The 7 Best Creams To Soften The Dry And Rough Skin Of The Elbows

Don’t leave aside the skin of your elbows and give them the care they deserve.

It is very common that although we always worry about the health and moisturization of our skin and that we are waiting to give the necessary care to each part of our body, we forget some special area that eventually is abandoned, such as the case of the elbows . That is why on this occasion we want to recommend the best 7 creams that will return the softness to your elbows and thus enjoy a 100% careful body.

1. Spanish Institute : urea cream

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2. Merino Skin Care : lanolin cream

Merino Skin Care cream contains a formula based on lanolin that is soft and non-oily. Ideal for children and all ages.

Penetrates and nourishes drier skin . It is perfect if you suffer from skin diseases such as Eczema, Psoriasis or Dermatitis. You can use it for both heels and elbows.

3. Glytone : cream based on glycolic acid and glycerin

Glytone offers a highly concentrated glycerin and glycolic acid based cream that retexturizes and exfoliates. Its net content is 1.7 oz.

Glycerin moisturizes, softens and polishes your skin, while glycolic acid exfoliates. It is formulated for use on your heels and elbows. To enhance its use, leave on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

4. Daggett & Ramsdell : moisturizing and lightening cream


Daggett &Ramsdell cream is formulated with hydroquinone , which is moisturizing and does not cause irritation. Net content of 3 oz.

With the cream you help improve skin tone , effectively discolouring the knees and elbows. It also helps to soften and moisturize the skin.

5. Mario Badescu : softening cream

  1. DR : moisturizing and lightening cream with extra strong formula

6. DR : moisturizing and lightening cream with extra strong formula

DR cream has an extra strong formula for heels and elbows. Its net content is 3 oz.

With its use you help soften and lighten dark areas and discolorations of your knees and elbows, in a safe and simple way that does not irritate or affect the health of your skin.

7. Dermal Therapy : deep penetrating moisturizer

Dermal Therapy is formulated with 15% urea that penetrates deeply to actively hydrate and 6% alpha hydroxy acids that exfoliate dry skin. Perfume free

The silk amino acids of its formula give you a therapeutic , luxurious and oily sensation to the skin. Over time you will notice how your elbows and heels improve their appearance.

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