Technological Solution To Protect You From The Sun


If we have introduced the benefits of technology in different aspects of our daily lives, protection from the sun’s rays can also be achieved from technological developments, and that is what the electronic cream presented at CES 2019 promises, a revolutionary product which offers maximum efficiency, according to its creators.


Every year, since 1995, the Consumer Electronics Show or the Consumer Electronics Fair is held, where market innovations are presented, voracious competition between large manufacturers for presenting the most revolutionary equipment and the stage where thousands of people meet every year Avid users for knowing the technological news.

But, in the 2019 edition one of the most outstanding products was the Ioniq, an electronic spray for sunscreen, whose main advantage is to offer a uniform application throughout the body, not to mention that you will no longer have to worry about the feeling of sticky hands that you are used to every time you use a sunscreen.


Electronic cream

The idea of developing a product to protect all the skin, without leaving areas exposed to sunlight, comes from the German company Wagner Group, aimed at developing coating and painting systems for cars. It was a few years ago when one of the employees had the idea of creating a product with the same technology used in cars, but that it was applied to people to achieve better coverage in terms of sun protection.

From there, the idea was concretized until patenting different formulas for skin care and a specialized device for the application of these, thus achieving the effects promised by its creators.




But how does it work?

The mechanism of operation of this product consists in automatically attracting a magnetic liquid to the skin, by forming magnetic fields between the device and the most extensive organ of the body.

The manufacturer ensures that the application of this product is more uniform compared to conventional creams or sprays, because the magnetic field is so strong that the drops of the liquid are attracted to the body, even when there is wind. So, during the day at the beach, you will be well protected using Ioniq.

Another advantage is that it is not necessary to rub the skin, being easier to apply in areas of difficult access such as the back. Those who have tried this sun cream, have undergone a test under ultraviolet light to verify its effectiveness and the results have been very positive, because the coverage is complete.



Although the official launch of the product is estimated for the beginning of the year 2020, three versions of the sunscreen with different SPFs have already been developed, so that you choose the one that suits you, according to your skin type and the level of protection that You want, so, you have the option to choose between SPF 15, 30 or 50.

According to the manufacturer, this product is quickly absorbed, while protecting against UVB and UVA rays, staying longer on the skin because it creates a waterproof film, in addition to providing a cooling effect after application.

Now, the novelty of this company is to present a sprayer: the Ioniq One that works with battery and in which the liquid of the same manufacturer is placed, which with a simple click allows the change of the cartridge. This is the device with which we spray the sunscreen or other products of the skin care line and that promises to be the revolution in the market.

And, according to studies and research, the problem is not the use of sunscreen with a lower or higher SPF, but the form of application, because when using the hand there are limitations of precision and scope that affect a correct coverage of Skin with sun cream.




Responsible design

We must also emphasize that, taking into account the importance of sustainability and environmental care, Ioniq products are completely vegan, in addition to being completely harmless to marine life, in case you are worried about getting into the water once You have applied the magnetic liquid.

For its part, the sprayer works without generating greenhouse gases, another aspect valued by users who want to use eco-friendly products and that makes them think that this may become the best sunscreen of the moment .


Some restrictions

Because they are products that are in full development, there are still some aspects to solve or restrictions that limit the use of the Ioniq for certain users, so it is important to highlight that people who use pacemakers cannot apply the Ioniq on their skin, since Inside the boat there are some metal pads that generate an electric charge on the body, although it is not perceived.

Another restriction of this product is that it cannot be applied to the face, since they are particles charged with electricity that adhere to the skin and, therefore, can enter the ears, nose and eyes, even when you have them closed.

The justification of the company is very valid, since it states that cosmetics are currently betting on specific products for different parts of the body. That is why Wagner Group, through Ioniq Skin, is developing a line of skin protection that includes repellents and bronzers, in addition to sunscreen for the body and face that can be sprayed with its patented device.

There is no doubt that all these innovations of the German company promise to change the way we take care of our skin, so, if you are also anxious because 2020 arrives to have the Ioniq in your hands, you should take into account that the estimated price of a 100 ml canister will be $ 100, an investment that you will have to analyze very well so as not to alter your budget.



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