because all eyes are different between one person and another, so they are perfect for identifying someone. Among such diversity it is possible to find large and small eyes, wide and narrow, of different colors, with or without heterochromia; in short, an almost infinite variety.

Fallen eyes are also part of this variety and, many times, these can give an aspect of fatigue that people do not want to have. There are many causes behind them and, contrary to what is thought, there are also various ways to make them up quickly and easily.

Types of droopy eyes

Having established the differences between all eyes, it is understandable that there are also different types of droopy eyes. Fallen eyes, as a general rule, are those in which the mobile eyelid has an excess of skin and falls slightly, or notoriously, giving a tired and sometimes sad appearance due to the darkening that causes the fold and Thickening of the eyelid when falling. There are three fairly common types: droopy eyelids, drooping eyebrows and excess skin

The shape caused by droopy eyelids denotes a stretch in the mobile eyelid, however, droopy eyebrows show a downward stretch of part of the fixed eyelid and its surrounding areas. Excess skin, meanwhile, is the case in which the upper eyelid stretches to the eyelashes.

The causes of any of these types are several. Some people are simply born with their eyes like that, usually by inheritance and, in this case, avoiding them is impossible. Tiredness and lack of sleep can also cause unusual inflammation in the eye and its surroundings, causing a noticeable excess of skin momentarily on the eyelids that gives the droopy appearance. Finally, the most common cause is old age, as this causes loss of strength in the muscles and elasticity in the skin, which results in droopy eyes.

How to hide the effect of droopy eyes with makeup?

To change the appearance of your eyes, the objective is to look for exactly the opposite of the fallen look, that is, it is sought to enhance it. Obviously, the type of things you use when putting on makeup is important, because if you apply quality makeup, it will be easier to get a good result. However there is a main step that you should follow, regardless of the type of makeup you use and this is simply that, instead of making strokes in the downward direction, your strokes always go up, to avoid perpetuating the fall with movements in decline.

When you are ready to put on makeup you should start with something that prepares your face. So we reach step number 1.


Spread a light base coat, especially for eyes, so that the rest of the things you are going to apply adhere more effectively to the eyelid. This is only needed in the mobile part of the eyelid, however, if you want to reach the fixed eyelid you can do it.

Make sure the dust does not get caught between the small wrinkles. Add to this step, if you suffer from dark circles, the application of a concealer in the lower part of the eye. This will decrease the appearance of fatigue much more.

When it comes to makeup eyelids

Eye shadows will be your best allies. The best colors will be those of the earth set and matte shades, because it is these types of shadows that give the eyelid a more raised and less swollen appearance, unlike the brighter and more colorful shadows.

Start with a beige tone that serves as the basis for the rest of the shadows. Apply it to the mobile eyelid, as well as to the fixed one and in the part near the tear. This will allow you to apply makeup over a larger area to give the appearance of a larger look.

Look for any brown hue that you like. The reason why this color is recommended is because it is the most effective minimizing the effect of droopy eyes. Go from the lacrimal area to the top, with always ascending movements, covering the shape of the eye socket and go up a little more towards the fixed eyelid so that the surface looks wider.

Worry about the outlined

An infallible key to attracting glances towards yours is to use an eyeliner. If you do not know what eyeliner to buy for this, choose the black one that is easier to apply. Draw a line as close to the eyelashes as possible and make a small corner upwards at the end of the stroke. This will give the effect of a higher look. If you want to try other designs you can do it, however, everyone must finish in ascending order to achieve the goal.

In addition to this detail, black will contrast with the shadows, so your makeup will stand out.

Eyelashes and eyebrows

Makeup is not only focused on the eyelids, but in all its vicinity. In this case, the final details are given in the eyelashes and eyebrows. For the former it is necessary to use a good mascara and give them a proper curve at the top, while the latter need the combs and apply shadows to shape and a natural raised bow.

Every time you make up your eyes, keep this in mind: the result of each movement must be ascending. So you will not forget the tricks and you can wear a look full of life and style.

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